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" More Trick then Treat "

           ( A Halloween Story )


             By BooBooBritches


               " CHAPTER 4 "


          I stood there, stunned and scared, with a million thoughts racing through my head like a freight train crossing a lonely, cold, desert landscape in the dark of the night, impervious to anything else.  Before I could turn around to face Sam, she gave me a swat on the butt and ushered me into the bedroom, turning for a brief moment to let Jordan know she wanted to talk with me privately.  I heard Jordan giggle and say, " No problem Sam, it's obvious you two have a lot to talk about, but promise me you'll let me know what he says to you, I just can't wait to hear what his explanation is. "


           Almost as soon as Sam closed the door, she motioned for me to sit down on the bed, slowly moving the contents of my suitcase to the side.  She then sat down beside me, smiled, took my hand and said, " So, Rob, or should I be calling you "Robby Baby", then laughingly she said, " Can you please explain to me what all this stuff is, and more important then that, can you explain to me why you're hiding it in a suitcase in your closet? "


             I started to talk and she interrupted me by saying, "Better yet Rob, I'll explain to you what this stuff is, all you have to do is tell me why you have it and who it belongs to".


             I looked at her as she stood and started piling the items from the suitcase, neatly, at the bottom of the bed, she stacked a pile of neatly folded items( I don't remember ever folding my cloth diapers like that), then grabbed one from the top of the pile, held it up in front of me, then said, " O-K Rob, this is obviously a pre-fold diaper, and it is most definitely big enough to fit you(as she held it to my waist and left it sitting, spread out, on my lap), and I can see you have an even dozen here. "


              She then held up a handful of plastic pants(I think there were 6 pairs), and after setting them on top of the stack of diapers, she grabbed two pair out, the one that had baby print and the other that was pink with lacy frills on the bottom, and after shaking each one out in front of me, she folded each pair and set them on top of the diaper that was in my lap.


               She then grabbed the small container I had for my diaper pins and started oohing and aahing when she saw the pink, blue, yellow and white various types of pins, some were locking pins, some were little duckys, rabbits, turtles and bunnies, all very babyish, as she sat the container down I heard her mumble, " These are just too precious".


               She then laid out, side by side, the 8 baby bottles I had, along with 3 of the 4 pacifiers I had, and I knew, I had the 4th one in my nightstand, the one I found on the floor last night. 


               While I was flashing back in my mind to when I found the pacifier, I heard Sam gasp, then she said, "AWWWW, How cute, I had no idea they made onesies this big, and they look exactly like a baby's onesie, these are just way too darling, they remind me of some of the ones I see in the baby department of the stores, but I'll bet they don't have them this big (ha ha ha)."


                After Sam was done, I sat there, frozen, unable to move, both out of shame, and humiliation and embarrassment, and while I was trying to come up with something to say, Sam sat next to me, still holding one of the onesies, and said, " So tell me Rob,  it's more then obvious to me that all of these big baby items are yours, what I need to know, when did you plan on telling me about this little secret of yours, oh, and while we're on that subject, hang on one sec."


                 Sam got up and opened the bedroom door and said, "Come on in Jordan, I could use your expertise right about now", Jordan came in and when she saw me sitting there with the diaper spread out on my lap and the plastic pants sitting on top of it, she giggled and told Sam, "Well Sam, you were right about one thing, it definitely looks like those would fit him(as she laughed), so what can I do to help you?"


                  Sam smiled at me, then asked Jordan to repeat to Rob and I about what she had speculated when we found the suitcase stash.  Jordan then went on to say, " Well Rob, like I was trying to explain to Sam when we found(ahem), your layette(both girls giggled), that when I was in school I took a couple courses in basic psychology, and it touched on Infantilism, and I'm sure Rob, judging from what we found, you know exactly what Infantilism is.  Anyway, I explained to Sam there were different degrees of Infantilism, anywhere from just wanting to wear a diaper, which they termed DL's, to wanting to be fully treated like a baby, which was termed as AB's, and that the latter of the two, varied in anything from just wearing diapers and baby clothes to actually using the diapers and wanting a mommy to take care of them, or even to the extent of wanting to be humiliated, and shamed for having to wear diapers and peeing and pooping in them."


                   " Now Rob, I also told Sam that I wasn't sure at exactly which level of being an AB you were, but that I was most positive about you being an AB based on the baby accessories we found along with your diapers, and I also made another observance Rob, from working in a daycare and a hospital nursery, and now the nursing home, I pointed out to Sam that some of your plastic pants were a bit discolored and had an orange tint to them and a couple of your diapers looked like they were a bit stained, as well as a couple of your onesies, on the back, just above the top part of where your bottom is, and all of those could only happen if a diaper leaked or you, or someone, had a poopy blowout, just an observation Rob. "


                     Sam smiled and told Jordan thanks for the explanation and that when she got back from Vegas, perhaps she could explain a bit more about the various degrees of Infantilism to her, Jordan just smile and said, sure, no problem, it would be fun educating her about her big baby.


                     When I thought Jordan was going to leave the room, I was shocked when Sam asked her to have a seat, and that she could stay and listen to Rob's explanation of why he not only had all of this baby paraphernalia, but why some of it appeared to be apparently used and stained.


                   Sam looked at me and said, " O-K Robby Baby, I'm going to let you explain to us why you have all of this stuff and if you use it on a regular basis, but first, I think we need to get you a bit more comfortable(as Sam stood up, grabbed the plastic pants and diaper off my lap, laid it next to me on the bed, along with the baby print onesie she had been holding, and said, as she pushed me back on to the bed), Lift your butt baby boy, Mommy Sam and Nanny Jordan need to get their little stinker in a fresh diapey before hims makes a stinky all over his wittle bed!!!!!!!!!!


to be continued.............................  


 " More Trick then Treat "

               ( A Halloween Story )


                By BooBooBritches


                   " CHAPTER 5 "



               I laid there, on my bed, stunned and literally too paralyzed to move as Sam took my shoes and socks off, she then unzipped my jeans, and with a tug, pulled them down to  my knees, and before I could even respond, there I was, in just my briefs, and shirt, with both Sam and Jordan hovering over me and smiling.


                Then Jordan said, " Looks like this little stinker needs diapers " (as she pointed to a small wet spot of the front of my briefs where I had apparently got excited when Sam was going through all of my baby supplies), Sam just laughed and said, " I hear you Jordan, and after seeing the stains on his plastic pants, there's no doubt in my mind this little stinker likes being wet and messy ", both girls laughed.


                 As Sam was getting ready to pull off my apparently, now  stained briefs, she looked me in the eyes and said, "O-K Rob, while we get you dressed, perhaps you can explain to me why my supposedly adult boyfriend has diapers and baby items stashed in his closet and he has neglected to tell me about it, you know how much I hate secrets in a relationship? "


                 I looked up at Sam, trying to flash my big brown cow eyes, almost to the point where I was starting to cry, and said, " Sam, I was going to tell you, and the main reason I have this stuff (trying to think of something that would get me out of this embarrassing situation), well, do you remember when I was sick about 6 months ago with a real bad case of the stomach flu, for almost two weeks, that's when I bought the diapers and plastic pants on-line, because I kept having accidents and I didn't want to ruin my bed or bed linen, and I tried the disposable briefs like Depends, but they just didn't work good enough, they tended to leak almost every time I had to pee".


                 Sam stopped tugging on my briefs, looked at me(at this time I seriously thought that she was going to buy the story), and said, " WOW, now that's interesting Rob, you say you bought the diapers and plastic pants on-line, after you got the flu, and tried other remedies for your little accident problems, Hmmmm, Hey Jordan, how long, approximately, do you think it would take to get back an on-line purchase, yea, just what I was thinking, at least 10 days to two weeks, so Rob, that would mean, by time you got these cute little diapers and plastic panties, you would have already been over the flu and wouldn't have needed to wear them, let alone use them to the point where you actually stained them? "


                  I just laid there, not knowing what to say and cursing myself for not allowing a more believable timeline into my excuse, just then, I felt my briefs being completely pulled down my legs and off of me, and there I was, in all my naked glory, for both Sam and Jordan to see, but I wouldn't be naked for long.  


                  Sam gave my thigh a little swat and told me to lift my butt, and as quick as I did, I felt her shoving the thick diaper under me, then telling me to put my butt down, she asked Jordan to hand her the baby powder, and after a generous dusting, she pulled the diaper up between my legs, first tugging on the right side as she pinned it, then tugging on the left side, even harder, and pinning it securely, I can't ever remember getting the diapers to fit this snug when I diapered myself and kind of liked the feeling, especially when she gave my padded bottom a gentle pat.


                   She then told me to lift my legs and she shook out the baby print plastic pants, guiding both my feet in to the holes, then she slowly pulled the plastic pants up my legs, smiling at me, and saying, " Awww, Him's gonna be such a cute baby boy, now let's get your plastic panties on you before you show mommy what a big baby you are and make a mess in your didy's, Hey Jordan, did you want to finish getting him dressed for me while I get all of his didy's and baby clothes organized in his dresser, cool, thanks ".


                    As embarrassed and humiliated as I was, it got even worse when Jordan came around, helped me in to a sitting position, then slowly unbuttoned my shirt, taking it off of me.  She then started to pull the babyish looking onesie over my head and with a gentle push, she had me on my back, and said, " Okie Dokie Baby Boy, lift your little bottom so Auntie Jordan can snap your little onesie up, so when you wet or make poopies in your diapey, it'll help keep it from drooping and sagging so much.  There we go ", as she pulled the onesie up between my legs and slowly started snapping each snap, all the while, cooing and goo-goo, ga-ga'ing me.


                    Once she had finished with all of the snaps, she gave my obviously over padded bottom a couple pats as she sat down on the bed next to me, and as she kept patting my bottom, she asked Sam, " So Sam, let's say, hypothetically, he was telling the truth about the diapers, plastic pants, and being sick with the flu, don't you think it's kind of odd, and if he was telling the truth, also kind of creepy, that he also bought onesies, baby bottles and pacifiers, I mean, none of those would have anything to do with him being sick, unless of course he couldn't get out of bed, and then he would need, possibly, all those items, but if he couldn't get out of bed, then it would be only logical, that he would need someone to help him by fixing his bottles, and, even, possibly, changing his diapers, but if he actually wanted to be treated like a baby, then it wouldn't be creepy at all, I think it would be kind of cute? "


                   Sam just smiled and said, " Oh yea, I already thought about all of that and decided, that instead of asking him, giving him more chances to lie to me, I'd just go ahead and conclude our little question section and assume, that like you said earlier, he's one of those guys that like wearing and using diapers and possibly even being treated like a baby, either way, he's going to get his little secret wish, between now and Halloween, he's going to be kept in diapers and treated like a baby as much as possible, and Rob, I haven't decided what to do about your work yet, I mean, you are the boss, you have a private office, and if I decide to keep you in diapers and treat you like a baby, 24 hours a day, just like a real baby, I could do it, even at your work, I'd just have to be a bit more discreet about it ".


                    I laid there on the bed, Jordan still patting my bottom, and responded to Sam, " Sam, come on, I mean, really, this was just something I did, once in a while in the privacy of my own home, it's nothing for you to get all worked up over and plus that, you have your job, so there goes your thoughts of treating me like a baby 24 hours a day, even if I secretly wanted you to, which I don't ".


                    Sam just smiled, sat down on the opposite side of Jordan, next to me, gave my bottom a couple pats, then said, " Robby, Robby, Robby, trust me, if I chose to treat you like baby 24 hours a day, I'm going to do just that.  As far as my work, I have a month of vacation time coming, and if I took it all at once, which they would have no problem with, it would take me into November before I would have to be back, and Robby, you also have 6 weeks of vacation time coming, who's to say you couldn't take off a month too, and as far as not having the time to fully treat you like a baby, 24 hours a day, Hell Robby, everyone knows that all mommy's have babysitters to help them, and I'm pretty sure, Jordan, along with a couple other of my nurse friends, would have no problems babysitting you and changing your diapers if I had something I needed to do for a day, or an afternoon, or an evening, or hell Robby, maybe even for an entire weekend, you never can tell, Jordan and I might want to take a break and go to Vegas, we couldn't take a baby with us, so I'd just get one of my other friends to baby sit you. "


                   Both Sam and Jordan laughed and Jordan said, " AWWWW, Now that would be cute, packing him a little diaper bag with lots and lots of spare diapers so he could go spend a weekend at his babysitters house ( and I then  realized two things, one, Sam was going to be very adamant about this baby treatment because of finding my secret hidden stash, and two, I hadn't used the restroom since before I went to work and not only was my bladder killing me, my tummy was starting to rumble and I knew that the Circle K coffee was starting to have it's normal effect on me )


To be continued...........


             " More Trick then Treat "

             ( A Halloween Story )


               By BooBooBritches


                   " CHAPTER 6 "


          So there I lay, in a very compromising position, and in dire need of using the restroom.  My first thoughts were, WOW, I'm actually going to get my fantasy, not that I had already got a big part of it, having Sam pin me in a diaper, with the help of one of her cute nurse friends, but there was still more to my fantasy, and I wondered, did I have the guts to actually lay there in front of these two hotties and actually wet my diaper and if so, could I really go all the way and mess my diaper in front of them, that would certainly bring about, one of the final parts of my fantasy, being discovered in a wet or dirty diaper, then being embarrassed and humiliated for doing such an infantile act.


          Before I could daydream much longer, Sam looked at Jordan and said, " You know Jordan, I've been thinking, I'm going to go ahead and call in and take a personal day off today, then request a month long vacation, starting immediately, and since you're off until Monday, when you get back from Vegas, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me and help me do some shopping for some much needed baby supplies, then maybe we could catch some lunch at the Taco Bell in the mall. "


          Jordan smiled, and as she continued patting my bottom, said, " That would be great Sam, I'd love to go shopping for baby supplies with you, there are so many cute things for a baby these days, it should be a blast, but, what do we do with this little Cutie, obviously we can't leave a baby home alone, who would change his little diapey if he gets wet or stinky(as both girls wrinkled their nose at that comment)?"


Sam :  WELL DUH Jordan, I know there's no way we could leave a baby all alone, let's just throw a pair of his running shorts and one of his cute t-shirts on him and take him with us.


Jordan :  Sounds good Sam, but don't you think we need to pack some kind of diaper bag for him, I mean, just in case, after all, he is just a baby and you know baby's are known for pooping their diapers at the most inopportune times.


Sam :  I thought about that and I was thinking we could swing by the medical store by the nursing home and see what they had available as far as disposable adult diapers go, pick up a pack, or two, of the best they had to offer and then check out that new baby outlet at the mall, get a new diaper bag and just fill it with the supplies needed to go in it, sort of knock off two birdies with one stone.


Jordan :  Sounds like a game plan to me, but I still want to stop by Baby's R Us, they have a lot of cute things we could use for this big baby.


          Both girls just laughed, but I didn't think there was any humor at all with their plan, I mean, wearing a diaper and being treated like a baby at home was one thing, but doing it publicly, that was something completely different, and I decided I had best speak up before this little charade went too far.


Rob :  Ok. Ok ladies, this is all cute and I think your plans are hilarious, but seriously, we can't take this little baby game out of the privacy of our own home, but thanks for the laughs and giggles, you two crack me up.


Sam :  Hmmmm, really Rob, I think you had just better sit there and listen to what I've got to say to you.  To begin with, from the moment I, and Jordan found your little secret, I was immediately in charge of your destiny and fate, regardless of what you think.  2nd, you offered absolutely no resistance to letting both Jordan and myself, lay you down on a bed, strip you bare-assed naked, pin a diaper on you and dress you in a baby onesie, and furthermore, Mister Know It All, where ever did you get the idea that being a baby was a game?  Being a mommy to any baby is serious work, and being a baby should be full of giggles, coos, goo-goo's and ga-ga's and fun, not worrying about where you're going, or who's going to see you, what you're being fed, or even, when and where you're going to wet and make a poopy diaper, you just let your mommy and auntie worry about all of those things, now let's get you ready to go bye bye.


          I just sat there, stunned, as Jordan brought over a pair of my running shorts and t-shirt and proceeded to dress me for our little outing. Sam had never spoken, so distinctively and adamantly to me before, at least not like that, and I felt, for the sake of our relationship, it was best if I just kept my mouth shut and rode this little storm out, which I(in my mind), labeled, "Hurricane Sam".


          I was almost to the point of not feeling too awful bad, until I saw the pair of running shorts Jordan had selected, they were a pair I normally didn't wear outside my home, they were mainly worn as a diaper cover inside when I was playing baby, and I knew, from past experience, the pastel, baby blue running shorts, were almost see through and anyone looking closely would have no problem seeing the bulk of my diaper and the baby print onesie, underneath the shorts, plus the fact, Jordan also selected a matching blue, Mickey Mouse t-shirt for me to wear, toss in my tennis shoes and by time Jordan was finished dressing me, I looked more like an overgrown toddler out shopping with his mommy and her friend.


         To add insult to injury, I still needed to use a restroom, and as a trickle of pee escaped, I felt the front of my diapers get a bit warm and damp, and then that all to familiar rumble in my tummy, and I knew, holding it until we were done shopping at the mall was going to be one of my greatest challenges as an adult baby? 


To be continued..........            

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