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" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                        " CHAPTER XXVIIII "


    Once we got home, Megan got my diaper changed quickly, with a bit of assistance from Sarah and Ruthie, plus, Sarah suggested I wear just a onesie over my diaper and go without the plastic pants, as Sarah would put it, " When my baby brother's home and we're not going anywhere, my mom lets him run around in just a diaper and a tee or a onesie, she says that it helps keep him from getting a diaper rash and it's a lot easier to tell when they need changed again ", needless to say, Megan took Sarah's advice and went with just the onesie that Ruthie picked out and snapped me in to.


     When we all got back into the living room, Andrea, Kelly and Saundra were done bringing in the groceries and changing the other two babies, who were now happily laying down together and taking a bottle in the playpen.  Upon seeing this, Ruthie automatically offered to hold a bottle and feed me while I laid there and watched t-v with the girls and the babies, Saundra smiled and told her thank you and she would be right back with my baba.


      I think about an hour or so passed as we watched t-v and I was almost done with my bottle, which Ruthie was still patiently holding, I probably would have been done a lot sooner but Ruthie kept pulling the bottle away, looking at it and saying, " What a good baby BooBoo is, he's drinking all his baba for his BIG SISTER, Ruthie, anyway, I was almost done with my bottle when I felt the front of my diaper getting a bit damp and I was hoping no one would notice it since I really hadn't wet that bad that it would show through my onesie, but I still, unconsciously put my hand down near my crotch just to make sure I wasn't that wet.  


        Once I had finally finished my bottle, Ruthie told Sarah to watch me while she ran the empty bottle in to the kitchen where all the adults were chatting.  Sarah sat next to me and without so much as a warning, she patted my bottom and stuck a finger inside my onesie at the thigh, doing a quick diaper check on me.  I was shocked when she yelled out to Saundra that I had a wet diaper and did Saundra want her to unsnap my onesie and get me ready for a diaper change, this immediately brought both Saundra and Andrea, along with Ruthie, back into the room and Saundra knelt down beside me, stuck two fingers in to my onesie and the front of my diaper, then opened the onesie and diaper at the inside of the thigh, took a quick peek in and said, " He's ok for now Sarah, he's just a little bit damp and he's not poopy, but thank you so much for checking his diaper for me ", and as Saundra looked at Ruthie, she nodded her head and said, ", And Yes Ruthie, you can check his diaper next, but remember, you can't check it like mommy does, you can only pat his bottom to see if he's wet, and if he's poopy, well, you'll know right away and you can look at him, wrinkle your nose so he can see you, and then tell him he stinks ", everyone in the living room laughed and Ruthie just sort a wrinkled her nose and said, YUCK!!!!!


          The next couple days with the girls there went pretty good, I stayed diapered 24-7 as Saundra has promised, and the girls had fun treating me just like one of the other babies, with the exception of changing my diapers or bathing me, although they got plenty of experience doing that with Kimmie and Jessica.  We even made it to the mall a couple more times, without too many embarrassing situations, but I have to admit, we did have fun, and the one time I was allowed to eat like an adult was when we all went out to The Country Kitchen Buffet, it was an all you can eat place and I definitely took advantage of it, since I hadn't tasted adult food for some time, unless of course it was pureed, and trust me peeps, I'm here to tell you, if you've never been fed pureed spicy burritos from Taco Bell, well, you just haven't lived, lol.


          Finally, my last weekend in Oklahoma City had arrived and to my surprise, Andrea had scheduled a swimming party.  Her and Dave had one of those above ground pools and I was amazed at how big it was, the care and upkeep was just like a built in pool, they had to shock it, used an automated pool sweeper in it and filtered it just like any other pool, and speaking of shock, I was for sure shocked when I was told I could go in the pool wearing just one of my thick, over-night diapers and a baby tee-shirt that would pin to the diaper to keep it from drooping in the pool, they wanted to make sure my diaper didn't fall off in front of the girls.


          Andrea and Dave invited a lot of friends over whom I hadn't met already, and they were all told in advance that I was in diapers for fetish reasons, and all of them being close friends of Andrea and Dave, who both confirmed nudists, had no problem with one of Andrea's friends being in diapers, they were all used to various life styles at Andrea's home, they also invited Megan,  Amber and a couple other friends of Kelly's.  The girls that had babies brought them over and when they all saw how I was dressed, they thought it was cute and immediately dressed their babies the exact same way, their tees pinned to their diapers, everyone got a kick out of that and laughed, and as I looked around, I realized that even Jessica was dressed this way and I figured that this wasn't the first time they had done this and that I was indeed being treated exactly like all of the other babies.


          I stayed pretty much in the pool and Saundra got a kick out of carrying me around on her hip, with the help of the buoyancy of the water, and to be honest, I thought it felt totally awesome, to actually be carried on her hip like a baby.  Dave kept pretty busy with the bar-b-que and Kelly was helping Andrea get the food table all set up, we were all having fun and there were five other toddlers in the pool with me, along with a number of the other mommy's, plus Sarah, Ariel and Ruthie.  Saundra looked at me and asked if I was having fun and when I told her I was, she smiled and said, GOOD, BUTTTTT, I need to get you out of the pool and get you in a dry diaper before dinner, and with a pat to my bottom she loudly said, "C'mon Baby Boy, let's go find you some dry britches ", this had caused everyone to look at us and as I started to climb up the ladder to get out of the pool, it occurred to me why Saundra had said that so loudly.


          I must have been quite a sight as I climbed up the ladder getting out and then climbed down the ladder to the ground, my diaper was drooping and sagging, almost to my knees, and the water was literally gushing out the sides.  It got quite a few smiles and giggles including this comment from Kelly, " WOW ROBBY, I'VE SEEN SOME WET DIAPERS BEFORE, BUT DAMNNNNN BOY, I THINK YOU JUST BROKE THE RECORD ".  This caused everyone to laugh, and for those that were not watching me, they immediately looked my direction and smiled at what they saw.


          As I was waddling and following Saundra towards the backdoor, Andrea stopped both of us and whispered something into Saundra's ear, Saundra smiled, looked back at me and said, Robbie, you stay here with Auntie Andrea for a second, Mommy will be right back.


         Saundra was back quickly, but I was surprised at what she was carrying, she had one of my night diapers and another baby tee-shirt, then before I knew it, Andrea was pulling me over to one of the beach chairs that reclined back, indicating for me to lie down.  I immediately looked around to see if anyone could see me and was shocked to see that this was going to be a very visible diaper change, there was nothing to conceal what Saundra was about to do.  Saundra told Sarah, Ariel and Ruthie to go in to the house and get out of their wet swimsuits and get some dry clothing on, then to stay in there until she called them to come back out after she was finished changing my diaper.


          Once all three girls went in to the house, Saundra gently pushed me back on the recliner, wrinkled her nose as she loudly said, " OH MY GOD ROBBIE, HIMS JUST GOTS A SOAKIN WET TUSHIE, YES HIMS DOES, LIE STILL BABY AND LET MOMMY CHANGE YOUR LIL WET TUSH ", and as I looked to my left, literally everyone was watching and smiling as Saundra, baby-talked me and took her time changing my diaper.  


    " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                           " CHAPTER XXX "


           Fortunately, after that diaper change in front of everyone, not a whole lot happened, other then an occasional girl coming over to me, and either patting my thickly, diapered bottom, or pulling the back of my diaper out and peeking in, doing their version of a diaper check.  Saundra and Andrea both made sure all I was wearing was a diaper and a Winnie The Pooh t-shirt so my diapers would be more accessible for anyone wanting to do a diaper check on me, including the girls, and thank God, the only girl interested in the condition of my diaper was Ruthie, Ariel and Sarah had both gotten over the novelty of me being in diapers and went about their normal teenage business.


            Ruthie did say to Saundra once that she thought I had a poopy diaper because when she patted my bottom, it was damp and kind a squishy, Saundra told her to just keep an eye on me but that I should be ok for awhile.  Ruthie just waved her hand in front of her face and told her mom that she would watch me but she wasn't going to sit by me because I stink, Saundra, Andrea, Kelly and a few other ladies there just laughed and thanked Ruthie for the heads up.


             Eventually I did get changed, by Kelly and Megan, on the patio, and Ruthie was right, I did have a messy diaper but it didn't seem to bother anyone, it was as though I was any other baby having their dirty diaper changed and their messy bottom wiped, thinking back on it now, I guess that was sort of what I wanted, to be treated like a baby in every prospect.


              My entire stay in Oklahoma City was like Heaven, and I'll never forget the people that made my stay there unforgettable........


Andrea and Dave for opening their home to me and participating in my fantasy as if it was just another ordinary day.


Kelly for babysitting me and treating me exactly like any of her other babies she sat for, even if she did give me an occasional, over exaggerated nose wrinkle.


Megan for playing along with my baby treatment, even though she loved to tease and embarrass me, fulfilling a lot of what my fantasy was.


Ariel, Ruthie and Sarah, for their young and innocent imaginations, even though when Ruthie fed me, most of the baby food would end up in me rather then in me.


All of the other people I met during my stay, the people at Denny's, at the mall, at the medical store, in the park and the numerous people I might have crossed paths with but did not mention in this story.


And last, but certainly not least, Saundra, aka MamaSaun, this lady not only gave me my fantasy, after chatting online with her for more then 3 years, but she gave me much more then I could ever have hoped for, she proved to me that there are a lot of people that are considerate and caring about AB's and DL's and people with alternate lifestyles.  Saundra orchestrated an entire cast of people to help give me my lifelong fantasy, and they all did so without so much as a question, at least to me, Saundra told them I was a toddler and that I was to be treated like one, in every physical way possible, and that is exactly what happened, even if there were some quite embarrassing times, such as with the people who knew nothing about my fantasy.


I know I got a lot of weird looks and nose wrinkles, like the ones from the girls at the medical store or the ladies at the Denny's, these people had no prior knowledge of my fantasy, yet they looked at me as if I was just another toddler getting their diapers changed.


I will never forget Saundra, Andrea and the rest of my friends I made in Oklahoma City and to this day, I am still in contact with most of them, but especially Saundra and Andrea, and on a weekly basis.  Andrea keeps asking when I'm coming back for a visit and says I can get my old room back, bed and all, but she thinks that this time, if I come back, she's going to hire a full time babysitter for me, in her exact words.


 " Mister Krinkle Pants, My diaper duty days are over, I'll pat your bottom and maybe change you if you're wet, but if you're yucky, I'm handing you over to the babysitter ". 


Saundra on the other hand, has not only found God, but has reconciled her marriage with her husband and they are both living a very happy life, I talk with both her and her husband and we are all good friends, Ariel enlisted in the Army and was just in Afghanistan, Thank God she served her tour of active duty and arrived back home safely just this past month, Ruthie, is as mischievious as ever and is working at that same mall they all took me too, I keep up with her posts on FB and she is still a riot.  Kelly finally got married and now has one year old twins but has left word with Andrea that if I'm ever back in town, she does spot babysitting but it would have to be at Andrea's house.


This story was true, for the most part, no names were changed and it was two of the most exciting weeks I've ever experienced, and as I draw an end to this recollection, I'll leave you with these words that Saundra left me with when I was getting ready to leave Oklahoma City and head back to Phoenix................


" You be a good baby and drive careful on your way back home....wait a minute, ( sniffs ), OH MY GOD ROBBIE, YOU DIDN'T, PEE-EEW YUCKY, YOU GET YOUR BUTT BACK INTO THE HOUSE THIS MINUTE, THERE IS NO WAY I'M SENDING YOU HOME IN A DIRTY DIAPER ( As we turn back towards the house form the driveway she yells to Andrea ), ANDREA, GET HIS CHANGING PAD BACK OUT, OH MY GOD, HE STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


                               .......................................   The End 

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