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 " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                         " CHAPTER XXVII "


      I knew that if I concentrated hard enough, I could probably hold off for a little bit before I had to mess my diaper, maybe then at least, Megan would be gone and I'd only have to go through the humility and embarrassment of just Kelly witnessing this infantile act.  Even though Kelly had seen me in a messy diaper before, it wasn't like I sat there and messed in front of her, that just felt so different for me.


      While Amber and Kelly passed the time wit a little girl talk, I humored Jessica by playing blocks with her on the floor, Kimmie was sound asleep in the playpen so as far as me trying to mess my diaper when they left the room, that was a no go, with both babies in the room with us, they had no need to leave.  I must have been fidgeting a little bit because Kelly looked at me, laughed and said, " Why fight it Robbie, you know you have to poop so just do it, it's not like Amber or I haven't seen a baby fill their britches before, JUST DO IT. "  Both girls laughed and as if she understood the conversation, even Jessica laughed in her little baby way.


        I must have been winning the battle because Amber spoke up and said, " Well as much as I'd give anything to see Robbie fill his diaper like a little baby, I really need to get going within the next 30 to 45 minutes and I think this little stinker is going to intentionally hold out and not let me get the chance to tease him. "  As much as I had to go really, really bad, this gave me hope and I felt even more confident now as I clinched my cheeks together even tighter, but to my surprise, Kelly must have wanted Megan to see me mess my diaper, much more then I didn't want her to see it, because all of a sudden, Kelly jumped up, told Megan to watch the babies as she included me in the comment, then told Megan she would be right back.


         Kelly went into the back bedroom where Saundra and I were staying and quickly came back out with something in her hand.  She then knelt down where I was sitting, then told me to lay back on the blanket.  When I did, my tummy rumbled even more and I felt that if I had to move around much more, I'd definitely be having a bit of an accident in my diaper.  Then to my shock, Kelly un-pinned my diaper, but on one side only, then without so much as a word, she quickly inserted something in to my anus, not once, but three times, then as quick as she in-pinned my diaper, she re-pinned it, then with a pat to my damp bottom, Kelly said, " There ya go Robbie, now it's not up to you to decide whether or not you want to poop your lil diapeys, in about 15 to 30 minutes, you are definitely going to poop your diaper, regardless of who's sitting here watching, just like any other baby. "


           Amber laughed and clapped her hands in excitement, then knelt down next to me, patted my bottom and said, " AWWWW, Hims gots a wet tushie, yes him does, and before long, hims gonna make a big boo-boo in hims lil diapey, just for hims Auntie Megan, yes hims is, hims is gonna be such a tinky little baby, all yucky and messy, ewww, then hims aunties Megan and Kelly will wrinkle their noses as they wipe hims lil bottom and puts him in a brand new, fresh, soft, clean smelling diaper, and all the time this is happening, hims gonna be just kickin and bicycling hims little legs just like every other baby does when they make a wet, poopy mess in their diapers and they're getting changed. "


             Both girls laughed and I knew that both Kelly and Megan were right, if Kelly used the same Dulcolax Suppositories on me that Saundra used when I was at the medical store, along with already having to go really, really bad, I doubt that it would take even 15 minutes before I had to poop, and guess what, I was right.


            I sat there, on my wet tush, while Megan and Kelly were laughing about something, and that rumble in my tummy all of a sudden turned into a ferocious cramp, I don't think 10 minutes had even passed, then the cramp hit again and I must have groaned because both Kelly and Amber stopped talking and looked at me.  Then another spasm hit and I knew it that what was going to happen was inevitable, but there was still one more surprise in store for me, Amber quickly knelt down next to me, told me to lay on my back, and after I did, she gently rolled me over on my tummy, leaving my diapered bottom exposed to her and Kelly.


            Amber then told Kelly, she had seen toddlers fill their diapers up before and she wanted to see if it looked the same when I filled my diapers.  Both girls laughed, then got extremely quiet when another spasm hit me, but this time, I could no longer hold back and in a single, almost involuntary push, the back of my diaper filled up with a warm, mushiness and spread towards my balls and penis as well as spreading all over both my butt cheeks and up to the top of the back of my diaper.  It must have been quite a sight because both girls gasped, then Megan said, " OH MY GOD, that's exactly what a toddler looks like when they fill their diapers, then, she wrinkled her nose, and said, OH WOW, and that's exactly what they smell like, ewwww, yuck.


            As I lay on my tummy, feeling the mess spread slowly throughout my diaper, another spasm hits and I release more of the mushy mess in to my diaper.  Seeing my diaper continuing to balloon

out, Megan rolls me back over on my back, causing the mess to literally cover every part of my diaper it hadn't covered before, then Megan looks at me, smiles, wrinkles her nose and gives my bottom a couple of firm pats and says, " WOW, someone has a stinky diaper, pee-eew Robbie, someone made boo-boo in his little diapers, just like an itsy-bitsy baby, yucky-yuck Robbie, you stink! "


            Amber then gets back up and joins Kelly on the couch, then to my shock, she asks Kelly if maybe they should give me a bottle while I lay there and let that mess inside my diaper soak in a little bit and settle, just like it does when a baby has a messy diaper.  Kelly agrees and tells Amber, " Sure, there's no need to change him right away, Saundra and Andrea won't be back for at least another hour or two, can you watch him while I go fix him and Jessica a bottle? "  Amber happily says yes and kneels back down beside me, and as she's patting my bottom, she tells me, " You do realize Robbie, that babies don't always get changed right away after they go potty in their diapers, especially if they're having their bottle or nursing, unless of course they have a diaper rash, then they get changed immediately, but Robbie, you don't have a diaper rash, do you, although, I'd almost bet that by time this day is over, you're gonna have a yucky old diaper rash, and then Robbie, my dear, you will truly know what it is to be a baby because all babies get diaper rash eventually. "


           Kelly comes back in the room with two bottles, juice for Jessica and formula for me, as she hands the bottle to Amber, Amber sticks the nipple in my mouth, then tells me to hold on to the bottle, and as I take the bottle, Amber pats my bottom again and says, " Hims gots such a wet tushie and a tinky bottom, maybe Auntie Amber will change his messy little diaper if he finishes up his baba real fast. "  While Amber was talking to me, Kelly got a phone call, and after a couple of huh huh's, and looking back and forth to me, she says bye and hangs up.


Kelly :  That was Saundra, she's just leaving Tulsa now and she has    Ariel, Ruthie and Sarah with her, she said the girls all know that Robbie has to wear diapers, but them being only 13 and 8, she doesn't want them to actually see his diapers, so she wants us to make sure Robbie is dressed appropriately by time she gets here.


Amber :  Does that mean she doesn't want him in diapers?


Kelly :  Oh no, of course she wants him in diapers, he's still got a few more days of being treated like a baby, she just doesn't want the girls to see him being changed or bathed.  As far as the girls are concerned, Robbie is just slow and is Andrea's cousin she's taking care of for a month, heck, the girls will probably be helping with his feeding and giving him his bottles, or even picking his onesies out for him to wear, and no doubt, sooner then later, they'll know he's got a wet diaper because they'll see his pants wet where his diaper leaked, and there's no way they won't know he's got a messy diaper, they'll be able to smell it just like we do, but that's the closest they get to being involved with anything involving his diapers, they can tell us when he needs changed if they notice it first.


Amber :  O-K, that sounds cool, so should we go ahead and change him now?


Kelly :  Naw, not yet, let's let him get a little bit more ripe, plus, he still has to finish his baba like a good baby, buttttt, if you really want to help, you can go on and check and see if Kimmie needs changed and I'll check Jessica, and if they need changed, let's change them right next to Robbie, that way, he can see what's soon to be in store for him.


           I laid there, nursing my bottle, trying to take everything I had just heard in, I mean, were they serious, the girls would actually know when I wet or messed my diaper, that would be way too embarrassing and I knew I had to talk to Saundra when she got back, but for now, even though I laid here with an extremely messy diaper, I felt totally spent and just wanted to get changed and take a nap before Saundra got here with the girls.


           I must have been more tired then I thought because I dozed off, and when I awoke, I woke up to the sounds of a lot of chatter and laughter and I realized, I was still on the baby blanket on the living room floor, and OH MY GOD, NO WAY, I was still in the same wet, dirty diaper I was wearing when I fell asleep, the only difference was, there was a baby print baby sheet covering me, and as I looked up, I saw Saundra kneeling down beside me, smiling, then wrinkling her nose as she said, Robbie Honey, wake up and say hi to the girls, then we'll get your wet, poopy little diapey changed, and as I saw three beaming faces looking down at me, I vaguely heard Saundra say.....YOU STINK !!!!!!!!    


 " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                     " CHAPTER XXVIII "



        Fortunately Saundra had the girls take their overnight bags in the spare bedroom and get themselves situated while she quickly changed my diaper, right there on the living room floor, in front of Kelly and Megan, all of them wrinkling their noses and laughing every time Saundra shook her head and called me Stinky. 


         The next few days, not a whole lot changed, other then me and the babies, the girls, especially Ruthie paid an awful lot of attention to me, including wanting to always feed me, which Saundra and Andrea thought was cute, they even let Jessica, the two year old try and spoon feed me a couple of times, needless to say, I had baby food all over my face whenever she fed me.  Ariel and Sarah weren't all that interested in me but did offer to help take care of the other two babies, feeding, changing, etc., although Sarah commented to Saundra while she was doing the wash, that her little brother had plastic pants, just like mine, she was referring to the clear, Gerber plastic pants, and a couple times, Saundra asked all three girls if they could do a quick diaper check on me, mainly by patting my bottom when I wasn't wearing plastic pants, or looking to see if I had dust bunnies on the bottom of my diaper where it was damp.


           Two days before I was planning on leaving, Saundra and Andrea had both days, thoroughly planned out for me, including a trip to the mall, with Kelly, Megan, both babies, Sarah, Ariel, Ruthie and I, we must have been quite a sight as we entered the mall, Andrea pushing Kimmie in a stroller, Kelly pushing Jessica in a stroller, Saundra holding my hand, and Megan, Ariel and Sarah each carrying a bulky, oversized diaper bag.  I wondered how many people, if any, saw the numbered difference between diaper bags and babies?


            We had been at the mall for about an hour or so when Andrea announced that she was taking Kimmie and Jessica into the bathroom so she could change their diapers, Ruthie immediately announced, to Saundra, as loud as an eight year old can be, " ARE YOU TAKING BOO IN TO CHANGE HIS DIAPERS TOO MOMMY, I BET HE'S WET AND PROBABLY POOPY TOO! "  Saundra and all the girls started laughing as Saundra said, " He probably is Ruthie, " as Saundra patted and squeezed my bottom, then announced to Ruthie, " You're right Honey, Boo's gots a squishy tush and hims needs hims yucky diapey changed. "  Everyone just laughed, all but Ruthie, she was too busy being proud and flaunting the fact that she knew before anyone else that I was in need of a diaper change.


              Saundra took me in to the family room, diaper bag on her shoulder, but not until we had to wait for about five minutes for the room to come empty, we just sat on the bench there and I kept my head down as Saundra made small talk with another mother sitting there with her baby, and I know, both women laughed a couple times when Saundra mentioned baby's having bad diapers in the strangest places and at the most inopportune times, each time, patting my leg and my padded crotch, and I knew, without looking, the other mother was smiling and watching as Saundra patted me.  Saundra, once we got into the family room, got me changed quickly, I was wet and just a little bit messy, I hadn't had my daily BIG messy diaper, at least not yet, but I knew if I was fed anything or given anything to drink, it would not be long before I was sitting in a really bad diaper.


               We met Andrea and Kelly back out in the common area of the mall and continued to browse and window shop, and of course we had to go in to all the teen stores, for the girls, it was probably in these type of stores I felt most humiliated, I mean, I knew that if anyone looked closely enough at my rear, they could plainly see that my bottom was well padded, you know, that kind of padded look that tells you there's a diaper under those pants, that bubble butt look, plus add to the fact that Saundra took every opportunity to pat my bottom, especially if there were other people standing near or behind us.  I don't think I was turning too red from embarrassment, but I do know, every time Saundra patted my bottom, it was like setting off a small alarm and my tummy rumbled, as if in response to each pat, I could only hope that I not only made it out of these stores, but also out of the mall before the inevitable happened.


                 We shopped for about another thirty minutes and the rumbling in my tummy had subsided, somewhat, but then, Andrea mentioned that we should all go get something to eat at the food court before we left the mall, that way we wouldn't have to stop on the way home.  Everyone agreed and so there I was, once again, almost like deja vu, sitting at a mall table, waiting for Saundra to bring me my Happy Meal from McDonalds, and after she did, Andrea made sure to pour my drink into a sippy cup so I could drink from it.  Ruthie sat next to me, every once in awhile, feeding me a french fry or a chicken nugget, and actually holding my sippy cup, as if it was a baby bottle, and letting me drink it like that.


                 By time we all were done eating and getting ready to leave, my tummy was rumbling full tilt and I knew it wouldn't be long, or if I would even make it back to the van.  The walk back to the van was long and exasperating, I knew I had already wet my diaper while I was sitting at Mickey D's, but my gut was telling me I needed to sit down as quickly as possible or I'd be messing my diaper while we walked, risking a really bad messy leak.  Well, we made it back to the van, and as Saundra was strapping me into my car seat, between Sarah and Ariel, Ruthie and Megan took the rear seat with Kelly sitting in the seat directly behind the front seats with Jessica and Kimmie, Saundra was driving and Andrea was riding shotgun.  As Saundra strapped me in, she did a quick diaper check by sticking two fingers down the front of my pants, then announced to both Sarah and Ariel, who had watched, that I had a wet tushie and needed to be changed when we got home, both girls giggled.


                 We were about a forty-five minute drive from the mall to the house and each minute was agonizing, I knew I was going to be experiencing a really messy diaper, I was just hoping I could hold off until we got home, there would be no way of hiding a dirty diaper, not sitting between Ariel and Sarah, and especially within the confines of the van, with all the windows rolled up so they could use their air conditioning.  While we were cruising along, I actually felt I was going to make it, and then, out of the blue, Andrea asked Saundra if she could stop at the grocery store, she needed to get some additional items for dinner.  When we got to the store, Andrea, Kelly and Megan all went inside while Saundra and the girls stayed with the babies and me.  The only advantage to us not headed home immediately was the fact that at least we were standing still so we weren't hitting any bumps that would be irritating my tummy.


                   We must have been sitting in the parking lot for about fifteen minutes when I felt that first cramp, I must have moaned because Sarah looked at me briefly, I tried to ignore both the cramp and her.  The second cramp, just seconds later, hit with a vengeance, and I knew, the inevitable was about to happen.  I tried to not make any moans, grunts or movements, that would let anyone know what I was about to do, but when that third cramp hit, the ball game was over.  I must have moaned or grunted as I filled my diaper because, Sarah said, rather loudly, " Auntie Saundra, I think Boo is pooping his diaper, he's really grunting and moaning back here. "


                    There couldn't have been more then two minutes pass when out of the blue, Ariel said, " OH YUCK MOM, BOOBOO JUST POOPED HIS DIAPERS AND IT REALLY STINKS BACK HERE ", as she totally over exaggerated a nose wrinkle while she waved her hand furiously in front of her face.  Saundra told both the girls to just calm down and she would change me when we got home and that if it was that bad, open up the vents in the back, meanwhile, Ruthie was going crazy trying to turn herself around in the seat so she could see me and possibly get involved in the girls conversation as both were waving their hands and wrinklin their noses.


                    It was about five minutes later, when Andrea and the girls got back to the van, and the first one to notice it was Megan, since she was sitting in just one row ahead of me, she immediately wrinkled her nose and said, " OH WOW, one of these babies has a bad diaper, it stinks in here ", and before anyone could say anything, Ruthie quickly said, " It's not Jessica or Kimmie Auntie Megan, IT'S BOOBOO, HE POOPED HIS DIAPER AND HE'S THE STINKY ONE ".  Megan turned around and looked at me, then smiled and said, " Did you make a yucky yuck in your little diapey BooBoo, eewwww, YOU GOTS STINKY PANTS !!!! "


                   Everyone in the van laughed, except Ariel, she said, " Sure, it's funny if you don't have to sit next to him, trade seats with me and then see how funny you think it is ".  Megan smiled and said, " AWWW Ariel, if you want to trade seats, I'll trade with you, how about you Sarah, did you want to sit up front too ", as Ariel smiled, Sarah said, " NAW, it doesn't bother me, he smells just like my little brother when he has a poopy diaper and I have to smell and change him all the time ".


                  As soon as Ariel and Megan switched places, Megan quickly squeezed my bottom, then gave it a loving pat, as Sarah watched, then told Saundra, " If you want, when we get home, you can help Andrea with the other babies and the groceries and I'll take this little stinker in and get his diaper changed for you, and Sarah, if you want to help, you can go ahead and get him undressed down to just his diaper while I grab his baby wipes and a wet wash cloth.  What's that Ruthie, ha ha ha, of course you can help Sarah undress him, and if you want, you can get me one of his nitey-nite diapers, and whichever onesie you want to dress him in, but while I change his diaper and wipe his messy bottom, remember girls, you both have to wait in the front room, there's no need for you two to have to see his yucky, messy bottom, and speaking about messy bottoms, WHEW SAUNDRA, CAN YOU STEP ON IT A BIT, WOW, HE IS RIPE AND HIMS NEEDS HIMS YUCKY, MESSY, TINKY WITTLE TUSH CHANGED "  

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