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" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                        " CHAPTER XXIIII "


         All I could do was sit there and blush, turning red from humiliation and embarrassment, but to my surprise, Megan walked over and knelt down next to me, and as she turned back towards all the adults, she waved her hand in front of her face and said, " WHEW, this little fella is in dire need of a fresh diaper, did you all want me to change him while you're eating dinner ?"


          Saundra quickly answered, " No, that's o-k Megan, thanks for the offer, but I was going to change him when he finished his din din and give him his nitey nite bath at the same time so I can get him ready for bed, but if you want to really do me a favor, can you grab his bottle of formula out of the refrigerator and give it to him, it's the pink Rugrats bottle. "  Megan got up and went to retrieve the bottle and while she was gone, Saundra walked over to me, knelt down and said, " Megan's going to come back and feed you your ba-ba, when she does, I want you to lay on your back and while you're sucking on your ba-ba, I want to see you squirming and kicking your little legs in the air, like a baby does when they're getting all excited, oh, and Stinky, if you don't, trust me, instead of changing your diaper and getting you ready for bed, I'll be taking you shopping with me, while you're still wearing that smelly, yucky, shitty diaper, the choice is yours little baby boy. "  As Saundra stands back up, smiles at me, and walks back over to the table. 


           Megan got back with the bottle and when she went to hand it to me, Saundra said, " Megan, I hate to impose, and I know he's not pleasant to be around right now, but if you could do me a big favor and hold the bottle for him so he doesn't waste so much, I would really, really appreciate it, he's just been so sloppy and messy when drinking his ba-ba's lately. "  Megan just smiled and told Saundra, no problem, she'd be delighted to feed me the bottle, even if I was messy and stinky.  Megan sat down beside me, and after removing the plate from between my legs, she told me to lay my head back and rest it on her lap so she could feed me properly.   Once I was positioned and it was comfortable for both Megan and myself, just before she stuck the nipple of the bottle in to my mouth, I noticed I was in a position where I would be looking straight at where Saundra, Andrea, Kelly, Dave were sitting as well as the two younger babies in their highchairs, and Saundra was giving me that "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR LOOK".


            If not for any other reason, other then the thought of what Saundra had threatened to do to me, my legs started shaking and with that, I just went with the flow and started bicycling my legs like an excited baby and began squirming my bottom around in a playful way.  Megan caught on right away and said laughingly, " Well well, it looks like someone's getting all excited because his Auntie Megan is feeding him his baby ba-ba. "  As she held the bottle firmly to my mouth with her right hand which was caressing my head, she was playfully patting my overly, saturated bottom with her left hand, and OH MY GOD, I was about to discover, this lady was The Queen of Baby-Talk as she went on to say while feeding me my bottle and patting my diapered bottom.....


" AWWWW, Hims such a happy baby yes him is, and eeeewwww, hims just a tinky lil stinker, yes him is, him sure is.  Let's let Auntie Meg see if hims gots a wet tush as well as a tinky bottom ( as she carefully inserts two fingers in to the top of my diaper, then pulls them out and continues patting my bottom ), EEEWWWW, YUCKY-YUCKY-YUCK, Hims gots a big ole wet tushie, yes him does, diddums wants hims Auntie Meggy to change hims icky, widdle tush, I bet hims does, maybe when hims finishes hims ba-ba hims Auntie Meggy will change hims yucky, nasty diapey so hims isn't such a tinky, stinky little baby, and eeeew baby boy, pee-eew, YOU DEFINITELY STINK !!!!! "


            As I kept squirming and bicycling my legs, mostly out of excitement now due to her baby talking, she just kept feeding me and patting my bottom and I noticed Saundra and the other girls were smiling when Saundra said, " If you really wanted to Megan, instead of just changing that stinky diaper, I'd be more then willing to let you give him his bath and then get him dressed for bed, heck, I'll even let you pick out what he's going to wear to bed. "  Megan smiled and said she'd love to but she and Kelly were on their way out tonight, although she'd love to get a rain-check on the bath and diaper change if she could, Saundra told her no problem and not only would she get a rain check on the bath and diaper change, but if she could possibly baby-sit him one night this week she would greatly appreciate it.  Megan quickly told Saundra, " I would love to baby-sit him this week, just let me know when, oh, and by the way, you wouldn't mind if Amber came over and helped me.  She's already seen him in his diapers and drinking from a baby bottle when he first got here, so I doubt there would be any thing that would shock or surprise her, unless of course, it would be just how messy and stinky he can get. "  Everyone laughed as Megan continued patting my poopy, wet bottom, then held up the bottle and to both Saundra's and my surprise, it was completely empty.  Saundra then walked over to Megan and myself, handed Megan a pacifier and told her, " Thanks for feeding him Megan, at least I know this time he got more formula in him instead of on him ( and as both Saundra and Megan laughed ), can you give him his pacifier, this should keep him happy and he'll be ok laying there until we're all done eating and I can get to changing him and giving him his bath. "


           Megan gently stuck the pacifier in my mouth, then carefully got up from where she was sitting, letting my head down on the blanket softly, and as she looked back down at me, she wrinkled her nose, winked and said, " NItey Nite Baby Boy, you be a good baby and Auntie Meggy will see you in a couple days, your Mommy will be here to change that wet, yucky little tush of yours pretty soon. "  Before she walked away, she put two fingers to her lips, then placed her two fingers on my forehead, as if to give me a baby-kiss goodbye, what could I do, I squirmed a little bit more in my messy diaper, looked up at her and smiled.


" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                         " CHAPTER XXV "


           As I lay there, smiling to myself and thinking, while sucking on my binky.  I am amazed at just how much Saundra wants me to act and be like a baby, a toddler to be exact, and I also wonder just how far she would go to punish and embarrass me if I failed to do any of the infantile acts she told me to do, on the other hand, however, why would I not want to do any of the babyish things she asked, I mean, after all, it was me that wanted to be treated like a baby, she was just making sure I fully understood just exactly what it was a baby did and she wanted me to do exactly what a baby does, within mine, hers and others physical capabilities, the mental part, it seems, she was very intent on making sure I knew exactly what it was a baby felt.


            I didn't see Saundra walk over to me, I was just sort of day-dreaming and for some reason, sucking on the pacifier gave me a sort of peace and reverie I hadn't felt as an adult, for a very long time. 


Saundra:  Hey Stinky, hate to interrupt your quiet time, but ( wrinkles 

                  her nose ), YOU, MISTER POTTY PANTS, are way over due

                  for a bath, WHEW, YOU STINK !!!!!!


Saundra helps me to my feet and as I waddle past Andrea, Dave, Kelly and Megan, they all smile, and Andrea laughs as she says, " Hey Saun, I got two more here that will be ready for their baths when you're done with Stinky, and one of these two, if not both, are smelling a tad bit ripe ( as Andrea waves her hand in front of her face, then takes another bite of her bar-b-que ribs ), everyone laughs and as I waddle quickly trying to keep up with Saundra, I think, of just how amazing mommys are, they can clean and wipe up any mess, regardless of which end it came out of, and then without so much as a blink, go right on back to doing what they were doing before they discovered the mess, even if it was eating, absolutely amazed at just how strong of a constitution they possessed as mommys.


Saundra took me into our bedroom, spread out the plastic back changing pad on the bed, then told me to plant it.  When I went to sit on the bed I knew the mess in my diaper couldn't get any worse, but there was another sensation I was experiencing for the first time since I've been here, my bottom and crotch were not only itchy from the messy diaper, but they were also very sore and when I sat down on the edge of the bed, even as soft and cushiony as the bed was, I could feel my bottom stinging a little bit.


Saundra gently pushed me so I was now laying on my back and told me to lift my legs, she then pulled my sopping wet, baby blue shorts off and told me to put my legs back down.  As I did, I noticed Saundra was putting my shorts in what looked like a big diaper pail, then she turned around, looked back at me and said, " O-K STINKY, let's see just how well these new pocket diapers held up ( and as she checked the diapers out, at the thighs, both inner and outer, the waist, then telling me to roll over she checked the back of the diaper at the waist also, then rolling me back over on my back again, she pats my bottom, rather firmly, causing me to wince a little, she then says ), hmmm, huh huh, hmmm, well Stinky, believe it or not, I think we've found the perfect cloth diaper for you.  Considering I stuck four Extra Strength Dulcolax Suppositories up your bottom, then made sure you had plenty to eat, and add to the fact that you've been in this yucky old diaper for almost four hours now, I am amazed that you don't have a single messy leak. "


Saundra un-pinned my diaper and carefully brought the front down, and as her nose wrinkled, she said, " OH MY GOD, WHEW ROBBY, WHAT A MESS, I am definitely not leaving you in a dirty diaper for this long again, WOW, THAT IS NASTY, YUCK! "  Saundra immediately started wiping my crotch area with a wash cloth, then followed up with baby wipes, once she had gotten the worse part of the mess wiped off me, she told me to lift my legs, she then pulled the diaper out from under me, carefully folding it up and setting it to the side, she then stands me up and leads me in to the bathroom.


Saundra :  O-K STINKY, before I give you a bath, I'm going to have 

                   you stand in the shower so I can spray you down first, 

                   that way, you won't be sitting in a bathtub of yucky brown 



Saundra quickly sprays me down, paying close attention to my bottom and once she's sure that I'm fairly poop free, she tells me to get out of the shower and stand on a bath mat so she can get my bath water ready.  Once I'm in the tub, she tosses in a couple rubber duckies and tell me I can have some play time for awhile.  While I'm sitting there splashing in the tub and using my rubber duckies as little boats, attacking each other, Saundra goes back to the bedroom, grabs the messy diaper, then comes back in and I watch her rinsing it out in the toilet, she then wraps it in a towel and takes it back into our bedroom, I figured she stuck it in that big diaper pail that was in there.  After about ten minutes Saundra comes back in, kneels down next to the tub, and says, " O-K Baby Boy, Let's get you washed up and ready for beddie-bye. "


Saundra quickly, but thoroughly gives me my first bath as a toddler and she tells me, normally she wouldn't leave a toddler alone in the bathtub, but this was one of the physical aspects of treating me like a toddler she didn't have to worry about, just like she didn't have to worry about carrying me or picking me up, and I fully understood and when I started to tell her I knew what she meant, she quickly put two fingers to my lips and said, " Uh- uh- uh baby boy, you're not old enough to talk like a grown-up, if you want to talk to me, it has to be in baby-talk. "  I knew immediately, I needed to forget the English language, as I know it, for at least the next 8 days I had left here with Saundra.


When Saundra helped me out of the tub, she wrapped a big, soft, fluffy towel around me and started patting me dry and then, with the towel still wrapped around me, she walked me back in to the bedroom, and I noticed right away, there was a clean changing pad on the bed, with one of the cloth pocket diapers and one of my double pre-fold cloth diapers next to it, along with two sets of baby diaper pins and a pair of my plastic pants.  Saundra told me to lie down on the changing pad and as I did, she grabbed a tube of what looked like Desitin Diaper Rash Cream and the container of baby powder.


She then told me to lift my butt up and when I did, she slipped the pre-fold diaper under me, sparingly applied the diaper rash cream, letting me know while she did it that my bottom was red and it looked as though I was starting to get a diaper rash, she then dusted me with the baby powder then quickly pinned the diaper in place, then told me to lift again, and when I did, she slid the pocket diaper under me, and after adjusting it under my bottom a little bit, she brought it up between my legs, causing my legs to bow and spread apart, and once she had secured it with the diaper pins, she patted my bottom, then slid the plastic pants up my legs and once she got them to my thighs, she stood me up, then pulled the plastic pants the rest the way up over my diapers, making sure they were on properly and no part of the diaper was sticking out.  With a quick pat to my bottom, she slipped a Mickey Mouse Baby looking T-shirt over my head, snapped it at the shoulders on one side, then said, " O-K BABY BOY, Let's go back outside and you can sit on the grass with Dave and drink your nitey-nite baba while I help your Aunt Andrea give Jessica and Kimmie their baths and get them ready for beddie-bye.  


When I got outside Dave was sitting on the patio finishing up his ribs and watching a football game on t-v, he didn't say anything to me when Saundra sat me down on the grass near him, he just smiled and went back to eating and watching the game.  In as much as I wanted to watch the game and cheer also, I knew I had to control my adult emotions, I knew that Dave was completely aware of my entire fantasy and I for sure didn't want to be punished by him because I got caught talking and acting like an adult.  I knew Dave understood fantasies, fetishes and varied lifestyles, both he and Andrea were nudists and when ever they had a pool party with their friends, swim suits were optional and they understood my fantasy, they would not condemn anyone nor would they want anyone to condemn their lifestyle, they're thoughts were right along side mine, To Each Their Own, as long as it didn't hurt anyone else and wasn't forced on to them.


While I sat on the grass, drinking my bottle of formula, I wet my diaper, which I felt was quite a bit, but considering the padding in the double diapers I was wearing, I doubt the outside of my diapered bottom was even damp, and to be quite honest, the warmth of the urine spreading through the front of my diaper and down my crotch over and then under my balls, felt almost erotic, and I knew, I was right where I wanted to be, as a baby, carefree and worry free.


Approximately forty-five minutes later both Saundra and Andrea came out on to the patio, I had already finished my bottle so Saundra picked it up and took it back in to the kitchen.  Andrea knelt next to me and stuck two fingers in the front of my diaper as she asked Dave if he had thought about checking my diaper, Dave laughed and said no, but he would try and remember it next time, Andrea just laughed and when Saundra came out, Andrea told her what she and Dave were laughing about and Saundra said, " WELL, DID YOU CHECK HIM ", Andrea and Dave both laughed again and Andrea said, " Yes, I checked him, he's a little bit damp but he didn't smell poopy so he should be o-k ".


Saundra :  O-K Andrea, thanks, and Dave, thanks for watching him

                   while I was helping Andrea get the other two babies ready 

                   for bed.  OOOOOO-K, C'mon Baby Boy, it's time for you to 

                   go beddie-bye, tell Auntie Andrea and Uncle Dave nite-nite


Saundra then took my hand as I said nite-nite to Andrea and Dave and I followed her in to the house, she stopped by the refrigerator, grabbed another baby bottle out then took me back to the bedroom.  I noticed that our bed had been made up and all of the diaper changing supplies had been put away back on the dresser drawers.  Saundra got me in to bed, tucked me in and said as she was sticking the baby bottle in my mouth..........


" WELL BABY BOY, looks like Uncle Dave is going to start helping in your care, so, what do you think, is mommys big baby gonna love being a little baby for hims mommy, oh yes him is, him is such a good baby, yes him is....O-K Baby Boy, you finish up your baba and mommy will come back a little bit later to see if you need your lil diapey changed, be a good baby boy and go nitey-nite now, MOMMY LOVES YOU, YES HER DOES, HER LOVES YOU SOOOOOO MUCH ".


Saundra gently gives my well padded bottom a little pat, pulls the side rails up on the bed making it look like I'm sleeping in a crib, turns off the main light but leaves the soft, blue night light on, giving the room a soft, bluish glow, and as I drink my bottle, I wet my diaper a little bit more as my eyes grow heavy and I drift off in to a peaceful, infantile like dream state............................      


" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                         " CHAPTER XXVI "


               I must have been really super tired because the next thing I remember, after drinking my baba, was wetting my diaper a little bit more and watching the mystical, bluish glow the room had.  Saundra was leaning over me saying, " AWWW, DID MOMMYS BIG BABY HAVE A GOOD NITEY NITE ", she then stuck two fingers into the top of my plastic pants and diaper and happily announced, " Oh My, someone's gots a wet lil tushie, yes him does, did hims want mommy to change his lil diapey and make his tushie all warm and dry.  C'mon Baby Boy, lift your butt up so mommy can pull your plastic panties down. "


          When I lifted my butt, Saundra quickly pulled my plastic pants down to my ankles then yanked them off my feet, tossing them over near the diaper pails, she then unpinned my pocket diaper, bringing it down between my legs, then leaving it there, she unpins my extra thick, night time pre fold diaper, carefully pulls the front of it back, and after peeking inside and convinced she's not dealing with a poopy diaper, she swats the inside of my thigh, tells me to raise my bottom, then expertly pulls BOTH cloth diapers out from beneath my butt, leaving me laying there, bare-ass'ed naked, except for my Mickey mouse Tee-shirt.  Once she's tossed both wet cloth diapers in the diaper pail along with the wet plastic pants she tossed over there earlier, she turns back towards me, smiles and says......................


" Baby Boy, after I get you into a clean, dry diaper and get you dressed for the day, Auntie Andrea's going to feed you breakfast and baby-sit you for a few hours for me while I run to Tulsa and pick up Ariel and Ruthie, oh yea, and Ariel's friend, Sarah, since they were spending the weekend here with Andrea and Dave. "


Now let me explain about Ruthie, Ariel and Sarah, Ruthie, 6 years old and Ariel, 12 years old are Saundra's two girls, Sarah, Ariel's' bff, is Rena's little girl, and yes, Rena knew about me and my fantasy, and we had all previously agreed, none of the girls would know about or be involved with me, as pertaining to the fantasy, nor would Andrea or Dave go around nude for this weekend only, while the girls were here.


Anyway, Saundra was headed to Tulsa for a couple of hours and Andrea would be taking care of me, along with her two babies, Jessica and Kimmie, and to my surprise, Kelly had gotten home late last night so she would also be able to help Andrea with the two little babies, only?  Andrea fed me breakfast, then gave me a bottle of my formula mix they had created for me, then sat me down on a baby blanket in the front room to watch cartoons with Jessica. 


I had only been sitting there about twenty minutes when I got the sudden urge to pee and without so much as giving it a second thought, I just let it go as it cascaded down my penis, over my balls and into the seat of my diaper, giving my bottom that warm, squishy feeling.  It must have been another thirty minutes and Kelly came into the living room with Kimmie, after setting Kimmie in the playpen, Kelly checked Jessica's diaper and found her to be wet so she quickly changed her, as I sat there watching, mesmerized by the gentle, caring way Kelly was changing her, it was almost hypnotic.


After Kelly changed Jessica, she looked at me and said, " O-K Boo, it's your turn, do you need your little tush changed. "  Kelly walked over to me, knelt down and stuck two fingers into the top of my diaper, discovering I was wet, she told me to lie back so she could change me.  I had been feeling that rumbling in my tummy for about 10 minutes now and I thought I'd be cute and try and get out of making a messy diaper in front of Kelly, so just as she was pulling my plastic pants down and had them to my ankles, I asked her, " Kelly, I really have to go poop bad so do you think while you've got my diaper off, I could run to the bathroom real quick and use the toilet, just so you don't have to change a messy diaper later? "


Kelly looked at me, then laughed and said, " UMMM, BOOBOO BABY, it's not up to me to let you use the bathroom like a big boy, and from what I can see and have witnessed these past couple days, I think you'd be much better off using your diaper, just like Saundra said you should.  So, here's my deal for you now, now that you've told me you need to make poo-poo. 


I'm going to go ahead and leave you in that wet diaper, no need going through two clean diapers if we don't have to, and you can just continue to sit there, on your little baby blankie, watch cartoons, and when you get that urge to poop, you just go right ahead and grunt and strain all you want, just like any baby does when they have to make poo poo in their little diapeys, and Boo, just to make sure you don't mess your diaper without me knowing, I'm gonna go ahead and leave your plastic pants off, that way when you poop, I should be able to smell it right away.


I knew I wasn't going to last too long and she was right, she most definitely was going to smell it immediately, since this was my first poop of the day, but to make matters worse, now knowing Kelly was going to sit there and watch me poop my diaper, the doorbell rang and in came Kelly's friend,  Megan, now I would have to sit here and make a poopy diaper in front of both of them, NOW I WOULD TRULY KNOW EXACTLY HOW A BABY FELT WHEN THEY MADE A MESSY DIAPER WITH ADULTS IN THE ROOM WATCHING FOR EVERY LITTLE GRUNT AND FACE THEY MAKE WHILE SMILING, WRINKLING THEIR NOSES AND COOING AND GOO-GOOING AT THEM WHILE THE BACK OF THEIR DIAPERS FILLED UP AND BUBBLED OUT...........

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