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" My Wife Won The Lottery "


                    CHAPTER 11


               By BooBooBritches


        As I sat there, red as a beet, from both embarrassment and the strain of trying not to poop my diaper in front of these three lovely girls, I could feel the mess squishing inside my diaper, both in the front and the back now, and before I could say anything, as if I would have known what to say anyway, Mindy was the first one to speak, much to my surprise.


        " WOW, well I guess I know now for sure that the dirty diaper you showed me earlier was really from him, or wet diaper, or whichever, I mean, Like I thought, up until just a couple minutes ago, you and this cute guy was playing a joke on me and Tara, but after that display, or whatever it is you would call it, I can see now, everything you told me about him playing out a fantasy and acting like a baby was true, now I guess the only question is, WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO CHANGE THAT DIAPER "?


         That last question Mindy asked really made me blush, from both embarrassment and humiliation, but Tara and Susan both surprised me by quickly answering Mindy and saying, almost in unison, " AWWWWW, it's not his fault, he's just a baby and all baby's make booboo's in their diapeys sooner or later, hims just needs his wittle bottom wiped and that yucky ole didy changed ".  Before Mindy could even respond, Tara jumped up, ran to the door and grabbed my diaper bag, walked over to me, knelt down, then asked Susan, " Would you mind very much if I changed Robby, he looks so uncomfortable and to be quite honest with you, WHEW, HE REALLY STINKS!!!"  


          Susan just laughed and told Tara to go ahead and knock herself out, she was pretty sure she'd end up changing one of his poopy diapers later on in the evening so she didn't mind the break, Mindy just shook her head and said, " If you two SUSIE HOMEMAKERS don't mind, I think I'll pass on seein this little experience, I've got some things I really need to get done so I'm going to bid all three of you, Adieu, but, I might be back later, just out of curiosity mind you, although I seriously think i'll pass on any of the diaper changing duty, since you two look like you enjoy it anyway. "


           Mindy quickly gathered up her tools and made a hasty retreat before Tara even had me on my back, and as I looked at Tara, she smiled and said, " O-K STINKY BOY, let's take a little peekie-poo and see how bad a mess you have for your Auntie Tara ", she gently pushed me back to where I was laying down, then slowly unpinned the diaper, and as she opened the diaper, her nose twitched and she said, " SHOOEEE BABY BOY, HIMS SUCH A STINKY BABY, YUCKY YUCK (and as she looked at Susan, she said), I sure hope all of his diapers aren't this nasty, Whew, gonna have to change your name from Robby to Stinky, at least for today."  Susan laughed and told her that was what Sharon called me and that my nickname already was Stinky, Tara just laughed and said, " Well I can sure see, and smell why. "


          Tara quickly finished changing my diaper and as she was pinning a fresh diaper on me, she asked Susan if I had any plastic pants, Susan told her that I did, but since I had a bit of a rash, she was just going to let me sit there in just a diaper, Tara agreed and said that yes, I did have a bit of a diaper rash, then quickly unpinned my diaper and asked Susan if I had any diaper rash creme.  Susan told her I had some in my diaper bag and as Tara was looking for it, Susan gathered up my dirty diaper and stuck it in the bag with the wet one from earlier.  Once Tara was content that she had used enough creme on me, she powdered my bottom and crotch area, then quickly pinned the diaper back up, and with a pat to my bottom, grabbed my hands and helped me back up to a sitting position, but before she stood up, she spread my legs, just a tad, and said, " You need to loosen up Robby, baby's don't sit with their legs closed so tight, they always have their little legs wide open, almost like they were sitting indian style, plus it's easier for mommy's and babysitters to see when they make little peepee's or poopie's in their wittle diapeys. "


          Both Susan and Tara laughed and I thought to myself, well at least the worst is over with now, but what Susan said next totally shocked me, and I knew, right then and there, this was going to be a very, very long night, and as I looked at the clock, it read 5:30, only 5:30, and I just sat there and sighed, completely unaware that those suppositories Susan stuck up my butt had not finished their assigned task, they were meant to work over the next eight hours, and I was soon to find out, eight hours was just a drop in the bucket of time if what Susan was saying was true?


This was just a quick couple chapters, Wishing All you Baby's, Mommy's & Daddy's a Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Stay Safe, Wet & Happy




 " My Wife Won The Lottery "


                   CHAPTER 12


               by BooBooBritches


         As I sat there, half watching the t-v and half listening to Susan and Tara chat, I thought to myself, knowing what I knew about laxatives and suppositories, that the odds of me making another messy diaper before Sharon came to pick me up was slim and next to none, so if I could only hold off wetting my diaper, then with a little luck, I would not have to endure any more embarrassing diaper changes by either of these ladies, but my thought was soon to be interrupted when Susan came over to me with a baby bottle of juice and said, " Here ya go baby boy, drink your baba all up for Auntie Susan now, Auntie Tara is going to get you a nice soft blankie so you can lay down and watch cartoons ", and before I could even respond, Tara came in from the bedroom with a soft, thick, baby blue blanket, and as she had me lift up off the waterproof changing pad I had been sitting on, she spread the blanket out on top of the changing pad, then gently pushed me backwards so that I was now laying down, looking up at both her and Susan, as I nursed my baby bottle.


          Now, I'm here to tell you, there were three things wrong with this scenario............


One :  I was wearing just a waist high t-shirt and a thick, cloth diaper, with no plastic pants, and sucking on a baby bottle.


Two :  The baby bottle, to my surprise, had apple juice in it, and I knew that apple juice worked on my system the same as

            a laxative would, a tad bit slower, but just the same, if I was still here in a couple hours, I would no doubt be having 

            another messy diaper.


Three :  The blanket that I was laying on was a pastel, baby blue, colored blanket, and if I accidentally wet my diaper, because

               of the juice I was now drinking and what I had drank before, then just like a baby, as I wet my diaper, there would be

               an incriminating wet spot, slowly growing outwards, from where my diapered bottom touched the blanket, and it

               would no doubt be very noticeable to both Susan and Tara, or anyone else that happened to be here at the time.


           As I pondered the three of these scenarios, there were two I hadn't figured on, nor could I have possibly known, let alone do anything about...............


One :  The suppository Susan had stuck in my bottom earlier, was just starting to activate it's second of three stages, each

            stage being more cleansing then the one before it, which meant, as each of the three stages activated themselves,

            I would uncontrollably mess my diaper, no matter how much I tied to resist.  I had no knowledge of this brand of

            suppository, basically because it was mainly used in hospitals or nursing homes where the patients were already

            diapered on a twenty-four hour, seven day a week basis.


Two :  This little surprise would be happening any minute now and I, as with the suppositories, apple juice, the way I was

            dressed and the baby blanket I laid upon, would have absolutely no say in the matter.  What was this little surprise,

            I found out when Susan's phone rang and she was kind enough to put it on speaker for me, it was Sharon.............


Sharon :  Hey Baby Boy, just thought I'd call to see how you was getting along, are you being a good baby for Susan?


(before I could even respond, Susan jumped in as Tara shoved my bottle back in to my mouth)


Susan :  Oh Sharon, he's been a joy to have, he's so lovable and cute, even when he does make a stinky diaper.


Sharon :  AWWWWW, did hims make a poopy diaper for his Auntie Susan?


Susan :  Ha ha Sharon, well he sort of did, it's true he made a poopy diaper, but I didn't have to change him, my best friend

               Tara was here and she happily changed him, even though her nose did twitch a lot.


(all three girls laughed)


Sharon :  Well it sure sounds like Robby is learning how to be a real baby, and Susan, that brings me up to this, I know we

                 just met and all, and I really hate to ask, but my daughter Marci just got here from Denver, and she wants me to 

                 go to the casino with her and her friend tonight, would I be imposing too awful much if I asked you to watch him

                 until we got out of the casino, I know it's going to be late and all, but I would so greatly appreciate it.


Susan :  Awww Sharon, I'd love to watch him, and I'm pretty sure I have enough diapers for him, and I bet if I asked Tara

               real nice, she'd offer to help me, oh, and Sharon, since you're probably going to get out of the casino late, and

               since I'm off tomorrow, why don't you just leave Robby here for the night, my neighbor has a playpen I'm sure 

               she'd let me borrow, so having a place for him to sleep won't be a problem, and I've got plenty of apple juice and

               milk for his bottles.  HA HA, Tara's shaking her head yes so it looks like we'll be babysitting for you tonight, just 

               give me a call around 11 or noon tomorrow and we'll get together for lunch and I'll bring your big baby back to you.


Sharon :  WOW SUSAN, thank you, thank you, you are the greatest, if you ever make it down to Denver, you've got a place to 

                 stay, oh yea, and you too Tara, thank you both so very much, I'm going to run and tell Marci the news, you be good

                 Baby Boy and you do exactly what your Aunties Susan and Tara tell you, if not, they both have my permission to

                 spank your little bottom.


             When Sharon finally hung up, I just laid there, looking up at Susan and Tara, who was now beaming from ear to ear, and as I nursed my bottle, I knew that trying to hold off wetting, or even messing my diaper would be futile, there would be no way I could last for 15 to 16 hours now, and as my tummy rumbled and let out a little tummy growl, I felt the front of my diaper grow a bit damp, and I knew, that it wouldn't be long until the wetness would reach the seat of my diaper and that foreboding,ominous wet spot would soon be expanding outwards, from my diapered bottom, in a tell-tale circle, on the baby blue blanket...........     




    " My Wife Won The Lottery "


                  CHAPTER 13


           By BooBooBritches


           I sat there, barely believing that Sharon would leave me here for the entire night, but then again, I was still finding it hard to believe that Sharon had let Susan take me to begin with.  As a mixture of emotions ran through my head, I barely noticed Susan asking Tara to watch me for a bit while she ran over to her neighbors to see if she could borrow the playpen.  It hadn't even occurred to me that I might be just mere minutes away from being placed in a babys playpen by Susan and Tara, although, had I given it any thought at all, it still would not have compared to the humiliation of me having to sit there and make a messy diaper with three gorgeous girls watching, and treating the incident with no more anxiety then they would any other baby that might have sat there and pooped their diaper in front of them.


           However, I did perk back up when Susan re-entered the apartment, acting excited and elated and looking at Tara and saying, " Guess what Tara, I told Bambi all about Robby here, and after she finally got done laughing, she asked me, FOR REAL?  What could I say, so in order for her to loan us her sons playpen for the night, I had to agree to let her bring it over, help set it up, and then personally, make sure Robby had enough room,. was all comfy and ready for nitey nite in it, of course, I told her yes, oh, and she said that she might just have a little surprise for Robby, just to see if he really does want to be treated like a baby. "


           I sat there, not believing what I was hearing, and thinking, just how many people are going to see me in a diaper before I finally make it home.  Then suddenly, there was a knock at the door, but this didn't sound like your normal, everyday type knock, this knock sounded like it had some excitement and urgency in it, similar to the knocks you see on t-v when the police are perpetuating a raid on a drug house or something.  Susan immediately went to the door and answered it, and to my surprise, there stood this absolutely knock-out blonde, with what very well may have been the biggest set of boobs I've ever seen. 


           When she came in, she had what looked to be about a 12 month old baby on her hip and she was carrying a folded up playpen and a diaper bag in the other hand, how she managed to knock on that door with such urgency was to remain a mystery to me.  She immediately handed off the baby to Tara, who seemed more then happy to take her, then she came over to where I was sitting on the blue baby blanket, still carrying the folded up playpen.  As she leaned the playpen against the wall, she bent down near me, and as if i was a puppy in a pet store, she carefully eyed me up and down, then touched the front of my diaper.  She looked me straight in the eyes and said, " AWWWW, isn't he just the cutest little baby you ever saw, him sitting there all cutesy and comfy in his lil diapey drinkin his baby baba (then suddenly she felt the bottom of my diaper, stuck two fingers in at the waist, and to my utter shock and surprise, she carefully lifted my diaper, with two fingers, at the inner thigh, and peeked in), and hims is such a good baby, he's dry and hims gots no stinkies in his little didy. "


           All three girls laughed and Susan said, " Well Hell Girl, if it was stinkies you wanted, you should have been here about 45 minutes ago, he was not only stinky, but his little diapeys were absolutely soaking wet.  Now if you want, Tara and I are pretty sure, that when he decides to make another poopy diapey, one of us can run and get you so you can change him. "  This caused all three girls to laugh again and Bambi immediately responded by saying, " NO NO NO, I'm not saying I want to change his diapers, I change enough wet and dirty diapers all day as it is, it's just a habit with me when I see a baby sitting there like he is, in just a diaper and a tee, for me to do a quick, but thorough diaper check on him, just because I spot the dirty deed, that doesn't mean I want to clean it up. "


           Susan and Tara both shook their heads in agreement with Bambi, then as Bambi stood, she asked Susan for some help in setting up the playpen so they could see if I was going to be comfortable in it and to male sure it wasn't too small for me.  I watched as Bambi and Susan expertly, and quickly set up the playpen, the listened when Bambi told Susan how to line the floor of the playpen up so it would be soft enough for me to sleep in.


Bambi :  First off Susan, you need to put some type of plastic backed pad in there, before you put the a baby sheet and the blankets in.


Susan : Oh, that's not a problem, will his changing pad work, it's got a plastic backing on it and I'm pretty sure it's still clean, at least it was when I covered it up with that blanket he's sitting on.


This caused all three girls to laugh again, and if I'm not mistaken, I think Tara even got a giggle out of Bambi's baby.


Bambi :  That would work great, did you want to go ahead and get the playpen set up while I'm here to help?


Susan :  OH YES, that would be super Bambi.


Bambi then looked at me and walked over to where I was, kneeling down she whispered in my ear, " C'mon Robby Baby, let's get your little playpen all set up so it looks like a little baby crib for you to go nite-nite in, and if you're a really good baby boy, maybe I'll have a little surprise for you before you go beddie bye. "  As I started to stand, Bambi extended her hand and helped me to my feet, then with a quick swat to my diapered bottom, Bambi told me to just stand there and be a good baby while her and my Auntie Susan set up my crib(this is what they were both calling the playpen now).


Bambi :  O K Susan, first, let's line the bottom with his changing pad, that way, if he has a really wet diaper, or even a diaper blowout during the night while he's sleeping, at least the bottom of the playpen won't get all yucky and smelly.  Next, let's go ahead and spread a fairly thick blanket over the changing pad, so there's a little bit of cushion there.  Now, if you can hand me my diaper bag ( as Susan handed Bambi her diaper bag, Bambi pulled out what looked like a crib sheet?), here we go, I didn't think you had any crib sheets so I brought a couple, this one and another in case you have to change them during the night.  After Bambi spread out the nursery print crib sheet, she grabbed the blue blanket I had been sitting on and spread it our over the sheet.  Susan then proudly announced, there we go, that should do it, all he needs now is a light blanket to cover up with and maybe a pillow and he'll be all set.


Susan :  AWWWW, isn't that sweet of Bambi to get your crib all set up for the night Robby Baby, you need to waddle over to her and tell her thank you and give her a big baby hug.


          I waddled over to Bambi, gave her a big hug and said, quietly and meekly, thank you for setting up my crib for the night, Bambi gave me a hug, a pat on the bottom and said, " O K Baby Boy, since you've been a good baby and you've done what your Auntie Susan has told you to do, I have two BIG surprises for you. "  Bambi reached into her diaper bag again and pulled out, OH MY GOD, NO WAY, THIS IS GOING TO FAR, to my shock and horror, Bambi pulled out a can of Similac Baby Formula, she then asked Susan if I had a clean bottle, and when Susan said yes, and got it out of MY diaper bag, she handed it to Bambi, Bambi immediately went over to the sink in the kitchen and I heard her ask Susan, " HEY SUSAN, if he has any more baby bottles, go ahead and bring them in here and I'll set you up a couple bottles for later on this evening, this baby formula is really yucky tasting but, IF HE TRULY WANTS TO BE TREATED LIKE A BABY, THEN THIS IS JUST A PART OF THE TREATMENT, AND FOR HIS SAKE, HE HAD BEST DRINK EVERY DROP, FROM EVERY BOTTLE I FIX FOR HIM, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS PULLING DOWN HIS DIAPER AND SPANKING HIS BOTTOM RED. "


          Oh, and Robby Baby, if you are a really, really good baby and you drink all your baby formula all gone, just maybe, I'll let you get a sample from these while i pat your little bottom ( As she turned, faced me and held both her hands under her boobs, sort of shaking them up and down and making them jiggle, then smiled at me, along with Susan and Tara.      



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