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 "It's Just Another Diaper"


                By BooBooBritches




            As I lay there thinking back on the past weekend I realize just how lucky I am.  I have literally found the most awesome woman in the world who is, not only my wife, lover and best friend, but now also, my weekend mommy, but then I'm getting ahead of myself, I guess perhaps I need to go back a couple years and try and bring all of you up to where we are now, and how we got here?


            My name is Rob and I met my wife Sharon a couple years ago when I was working security at a large mall in the Phoenix area, and yes, I was one of those infamous mall cops, just not like the one from the movie?  lol


            Sharon worked at a store called Baby Gap and being a single guy, I guess I wasn't supposed to be knowledgeable about the new and various baby styles and clothes, but, not only was I aware of baby fashions and such, I was also very much aware of infant and baby accessories and the needed merchandise as it pertained to the care and clothing of newborns, infants and toddlers.


            You see, since at around 14 or 15 years old, I've had an obsession with being treated like a baby, especially the diapering part, in and about everything that had anything to do with diapers, wearing them, using them, having my diapers checked, having my diapers changed, being seen in diapers, being teased and humiliated for wearing and using diapers, literally everything about and around diapers.


            I think my diaper obsession, fetish or fantasy,  whichever way you choose to label it, came from an incident that happened to me when I had just turned 13 years old.  I don't remember ever having a problem being a bed wetter but for some reason shortly after my 13th birthday, I had a bed wetting accident.  My father, God bless his soul, was, unfortunately old school and he only knew of one way to deal with any situation, he felt any misdeeds by myself should be dealt with a punishment befitting the misdeed.  Unfortunately, his punishment for me for wetting my bed was to forcibly pin a diaper on me and make me wear it for the entire day.


            Now before any of you say, well hell, you was 13, why didn't you just fight him or take it off, I did resist him putting it on me and it got me one hell of a whooping.  My dad was a very big guy, an ex-golden glover and now an auto mechanic with hands the size of sledge hammers, so to make a long story short, I was more scared of him then I was of being put in a diaper, even at 13 years old, but that it not what created my obsession with diapers, at least, not that alone. 


            You see, this happened shortly after school was out for summer break and not only did my dad pin a diaper on me, he forced me outside in to our backyard and told me to stay out there and play until my step-mother got home, she had taken my baby step-sister to her pediatric appointment, and yes, it was my baby sisters diaper my dad had pinned on me, I was small for my age and the diapers fit perfectly, just a tad bit snug.  Anyway, I was forced to go out in to our backyard, in just a diaper, no tee-shirt or anything else, and unfortunately, back in those days, there was no such thing as a privacy fence, every yard had a 4 to 5 foot tall wired chain link fence which separated the yards but offered zero privacy.


            Once I was in the backyard, I immediately looked for somewhere to hide until my step-mother got home, thinking she would talk with my father and end this punishment.  We had a small tool shed located near the back of the house, with a multi lined clothes line running from the shed towards the back of the yard, the rest of the yard was grass and well maintained.  As I snuggled as close to the shed as I possibly could I heard our neighbor lady come in to her backyard, talking with her 13 year old daughter, they started hanging clothes on their clothes line and chatting away.  Now I need to let you all know, I had a serious crush on this girl, not only was she knock-dead gorgeous, but she was the head cheerleader at school, and even though I knew I'd never have a chance with her, I still fantasized about being her boyfriend.


            While I sat there, crouched like a whipped dog, dreaming about her, I watched her mother and her hanging out their wash together, chatting and laughing, I had almost forgotten about my problem and what I was wearing, that is until I felt a sudden urge and a severe cramp, and I knew I needed to find a bathroom, quickly.  My dad had woke me out of a sound sleep when he saw I had wet my bed and I was put in a diaper before I had the chance to get to use the bathroom for my daily, like clockwork, morning routine, and now, that clock was quickly running out of time.  Now to make a decision and try to get out of this dilemma I found myself in, should I try to sneak back into the house to use the bathroom and hope they didn't see me, or should I further take the chance and infuriate my father, even more, and just use the diaper, either way, one was going to be embarrassing, if I was seen, and the other would be much worse if I pissed off my father, so fearing my father and another whooping more then the embarrassment of being seen in a diaper, I decided to make a break for the house to use the bathroom, but just as I was getting ready to make a run for it, as if a humongous miracle had occurred, my crush and her mother finished hanging their wash and walked back in to their house, and I thought, WOW, that was close, after carefully looking all around, I made my way back up the steps to our back door so I could find a now, very needed bathroom, but when I tried to open the door, to my shock and surprise, the door was locked?


Shall I continue with this new adventure?


 "It's Just Another Diaper"


                By BooBooBritches




            I knocked on the door, as quietly as I could, not wanting any of the neighbors to hear me and give them reason to look out their windows.   After what seemed like a lifetime, my father opened the door, but before I could get inside, he grabbed me and asked me why I was banging on the door.  As I stood there, halfway back down the steps, I pleaded with him to let me back inside and when he asked why would I want to come back inside on such a beautiful day, I told him I had to use the bathroom.  He just laughed and told me that since I had already wet the bed, wetting a diaper should be no big deal and for me to just go ahead and use the diaper if I had to go that bad. 


            When I explained to him that I just didn't have to pee, I had to go number two too, he busted up laughing and told me in no uncertain terms, " USE YOUR DIAPERS, that's what they're for ", he then turned around and went back in to the house and I could hear him locking the door from the inside.  I could think of nothing else to do but go back to my, skimpy hiding place next to the shed and just hope no one would see me and I could hold off using the diaper until my step-mom got home.


            I couldn't have been out there more then 15 to 30 minutes when another severe cramp hit me, and as I doubled over, trying to hold it, I knew, being in the crouching position I was in, it would just further exasperate the problem so I thought if I sat down with my legs out in front of me, and not bent in a squatting position, I could hold off a while longer.  As soon as I sat on my butt and stretched my legs out, the first wave started to fill my diaper as another cramp hit me and I could feel the mess squishing all over my butt and up my crotch, and I immediately knew, this was a worse position then if I had kept squatting, at least then when I pooped, the mess would drop to the bottom of the seat of the diaper, at least, that was my way of thinking?


            As I sat there, another wave of poop squished all over my bottom and for some strange reason, I also started peeing, I guess this was from the habit of peeing while I was sitting on the toilet pooping every morning, either way, I now sat there, in our backyard, wearing nothing but a soaked, poopy diaper and I knew, even if I thought the front door might be unlocked, I'd never make it all the way past the side of the house, to the street sidewalk and then back up through our gate to our front yard and in to the house without any of the neighbors seeing me, and there was absolutely no way I was going to try and jump the fence in to the front yard, not wearing just a dirty diaper. 


            I can't ever remember being so attentive and alert to every single sound that I heard, every footstep, every door opening and closing, and I was terrified that sooner or later one of our neighbors, or Lord forbid, that cute cheerleader from next door, would see me sitting here in a very dirty diaper, the humiliation would be more then I think I could handle, but there was another form of humiliation that crossed my mind, I wondered if my dad would be that cruel to actually leave me out here until my step-mom got home and if he decided to, I doubt I could even begin to handle the embarrassment of her seeing me dressed in one of my little baby sisters diapers, let alone her seeing the condition of the diaper, I didn't know which would be more humiliating and embarrassing, my step-mom or the cute cheerleader seeing me, either way, I knew that it would no doubt be a totally humiliating experience, one that I didn't care to have.


            I'm not sure how long I sat there, I just knew that even when I moved, just a micro-bit, the mess squished on my butt, up my crotch, and now also up the back of the diaper, and I knew, wetting my diaper while messy didn't help it any, if anything, it caused the mess to spread even more and made it yuckier and stickier as it squished around inside the diaper. 


            I don't know for sure when he did it, but sometime during my ordeal, my father unlocked the door, little did I know that it was a part of his plan to further embarrass me for wetting the bed.  I thought I heard a car pull in to our driveway and the next thing I heard was my baby sister laughing and giggling, I figured my step-mom was getting her out of the car, she had always been a happy baby and just the cutest little thing you ever saw.  I knew though, even if I didn't want it, my ordeal would soon be over with my step-mom home, perhaps she would have pity on me and let me come in and get dressed properly, I could handle the embarrassing questions from her about why I wet the bed, if I could just avoid her getting too close a look at me the way I currently was.


            Fortunately, or unfortunately, I didn't have long to wait, I heard the back door open and my step-mom, with my baby sister riding on her hip, came down the steps and stood next to where I was sitting.  She sat the baby on the grass and knelt down next to me and I could have swore I saw her nose twitch just a little bit.  She just looked at me, smiled and said, "Well, well, well, what have we got here, your daddy told me we had another baby living in the house and that you were out here in the backyard playing, so I decided to come see for myself, and you know what, he was oh so right, and aren't you just the cutest little thang, sitting there playing in your little diapey, and, uh oh, what's this, does mommy smell a poopy diapey, awww, does him have stinky pants?"


To Be Cont.


 "It's Just Another Diaper"


                By BooBooBritches




            I guess before I get too far in to the story, I should explain a couple of thing.  My birth mom had left when I was just a toddler, not sure where or why, I just never really knew her.  My dad married Toni, my step-mom, about two and a half years ago, right after she got pregnant I think?  Toni was an incredibly attractive lady, raven black hair, green eyes and a body to kill for, you could have never known she gave birth by looking at her in a bikini, no excess fat or stretch marks, the proverbial perfect ten.


            My dad did an incredible job raising me, even if his methods of punishment were a tad bit archaic.  Most of my life was an endless run of babysitters, we had no immediate family, at least not within shouting distance of where we lived.  That's how my dad met Toni, he hired her to baby-sit me when I was 11 years old, and in all that time she watched me, there was never a time when she saw me naked or even in my underwear, it would have been way too embarrassing to be seen like that by such a pretty lady.  I think it was an immediate attraction between Toni and my dad, the babysitting turned in to dating, the dating in to sex and the next thing I knew I had a new mom and a baby sister, which brings me back to my present problem.


            Before I could even offer an explanation, my dad came out and stood next to where Toni and I were now sitting, he just looked at me and shook his head, as if to say, I had best go along and agree with what he told Toni, I would soon find out that his little white lie would be my undoing and would eventually cause me to develop a serious diaper fetish.


            Toni looked at me and as she scooted a little bit closer, and said, "Your daddy tells me you wet the bed last night and you were wearing a towel shaped like a diaper, so you agreed to let him put one of Michi's clean diapers on you."  Michi was short for Michele, my 18 month old baby sisters name.  I just sat there, dumbfounded, and I knew, deep down inside, if I denied what Toni was saying I'd have my dad to contend with so I figured the quicker I agreed with everything he told her, the quicker i could go back in the house and get my regular clothes on.


Toni:  So tell me Robbie, how's it feel to be sitting in one of your baby sisters diapers, a yucky diaper at that?  Is this what you really wanted and how long have you been pretending to wear towels shaped like diapers, do you want to be a little baby, are you jealous of Michi, is that why you're trying to regress, do you want me to treat you like a baby for the rest of the summer, well Robbie, just don't sit there, answer me.


            I just looked at her, then looked down at the ground, what could I say, my dad had set me up big time and he was going to make sure I would be punished and humiliated for wetting the bed, I just had no idea it would also involve Toni and be to this extent?  She then asked me again, "Well Robbie, why are you pretending to wear diapers, do you want to wear diapers like your sister?"  I just kept looking down at the ground, too embarrassed to look her in the face, and I mumbled, "I don't know."  WOW, was that ever the wrong answer, before I knew what was going on Toni stood up, told my dad to watch BOTH the BABY'S, then went in to the house.


            As I sat there not knowing what was going to happen, my dad just looked at me and smirked, then said, "This will teach you a good lesson for wetting the bed, a lesson I don't think you'll ever forget", he was sure right about that!!!!!!


            Toni soon returned, and to my shock, was carrying Michi's diaper bag, she sat it down on the grass between Michi and myself, then grabbed the changing pad out of the bag.  When she pulled out a cloth diaper and some plastic pants, I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing she was there to change Michi, the plastic pants would never have fit me.  Just as she laid Michi on the changing pad, I heard someone yelling hi to her and I looked over and saw it was the neighbor lady and her daughter, the cheerleader, coming out to check their wash I presumed.


            The neighbor lady yelled out, laughingly, "Uh oh, looks like someone's getting their didy changed?"  Toni quickly replied, "Yuppers, seems like I spend most of my day wiping butts and changing diapers, I'll sure be glad when she's potty trained", the neighbor lady just laughed and said, "I'm sure glad my diaper changing days are over, other than an occasional babysitting favor for my friends, that's about as much exposure I want to those stinky ole diapers".  Both ladies just laughed.


            I sat as still as I possibly could, not wanting to draw any kind of attention to myself, but couldn't help noticing the neighbor's daughter, almost squinting her eyes, as if trying to get a better look in my direction.  I knew if I stayed seated with my legs out, there would be no way they could tell what I was wearing, all I had to do was try and stay cool until they went back inside, then, maybe, just maybe, this humiliating nightmare would end.



            Apparently their wash wasn't completely dry yet so the neighbor lady and her daughter just sort a stood by the fence watching my step-mom change Michi's diaper, and I knew, they were much too close for comfort but all I could do was sit there, play dumb and just listen to their conversation.


Neighbor Lady:  You do know Toni that if you ever needed a babysitter, in a pinch, I'd be more than happy to baby-sit and my daughter is great with little ones, she baby-sits all the time for extra spending money, when she's not wrapped up with her cheerleading duties, so if you ever need someone, on short notice, just holler, we'd love to watch Michi.


Toni:  Awww, that is so sweet of you to offer, and I just might take you up on that, Lord knows I could use a break every now and then from changing dirty diapers and wiping poopy bottoms."  Then to my utter shock and surprise, Toni looked at me, patted the changing pad, looked at the neighbor lady and her daughter, then said, with a giggle and a little nose wrinkle, "Just one more to go, O-K Robbie Honey, while we're on the subject of poopy diapers, slide your little butt over here on to this changing pad, you stink and you're next?" 


To Be Cont.

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