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       By BooBooBritches 


             " CHAPTER 9 "


      As I sit there turning redder and redder out of embarrassment from what Helen and Cindy just said, Cindy scoots even closer to me, causing my legs to spread apart even further, and then shockingly, she starts patting the baby blanket right where it's covering the diaper near my crotch, and as she pats the blanket, I can actually feel the mess inside my diaper squishing around with each pat.


Helen :  OK Robby, since you say you are not wearing a diaper, but 

               you're not quite sure what you are wearing, I'm going to make

               you a deal, and Robby, you have no choice in the matter, 

               you need to TRUST ME when I say this, what I am going to

               propose to you, will be the final say on this entire, crazy, off

               the wall scenario we all have found ourselves in, do you

               understand what I'm saying Robby?


Robby : Yes, I think I do, but why wouldn't I have any say or choice,

               no matter what you say, I mean, if it involves me, I should

               be able to make my own decisions, regardless of what you

               say, I mean, I am an adult here and just because you agreed

               to let me stay with you and your daughters for the summer,

               that doesn't mean I've given up any of my adult privileges.


Helen :  Hmmm, as far as you being an adult, we'll get more into that

               after I've said what I'm going to say, but just to let you know

               and keep you happy, I agree with you thoroughly, you are

               most definitely an adult and I am without a doubt going to

               take that into consideration before this is all said and done.


Robby :  OK, I just wanted you all to know how I felt, and regardless

                of how this day ends, no matter what happens, I'M STILL AN



Helen :  Sounds good to me, girls, do you all agree?


As all the girls nod their heads in unison, Helen smiles, then looks at me and says...........


Helen :  Robby, if you're ready, since you answered my question,

               and you said YOU ARE NOT WEARING A DIAPER, I have

               no more questions for you.

               No No No, not so fast Robby, I said I had no more questions

               for you, I didn't say I was finished with you, instead of

               questions, I'm going to give you four different scenarios and

               depending on which one is correct, that will determine how

               your summer with us will go, and before you or any of us

               do anything, everyone, including you, will sit, be quiet and

               listen to everything I've got to say until I am completely done.

               With that said, Let's get started.............


1st Scenario :  If you're not wearing a diaper, I'm going to have Cindy

                          pull your covers off and we'll all go have some dinner.


2nd Scenario :  If you are wearing a diaper, because there was

                           nothing else for you to wear, and it's still dry and

                           clean, Cindy will pull your covers off and you can

                           just toddle around the house in your diaper until

                           Lori washes your clothes, as she promised she

                           would, and yes, we'll all probably tease you and pat

                           your bottom, but if you need to use the bathroom,

                           you'll be able to go in, take your diaper off and go

                           potty like an adult, then put your diaper back on

                           until your clothes are done.


3rd Scenario :  If you're wearing a diaper and it's wet, then I'm going

                          to assume you wet your diaper while you were taking

                          your nap, so for the entire time you stay with us this

                          summer, you will be put in a diaper, by either Cindy,

                          Brenda or me, for bedtime, and every time you go

                          down for a nap.


4th Scenario :  Robby, if you're wearing a diaper, and it's not only wet,

                          but also messy and poopy, which I think it is ( as she

                          wrinkles her nose and waves her hand in front of her

                          face, and all the girls start laughing ), you will be, and

                          ROBBY, YOU CAN TAKE THIS TO THE BANK, You will

                          be kept in diapers, for the entire summer, twenty-four

                          hours a day, coming off only to be changed or when

                          you're given a bath, and you will be treated exactly

                          like an eighteen month old toddler.

                          This means, when Cindy, Lori and I are at work, you

                          will need a baby-sitter and I'm pretty sure, Brenda

                          and a couple of her friends could use some extra

                          spending money this summer.

                          So Robby, that's all I've got to say and I see you

                          shaking your head no as if you are not going to

                          agree with any of these scenarios, Robby, if what

                          you said is true, you're not wearing a diaper, then

                          everything I said is null and void and all you have to

                          do is give Cindy the ok and she'll pull your blanket

                          off and we can all go get some dinner, or was there a

                          particular scenario you wanted to confess to?


Robby :  Well that all sounds good and I hope you had fun trying to

                embarrass and humiliate me, now I know where Lori gets it

                from, but, you left out one scenario, the one where I get up,

                with this blanket wrapped around me, go back to the laundry

                room, get my pants on, then leave, and as far as finding a

                place to stay for the summer, I have lots of options, so like

                everyone in this house likes to say, TRUST ME, I'm going

                to take my scenario, and you and your daughters can have

                your summer to yourselves.  Lori's still going to be my

                girlfriend, if she still wants to, but I'll never forget how you

                tried to humiliate me Helen, I just hope that some day I

                can forgive you.


Helen :  Well now, isn't that sweet, you're going to forgive me?  Let

               me tell you what's wrong with your little scenario and why

               you're not going to even get the chance to take it. 

               As you have reminded me, over and over again, since we

               all started talking about what was going on here today, just

               how much of an adult you are, what with being eighteen

               years old and all, I feel I need to remind you of a slight,

               little detail you've forgotten about, and after I remind you,

               if you want to change your mind and pick which scenario

               I'm right about, knowing full well, what that means as in what's

               going to happen to you for the rest of the summer, I'll go

               ahead and accept your apology at that time.


Robby :  I don't know what you're talking about and I can assure you,

               none of your so called little scenarios refer to me, and I have

               absolutely no intentions of apologizing to you, if anything,

               you'll be apologizing to me.


Helen :  OK ROBBY, we'll see how you feel in about two minutes, like

               I said, I've heard over and over that you're eighteen and an

               adult, well I've got some bad news for you, you little 

               smart-ass, I agree with you, you are an adult, as a

               matter of fact, as far as that goes, Brenda's eighteen 

               so that means she's an adult also, unfortunately, if

               what Lori told me is true, and you did let her and

               Brenda put a diaper on you, then that means, what 

               with Lori still being seventeen, at least until next

               week when she turns eighteen, she's still a minor,

               that means if she did put a diaper on you, then you

               knowingly exposed yourself to a minor, and Robby

               dear, that's against the law, however, next week, after

               her birthday, if you agree to any of my scenarios, which

               ever one applies to you, Lori will also be responsible

               for helping all of us keep your pants clean and dry for

               the summer, that is, if that's the direction we go.

               If you don't agree to any of my scenarios, then I'll have no

               choice but to call the police and turn you in for exposing

               yourself to a minor, now under the present circumstances,

               they probably won't do anything but give you a slap on your

               hand, much like they would if a toddler misbehaved, but

               Robby, it is going to be so embarrassing for you and it

               will go down on your permanent record, and Robby, if you

               don't make up your mind and pick the scenario that applies

               to you, I WILL TURN YOU IN, ON THIS.............

                                                       YOU CAN TRUST ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




                          " CHAPTER 10 "


            I sat there, those last two words Helen said, " Trust Me ", burning a hole in my brain, as I glanced over at Brenda, and I knew, I had been totally fooled into this off the wall scenario I now found myself in, Brenda just looked at me and gave me that devilish smile of hers.  My concentration was abruptly interrupted when I heard Helen say,  " WELL ROBBY, what's your decision going to be, punished by the law for exposing yourself to a minor, or punished by me for laying there and wetting and messing your diapers like a little baby, OH, and Robby, you're only going to get, four, maybe five months with me, but if you take your chances with the legal system, it could be up to five years, and what I plan on doing with and to you, is nothing compared to what your cell mates in jail have planned for you, considering why you're there to begin with ?"


            As I sat there, the mess in my diaper squishing around, mainly due to the fact that Cindy was still patting the blanket area covering my crotch, I realized, Helen was right, even though I doubt any court would consider Lori a minor, considering the circumstances of what she and Brenda have done to me in the past, in and including what they coerced me into doing today, I knew deep down inside, I just couldn't gamble and take the chance, no, my fate would be in Helen's hands now, and I could only hope my next four months with her wouldn't be as embarrassing and humiliating as her daughter's actions had been to me in the past.


              I looked at Helen, almost with a tear in my eye, and told her, 

" OK Helen, you win, I'll do whatever you say and I promise, for as long as I'm staying here with you, what ever you say will be law, regardless of what it is ".  If she agreed with what I just promised, I knew I had a way out, I told her as long as I STAY HERE, I'd do what ever she said, I never said anything about if I found somewhere else to stay, and I thought, finally, I can get one over on all of these girls, I was feeling pretty smug and sure of myself.


              Helen looked at me, smiled, then said, " Well good, now that we've got all that silliness out of the way, we can quit being so serious and get back to having some fun, so I guess, the first thing we need to decide is, exactly which statement are you going to agree with, either you don't have a diaper on, and if you do, is your diaper dry, is your diaper wet, or is your diaper yucky-stinky ( Helen and all the girls laughed when she said yucky-stinky ), so Robby, which is it going to be, no diaper, dry diaper, wet diaper or yucky diaper "?


                I sat there and considered lying to her, and just as I was getting ready to give her my answer, Helen came over to the sofa, where I was partially sitting up, she then sat down on the edge of the sofa, forcing me to squeeze my legs together, as far as humanly possible, considering Cindy was still sitting on my right leg, and as if I needed any more help squishing the mess inside my diaper even more, I immediately felt the squishy-ness of just what a dirty diaper felt like, similar I'm sure to what a toddler feels when they're too busy playing in their poopy diapers to bother telling their mommy's they need changed, and then as if I needed to compound my problems even further, the distinct odor of baby powder blending with a messy diaper caused even my nose to wrinkle a little bit, and almost as if on cue, both Helen and Cindy looked at each other, then both wrinkled their noses simultaneously, which wasn't missed by Lori and Brenda, as Lori stood up and asked her mom, 


" SO MOM, can Brenda and I check his diaper first, and Robby, there's no need to lie to mom or us, we can smell you from across the room and you need your diaper changed, YOU STINK "!


               Helen and Cindy just laughed, Brenda didn't laugh, but she was definitely smirking when Helen said, " Now Lori, didn't you hear me, I told Robby HE HAD TO MAKE THE CHOICE, It would be his decision.  Robby, which is it going to be dear, I'll give you two more minutes to decide, but while you're thinking on it, I'll make it easier for you to answer, just answer a couple of questions for me, ok Robby, great............


1st question :  Are you wearing a diaper? 

                          You are, OK, Now we're getting somewhere.


2nd Question :  Who put that diaper on you?

                            I see, it was both Brenda and Lori, ok.


3rd Question : Did they both see you naked when they diapered you

                          They did, well yes Robby, I already kind of knew you

                          were naked when they put a diaper on you, I mean,

                          Lori did call me and tell me her and Brenda had you

                          in diapers because you messed in your panties.


No need to turn red Robby, baby's aren't supposed to get embarrassed, that's just what they do, they pee and poop their diapeys and wait for someone to change them, and since you want to know what it's like to be a baby, then we expect you to have little accidents in your panties, your mommy just took you out of diapers too soon.


4th Question  :  Now that we all know you're wearing diapers, is 

                            your diaper wet?

                            AWWW, no need to hide your head, if you're little

                            tush is wet, it's ok, you're just a little baby and that's

                            what little baby's do.


5th Question :  Did you make a yucky boom-boom in your diapey?

                           OH MY GOD ROBBY, are you going to sit there and

                           lie to me, I mean, we can all smell you Robby, you



" What's that, YOU WHAT? ha ha ha, now that is just way too funny, you actually think you're going to get up, go in to the bathroom and take your diaper off, because once the diaper's gone, no police are going to believe this story, hmmm, do you remember the second question I asked you Robby, the one where I asked who put the diaper on you and you said Lori and Brenda, then I asked if Lori saw you naked and you said yes, well Robby, you're right, the police may not believe the story, especially if you didn't have a diaper on, but I do have one thing they will believe ( As Cindy slowly pulls out a mini tape recorder and shows it to Robby ), they will believe a taped confession Robby ".


               As I sat there, totally numb and dumbfounded, I realized there was nothing Helen hadn't thought of, and I would soon find out just how right I was in thinking that way, this Helen was one sharp cookie and now I knew where Lori got her smarts from, and then surprisingly, Helen slowly lifted the front of the baby blanket covering me, and just before she pulled it down towards Cindy, she said..........


OK ROBBY, let's try this one more time, DID YOU MAKE A YUCKY BOOM-BOOM IN YOUR DIAPEY?


All I could do was slowly nod my head yes, and I knew, it would do me no good to try to explain how Brenda talked me into letting her stick glycerine suppositories up my butt to make me poop, that definitely wouldn't explain why I wet the diaper, and I knew, as Helen was slowly pulling my blanket back, leaving me fully exposed, wearing nothing but a tee-shirt and a very obvious, wet, messy diaper, and as both Lori and Brenda stood up and walked over to the sofa to get a better look at the brownish, yellowing color the diaper had turned to, inside my clear plastic pants, I watched as Helen, Cindy, Lori and Brenda all wrinkled their noses, and I knew.............................


            FIRST I WAS FOOLED,

                                   AND NOW, I'M EMBARRASSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The End?         

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