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" My Wife Won The Lottery "


              CHAPTER 14


        By BooBooBritches


     As I stood there, not quite believing what I was seeing, I felt my tummy rumble, not a whole lot, but enough to let me know that something wasn't right.  I mean, I knew I had just made a messy diaper because of the suppositories Susan stuck up my bottom earlier, and I knew the apple juice would eventually have an effect on me producing another messy diaper, but as long as I could remember, the apple juice had never worked this fast, had I only known about those triple stage suppositories Susan used on me, my next two messy diapers wouldn't have come at such a surprise to me, pretty much the same way a baby is surprised when they all of a sudden, fill their diaper out of the blue, but then again, they usually just go ahead and finish playing or whatever they were doing, me on the other hand, I would have to sit there and suffer through the humility of messing my diaper in front of these lovely ladies, playing would have been the last thing in my mind.


      Bambi wasted no time making up the bottles of formula, four of them as near as I could tell, I could only hope at least two of them were for her own baby.  Susan looked at me and smiled as she said, " WELL BABY ROBBY, looks like you're going to be getting the full baby treatment, how do you like it so far, from that look on your face I would imagine this is a tad bit more then you bargained for, but just remember one thing Robby, baby's don't play at being a baby, they're just baby's, that's all they know, you on the other hand, had a choice, from what Sharon told me, but you chose to play a baby, we're here as a favor to Sharon, and if we never teach you another thing, we are going to teach you, YOU CAN'T PLAY AT BEING A BABY, THERE'S NO PLAY ABOUT IT.  It's a lot of hard work being a mommy, nanny, babysitter or even an auntie, but we do these things for our babys because we love them and because they can't do anything for themselves.  You will soon discover, being a baby isn't all it's cracked up to be and I'm pretty sure, that by time we're done with you tonight, being a baby and being treated like a baby will be the furthest thing from your mind for a long time to come. "


       Now I can honestly say I've never really been scared of anything in my life, at least up until now, but the way Susan was talking to me, really did scare me.  I had no idea what her and her friends were going to do, plus I had no idea what Sharon talked to Susan about, all I knew for sure was, I was sure missing Sharon right now and would probably almost agree to anything she said if she would just walk through that door and rescue me from what was soon becoming more of a nightmare then a fantasy.


       Unfortunately, the door never opened and Sharon didn't come riding in on a white horse to rescue me, I looked at the door then watched Bambi sit on the sofa, holding one of the baby bottles, she motioned for Susan to bring me over to her and then asked Susan to grab one of her babys cloth diapers out of her diaper bag.  Susan, after walking me, hand in hand over to Bambi, let go of my hand, just as Bambi grabbed it, and before I knew what was happening, Bambi had me sitting across her lap, her left hand under my bottom as if to support my body and her right hand holding the baby bottle.  When Susan brought the cloth diaper over to Bambi, Bambi spread it out across her chest, then with her right hand, gently forced my head to lay upon her chest where she had spread the diaper as she stuck the nipple of the baby bottle in to my mouth.


       The first taste of the formula almost made me gag and I tried to pull away from the baby bottle but Bambi gave my diapered bottom a couple of friendly, but firm swats as she forcefully kept the nipple in my mouth and said, " Now Robby, I told you that I was fixing these baby bottles of formula for you and I am not going to let you waste them, formula costs way too much for me to just have to dump it out.  Either you drink these bottles like a good baby or I swear, I'll pull your diaper down, give you a spanking you will never forget, then re-pin your diaper, put your socks and shoes on, then send you out the door, dressed in just that diaper and tee-shirt, and trust me, I'm pretty sure you're going to go through some embarrassing and humiliating encounters before someone finally feels sorry for you and calls the police, then you can explain to the local police why you're walking the streets of our fine town clad in just a diaper and a tee-shirt, it should be quite amusing. "


       I'm here to tell you, if I wasn't scared before, I definitely was now, and I knew, that even if I tried to fight these girls while trying to get my clothes back, all I had to wear was the pair of baby blue shorts that were in the diaper bag since I hadn't seen where Susan put my sweats, plus, if I dared try to strip my diaper off and put my shorts on, not only were the shorts thin enough that they were almost see through, which would basically leave me exposing myself, but any one of these girls, if not all three of them could scream for help and say I was sexually harassing them, and the way I would have been dressed, there is no doubt in my mind that the police would have believed them over me.  It didn't take a whole long time for me to decide that the formula was definitely the way to go and if I just did what these girls wanted me to do, the morning would come eventually and I could get out of this babysitters hell.


       I started sucking on the nipple, much to Bambi's delight as she giggled and told the other girls, " OH MY GOD, LOOK SUSAN AND TARA, HE'S ACTUALLY DRINKING THE FORMULA AND NURSING HIS BABY BOTTLE JUST LIKE A REAL BABY ".  I realized that if I just let the formula flow over the back of my tongue and down my throat, I didn't have to taste it as much, that's when it donned on me, this was exactly how a baby nursed, they just used their tongues to stimulate the nipple now and then, no wonder the little suckers could handle the taste of formula.  After coming to this realization, I was starting to feel pretty proud of myself, outsmarting Bambi and all, here I was being bottle fed by this gorgeous blonde, laying across her boobs, without so much as a care in the world, as she gently patted my diapered bottom.


      Where just minutes ago I was actually scared, I thought to myself, why would I be scared of these ladies, I was smarter then they were and I would prove it by drinking all the baby bottles they made up for me, then I would get a sample of those delicious looking boobs, yes sir, it would for sure be me that would have the last laugh.  I would get to breastfeed and no doubt, since I had already expelled that suppository Susan stuck up me earlier, wouldn't even have to endure the embarrassment of another messy diaper, as far as peeing my diaper, hell, I've held it all night before when I was just too lazy to get up out of bed and go to the bathroom, this would be a cakewalk.  I'm pretty sure if Susan, Tara and Bambi knew what I was thinking, they would no doubt try to find a way to ruin it by making me do something infantile and babyish, HA, THAT WASN'T GOING TO BE HAPPENING, other then me getting a shot at those boobs, that's the only infantile thing they're going to see me doing the rest of the night.


       I was feeling pretty smug and proud of myself when that first cramp hit me like a ton of bricks, it hit me so hard I even squirted a little bit of pee in to the front of my diaper.  These triple stage suppositories clean a person out, but each stage is more intense then the last as the glycerin penetrated even more deeper in to the colon, unknowingly, I was in for an intense, if not painful and embarrassing night.  When the second cramp hit, Bambi stopped patting my diapered bottom and just left her hand resting on my bottom.  Not only could I feel the rumbling in my tummy, I could also hear it and I'm quite sure Bambi heard it also as she held her hand on my bottom even firmer.  The third cramp hit and I could tell, not only by the way the seat of my diaper was quickly filling up, but by the surprised expression on  Bambi's face, that I was sitting in this gorgeous lady's lap making a messy diaper, just like I'm sure her own baby had done on many numerous occasions before, and as Bambi looked down at me, she smiled, wrinkled her nose and said, " C'MON BABY BOY, YOU STILL HAVE THREE MORE BABA'S TO DRINK BEFORE YOU GET SOME SUGAR TITTY. "  As she slowly, but methodically started patting my messy, diapered bottom again.




  " My Wife Won The Lottery "


                 CHAPTER 15


         By BooBooBritches


       I know it was only mere seconds, but it seemed like hours ago when I was feeling smug and proud of myself on how smart I was compared to these girls.  That was the last thing I was feeling now, while Bambi gently patted my messy bottom as she chatted with the Susan and Tara, heck, I'm not even sure that Susan or Tara knew just yet what I had done in my diaper, at least they didn't act like they knew, or if they did know, they just ignored it, much like one would do with a real baby right after they messed their diaper, either way, I knew, especially with Tara, since she worked around babies and dirty diaper odors, it wouldn't be too awful long before she got a whiff of a dirty diaper.  I'm sure that when this happened, her first reaction would be to immediately check Bambi's baby to see if he was poopy, but after discovering it wasn't him, there was no doubt in my mind that Tara would say something, thus letting Susan in on what I had done, I wasn't sure if I could bare any more humiliation, I would soon find out that there was plenty more to come.


       While I kept my mind occupied with nursing the bottle Bambi was feeding me, I couldn't help noticing when Bambi tilted my head so I was looking straight up at her, with the nipple still in my mouth, and said, " Baby Boy, like I was saying before I was slightly distracted (as she wrinkled her nose at me), being a mommy or a babysitter is not a game, hell Robby, it's not even a game being a baby.  There are certain things required if you truly want to be a baby, and I can tell (as she patted my messy, diapered bottom), you are catching on quite quickly.  What you don't realize is, with my son over there as an example, I'm going to give you a quick list of what's expected of babies and if you truly want to be a baby, then I'm going to expect you to follow this list, as best as you can so you can truly get and enjoy the full baby experience.


1 :  Babies don't care who holds them and plays with them, for the most part, as long as they're amused, they're happy.


2 :  Babies don't care who dresses them, who sees them in diapers, hell, they don't even care who changes their diapers or who's around when they're getting changed.


3 :  Babies don't get embarrassed, they're not humiliated when other people are around, for the most part, they're completely unemotional when other people are watching them get their little bottoms wiped while getting their diapers changed.


4 :  For the most part, babies will eat anything you stick in their mouth or in their bottle, they're just happy having their little tummys full.


5 :  Babies can play and amuse themselves, by themselves with no trouble at all, and if they wet and or mess their diapers, most don't care, they just continue what they were doing, they don't care if they're wet and stinky.


6 :  Babies don't care who picks them up and sticks their fingers down the front of their diapers, or even peeks down the back of their diapers while they're bouncing the baby on their knee, and Robby, if you think you're too big to be bounced on someones knee, we'll just have to see after you've finished your baba's.


7 :  Some babies cry when they're uncomfortable or scared, and if you get scared or uncomfortable for any reason (as she presses firmly against my bottom, spreading the warm, squishy mess around even more in my diaper), we would all expect you to cry, after all, that's what babies do.


8 :  Another thing babies do, and I don't want to sound repetitive, but this is most important, babies wet and poop their diapers when ever the urge hits them, they don't wait or hold it for a more opportune time, any time is opportune if you're a baby and when a baby has to go, they just go, but I'm guessing that isn't a problem you're going to have ( as she pats my diaper more firmly and laughs along with Susan and Tara).


9 :  Most babies when they're being bottle fed, or nursed, like you will be experiencing tonight, with both ways, will continue to sit in a wet or yucky diaper until they're done eating and their mommy or someone decides to change them.


10 :  Robby, this last one is most important, although I'm sure I can think of a lot more, but this will be enough for you to remember being this will be your first time with me nursing and feeding you, babies are all given little nicknames by their mommies or babysitters, they don't blush, get embarrassed, feel degraded, or even care, and since I think you need to get to that non-responsive level of being a baby, well, Susan told me that Sharon likes calling you STINKY, and from what I've noticed about you in the limited time I've been around you, STINKY is definitely a good name for you, like they say, " If the shoe fits ", although in this case we'll just say, " If The DIAPER Fits ".


         All three girls started laughing as Bambi took the nipple from the now empty bottle out of my mouth, and just as quickly, stuck another in it's place.  I guess if there was anything positive about this whole scenario was, the baby bottles Bambi made up were only about three quarters the way full, and even though it made the formula taste even more yucky with less water added, I could get through them faster and I didn't waste no time with this one as I started sucking immediately when the nipple touched my tongue.


        I must have been about half way through the second bottle when all of a sudden, Tara loudly said, " OH MY GOD (as she waved her hand in front of her face as if to move the air and fan the smell away that had assaulted her nostrils), Bambi, I think all that talk about pooping and making stinky diapers got your baby boy here excited, WHEW, I am definitely smelling a bad diaper."  Tara didn't waste any time as she laid Bambi's baby across her lap and slowly pulled the back of the diaper away from the baby's bottoms, peeking in, then readjusting the baby on her lap, and opening the back of the diaper even more, seeing nothing, she finally felt the bottom of the diaper to see if it felt squishy, THEN SUDDENLY, SHE LOOKED STRAIGHT AT ME, THEN AT BAMBI, and said..............


       UMMMM Bambi, your little one might be a tad bit wet, and worse case scenario, he has a damp diaper, but he is definitely not poopy, and my nose doesn't fail me, NEVER, someone in this apartment has a poopy diapey and since there is only one other person in this apartment that's wearing diapers, I'm going to assume that you agreeing to call him STINKY wasn't just a coincidence?


       Robby Baby, did you sit on Bambi's lap drinking your baba and make a yucky, stinky diapey?  AWWWW, HOW CUTE (as Bambi gingerly patted my messy diapered bottom), HIMS TURNING ALL RED AND SCRUNCHING UP HIS LIL NOSE, OH MY, MAYBE "STINKY'S" NOT DONE MAKING POOPIES YET?  All three girls laughed and Bambi gave my bottom a solid pat, then shook her head no as if answering Tara's question, then wrinkled her nose in an over exaggerated manner as I felt the front of my diaper becoming wet as I started peeing and it spread down my crotch area where it was met by a squishy, smelly mess, causing a tingling, tickling feeling in my crotch area, as the pee ran down into my diaper, where it was quickly being absorbed by the soft, thick, cotton prison in which I was encased in, I just closed my eyes and kept nursing on the baby bottle Bambi held firmly in my mouth as all three girls OOOH'ed, AHHH'ed and LAUGHED!!!!




" My Wife Won The Lottery "


               CHAPTER 16


        By BooBooBritches


        After finishing the last baby bottle of formula, Bambi whole-heartedly suggested I be changed before breast-feeding me.  Susan quickly agreed and volunteered to change me, stating I was her charge and that it was her responsibility, both Tara and Bambi both agreed as they wrinkled their nose and all three ladies laughed.


         Susan helped me scoot down off of Bambi's lap and the mess in my diaper shifted and squished, literally covering and coating everywhere it hadn't gotten to yet.  Susan had me lay down on the changing pad, and Tara, after handing Bambi her baby, grabbed my diaper bag and handed it to Susan, telling her she'd run and get her a warm, wet wash cloth so she wouldn't have to use so many diaper wipes, Susan, looked up at Tara, and thanked her as she quickly got back to the task of unpinning my diaper.


        As soon as Susan pulled the front of my diaper back, I knew right away that this was indeed one, bad diaper as Susan quickly waved her hand in front of her face and wrinkled her nose, and I could tell she wasn't acting or over exaggerating, the smell and mess had truly gotten to her.  She quickly started wiping me down, front to back, with the edge of the diaper, and as she pushed most of the mess towards the back of the diaper, she shook her head and said, " SHOO, THAT'S THE LAST TIME I USE BUTT MEDICINE ON THIS BIG BABY, JUST TO MAKE HIM POOP, MY GOD, WHAT A MESS.  C'mon Stinky, let's get that yucky bottom clean, DUDE, YOU STINK !!!! "


         Tara came back, handing Susan the wash cloth, just in time to see Susan push the main part of the poop to the back of my diaper, then having me lift my butt up, scooping and folding the diaper up like a funnel, holding most of the poop wrapped in the folded up diaper, she quickly handed it to Tara and asked her to just set it in the bath-tub for now until she could get it rinsed out in the toilet.  Tara reluctantly took the folded up diaper and as she walked towards the bathroom, she held the diaper out as far in front of her as she could, and at arms length she walked quickly to the bathroom, scrunching up her nose all the way.


          She was in there for about 5 minutes and when she finally got back out, Susan was just finishing wiping me down with the diaper wipes, depositing each used one on top of the, obviously soiled wash cloth.  Tara grabbed the baby powder and one of my diapers from the diaper bag and handed them to Susan, Susan gave my bottom and groin area one more quick go over with the diaper wipe, then wiped her hands with a clean diaper wipe, after which, she graciously took the powder and diaper from Tara, thanked her, then swatted the inside of my thigh and told me to lift my bottom.


           When Susan slid the diaper under my bottom and then brought it up between my legs, it felt so awesome being in a fresh, clean, dry diaper again, I started to get excited, but then, out of the blue, Susan flicked my overly excited penis with her finger and said, as my penis quickly deflated, " NUH UH BABY BOY, You can be happy you're in a dry diapey, but not that happy ", all three girls busted out laughing and I sat there, turning fire engine red from being humiliated by this gorgeous girl.


          Just as Susan was finishing up with my diaper change, Bambi said, " Hey Susan, would it be too much trouble to just go ahead and put his plastic pants on him this time, just in case, you know, I mean, your couch isn't wet, yet, but trust me, after he gets done breast feeding, or even during it, he's going to wet that diaper, my little one does all the time, and so far, Robby hasn't given me any reason to expect he would be any different then my baby boy, plus, I don't want to see your couch get wet and smelly because he wets his little diapeys ".  Susan was quick to agree and before she could even say anything, Tara had already picked out a pair of the Gerber style, clear plastic pants from my diaper bag and handed them to Susan.


           Before I was given back to Bambi for what I felt would be my ultimate experience in babyhood, Tara suggested they feed me some baby food first, considering how much I had just pooped out, there couldn't have been nothing left in my tummy.  In as much as I was anxious to get to Bambi's breasts, I had to silently agree with Tara, I was kind of hungry.  Bambi said she had some extra baby food in her sons diaper bag and Susan rummaged through Bambi's diaper bag and came out with 4 jars of baby food, I couldn't see what they were but they were all the same thing and they didn't taste too awful bad, I ate all 4 rather quickly as Tara laughed and fed me, one spoonful after the other.  I would notice later that she had fed me a dessert, something called Gerber's Prune/Apple Sauce, how was I too know?


          I was soon re-positioned on Bambi's lap and I watched as she slowly unhooked the flap on her nursing bra, then gently pushed my head towards her breast, and after her kneading her breast and nipple for a minute or two, I felt the first drops of her breast milk trickle on to my tongue.  As I started to suck, the milk came out faster as I let it, much like the formula, roll over the back of my tongue and down my throat.  The breast milk had a sweet thickness to the taste, but felt so right, as I lay there in just a tee-shirt, cloth diaper and plastic pants, nursing like a baby, without a care in the world.


          I must have been nursing for about 15 minutes (it felt like hours), when Bambi, had me switch to her other breast, and I felt like I was in heaven, barely aware that Tara and Susan were sitting there watching my infantile act and smiling like a couple of proud mommy's. 


          Unfortunately, shortly after switching breasts, I felt a familiar rumble in my tummy, but thought, there was no way, I mean, I had just made a dirty diaper, surely there was no way I had to poop again?  Little did I realize, between the bottles of formula, the four jars of baby food, and that triple stage Dulcolax suppository, Susan stuck up my butt, which was just starting to kick in for the final, and most cleansing stage, I would soon be in for, yet, another embarrassing moment in babyhood.


           Then without any further notice, out of the blue, or out of my bottom, whichever you prefer, the soft, gooey, sticky mess erupted in to my diaper with no possibility of me stopping it or even slowing it down any.  My diaper hadn't filled up as much as it had before, and I hadn't wet it, yet, but I could tell, this mess, that was now squishing and mushing around on my bottom, felt less solid, and wetter then before, and I knew it wouldn't be long until that mess saturated and soaked in to my cloth diaper, spreading a growing, brown colored dampness, throughout the seat of my diaper, and then slowly up the crotch area to the front of my diaper.


            I nursed slowly now as the mess spread, and then, the inevitable happened, I felt Bambi, pat my bottom, but then she stopped, but with her hand, still, planted firmly on my wet, messy bottom, and as she left it there, I felt her gently squeeze my diaper through the plastic pants, and even though I couldn't see her face, as i snuggled in to her breast, I could sense she was smiling at the other girls as she squeezed my thickly diapered bottom.


            Had I known, that by using only a single cloth diaper on me and not doubling up my diaper, and by using the see-thru clear plastic pants, that my the bottom of my, now discolored diaper, was there for both Susan and Tara to see, and Bambi being an experienced mommy and knowing when a diaper was wet, even through plastic pants, well, had I known all of this, I'm sure, along with the breast feeding and the exposed condition of my diaper, it would have been the ultimate humiliation of the evening, but that would come later, after they shared the pictures they were taking of me, with Sharon !!!!!!




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