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" My Wife Won The Lottery "


                 Chapter 17


         By BooBooBritches


         I enjoyed nursing off Bambi as she patted my bottom, and Susan taking numerous pictures didn't even bother me, but there was no doubt, when Sharon showed me the pictures Susan had taken, showing my obvious messy diaper, with Bambi's hand planted firmly on the seat of that diaper, as I was breast-fed, there was no doubt that I would indeed be turning red from embarrassment in front of Sharon for being exposed in such an infantile position.


          Once I had finished nursing, Bambi gave my bottom a couple more quick love pats, then sat me up on her knee.  I can't begin to tell you what that felt like, as the mess in my diaper squished all over my bottom as I sat there.  Bambi got a wash cloth from Susan and as she wiped my mouth and chin, she said, " Well next time I better use a bib on this little fella, hims slobbered and got messy all over his face and tee-shirt ", both Susan and Tara laughed. 


           Bambi continued to softly bounce me on her knee as all three girls chatted, it must have been almost 30 minutes when I felt the need to pee again and I just let it go without even giving it a second thought.  Then in the midst of wetting my diaper, even more then what it was, there was a knock at the door, and for some reason, even though I had almost finished peeing, I froze and everything stopped, including the steady stream of pee I was releasing in to my already saturated diaper.


           Susan answered the door and to everyone's surprise, it was Mindy, and as she walked in she said, " Just thought I'd come back, just to verify what I had seen earlier and make sure you all wasn't playing a really sick joke on me ".


            As Mindy walked in, immediately seeing me sitting on Bambi's lap and being bounced like a baby, Susan said, " This was no joke Mindy, I mean, you did see him in a poopy diaper earlier and even though you didn't hang around to see him get his diaper changed, you knew he sat there, in front of you, and messed his pants, and just in case you thought that was an act he put on just for you, well Mindy, take a peek at this ".


              Susan helps me scoot off of Bambi's lap, slowly, then turns me around so my rear is facing Mindy, and as she smiles and wrinkles her nose, she pulls open the back of my plastic pants and diaper and tells Mindy, " Here you go Mindy, take a quick peek while I show you how to do a messy diaper check on a big baby boy ".  Mindy, slowly, and reluctantly peeked down the back of my diaper, then straightens up quickly as her nose twitched, and said, " OH MY GOD, HE STINKS !!!! "


Mindy :  OK OK, I believe you now Susan, so how long

              are you going to be babysitting this little

              stinker for.


Susan :  Sharon and I arranged to meet sometime

              tomorrow for breakfast so I could return her

              big baby back to her and tell her how he did

              and what all we did together.


Mindy :  Really, would you mind if I go with you

              so I could meet Sharon, I'm moving down to

              Denver after the summers over and would

              sure like to have someone I know that lives



Susan : Not at all, that would be great, did you want to

             go with us too Tara, Bambi, it would be a riot

             if all of us could tell Sharon all about our

             time with her big baby.  You do, both of you,

             WOW, that's great, so let's all meet here, shall

             we say, about 9'ish, awesome, we're going to

             have a blast.


Bambi :  You know Susan, not saying trying to say

               anything negative against Mindy and all,

               but the three of us have all taken care of

               Robby, in some form or another, as it

               pertains to infant care and babysitting him.

               I was just wondering if perhaps Mindy 

               wanted to contribute in some way?


Mindy : Really, so what are you saying, you think that

             I can't pitch in and help baby-sit him, what 

             did you need me to do Susan, did you want

             me to feed him for you, fix him a bottle, what

             can I do to contribute?


             All three girls smiled and looked at Mindy, who seemed totally clueless as to what Bambi was hinting about, and as Mindy looked back at Susan, and the other two girls, seeing them with big smiles on their faces, Mindy just shook her head as she quietly mouthed, " NO NO NO, NO WAY, ARE YOU KIDDING, you can't be serious Susan, OH WOW, OK, you all think I won't do it, just sit back and watch an expert at work.


              I stood there, next to Susan still, somewhat confused as to what they were all talking about, then suddenly, without warning, Mindy took my hand, led me over to the changing pad, smiled at me and said, " OK STINKY, PLANT IT AND ASSUME THE POSITION, AUNTIE MINDY'S FIXING TO SHOW EVERYONE HOW TO PROPERLY CHANGE A POOPY DIAPEY ON A VERY STINKY, BIG BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "




 " My Wife Won the Lottery "


                 CHAPTER 18


             By BooBooBritches


           As I reluctantly took Mindy's hand and followed her, I thought, My God, this may not be too bad, I mean, it's not like Mindy has a lot of experience with babies, let alone changing diapers, this shouldn't take long at all.  But once again, I was totally wrong, not about Mindy not having experience with babies, I was right about that, where I was wrong was thinking this wasn't going to take long.  Where Mindy lacked in experience changing diapers, she more then made up for it by talking baby talk, and as I laid down, with a bit of encouragement and a gentle push from Mindy, she wasted no time talking to me as if I were a helpless baby.


            Looking up at her, I watched as she wrinkled her nose and listened as she went about telling me everything she was doing, including giving me a detailed description, as it pertained to the condition of my diaper.  " OH MY, we're  just a yucky, stinky little one now aren't we, yes we are, oh yes we are.  Hims is such a messy little baby, him needs his Auntie Mindy to change his poopy pants, and wipe his icky bottom, yes he does.  Now let's see how big a surprise hims has for his Auntie in his lil diapey ( as Mindy slowly pulls my plastic pants down to my ankles ), OH WOW, Robby baby, hims gots a stinky bottom, yes he does, hims is sooooo stinky, yes him is ( she then unpins, both sides of the diaper and slowly pulls the front of the diaper back, carefully exposing my penis ), OH WOW, THIS IS NASTY, Susan, can you get me a wet wash cloth and Bambi, can I borrow your diaper wipes, this little stinker is messy, OH MY GOD, that is gross.  Pee-eew Robby, you are one messy baby, yucky yuck ( Mindy wrinkles her nose and waves her hand in front of her face ), hims gots stinky pants, oh yes him does, hims just a stinky little baby, yes him is, he is sooooo stinky, shoeeeeeee, YUCK ROBBY, BABY, YOU STINK ".


              The rest of the girls are laughing and eating it up as Mindy goes on and on about how messy I am and how bad I stink, then Tara and Bambi both tell Mindy, That diaper is nothing compared to the one they each changed, and Mindy looked at both of them and said, " This diaper is messy and it stinks and there is no way he could have had one worse then this ".  All three girls, including Susan replied together and in harmony, " OH YES HE COULD HAVE AND HE DID ", Mindy just shook her head in amazement and bewilderment and began to wipe my bottom with the wet wash cloth Susan had given her as she looked back towards me and said, " Well you sure are a little stinker aren't you, let's get you cleaned up and smelling better, Auntie likes her baby boy Robby when hims doesn't have boo-boo britches, yes she does, hims gonna smell soooooo good, all fresh and clean, Auntie Mindy's gonna make all his stinky poopys go bye bye, for now, yes she is, her gonna make him such a sweet baby ".  The other three girls just laughed as Mindy went on about cleaning me and getting me changed, constantly using her over-exaggerated baby talk.


                After about 15 to 20 minutes of Mindy's baby-talk and exaggerated nose wrinkles, she finally placed a thick, night-time diaper under my bottom, then as she swatted the inside of my thigh and bade me to put my bottom down, I felt the soft, thickly padded diaper caress my bottom, then Mindy brought the diaper up between my legs, pursing the diaper pins in her lips as she, slowly and carefully pinned each side of my diaper up, she looked at Susan and asked her if she wanted her to pull my plastic pants back on, but before Susan could respond, Bambi intervened and said, " If he's getting ready to go beddie-bye for the night, you should probably leave them off of him, his little bottom's a bit red already, and the way he wets and poops, I don't think you want him laying in a wet, poopy diaper all night, especially if his little bottom is encased in plastic pants, he could get a very nasty diaper rash if left like that for the night ".  Susan agreed with Bambi and told Mindy to just put a onesie on him and forget the plastic pants for the night, Mindy smiled, looked back down at me, and as she went ahead and pulled the plastic pants off from my ankles, she said, " AWWWWW, we don't want hims to get a nasty ole diapey rash now do we, no we don't, nuh uh, now let's get your little onesie on and get you ready to go nite-nite, hims needs his little baby rest, yes he does, him sure does ".


                  After Mindy sat me up, she placed the onesie over my head and gently pulled it down, then pushed me back and pulled the onesie up between my legs, and after snapping it closed, she patted my bottom, helped me to my feet, led me over to the playpen, helped me in, then told me to lay down, and as I was laying down, Bambi brought over a baby bottle of formula, handed it to me with instructions to drink it all gone before I went to sleep, then, she also patted my bottom, and both ladies turned and walked back over to the table where Susan was sitting with Tara, as Tara held Bambi's baby, fast asleep in her arms.  I couldn't see the table where they were sitting from where I was but heard them all talking and every once in awhile, laughing, I could only imagine what they were laughing about and knew, if they were laughing about me, I would find out in the morning when they shared their humor with Sharon.  I'm don't know how long I laid there, nursing that bottle, but eventually fell asleep with all four girls still chatting and giggling.


                   I'm not sure what time it was when I woke up, it was still dark, other then a night-lite Susan left on, I assumed for me.  I sat up, looked around and listened for any talking, but heard nothing, I assumed all the girls must have gone home and Susan was sleeping.  I looked around the playpen and found the half empty baby bottle of formula, not really wanting any more of it ( warm formula, YUCK ), I still drank it because I was thirsty, and even though I could have easily climbed out of the playpen, I felt it was best if I stayed confined, the same as a baby would have been, I mean, after all, I was wanting to be treated like a baby, and sitting here, in a playpen, sucking a baby bottle, being dressed in a baby onesie and a diaper, I was getting what I wanted so it was best I stay put.  I laid back down and continued to nurse on the bottle when I got the sudden urge to pee, I let a small trickle go at first, but then gradually went ahead and emptied my bladder into my waiting, thirsty, double thick diaper, and before I nodded back off to sleep, I patted the seat and crotch area of my diaper, feeling a bit damp, I smiled knowing I hadn't soaked my diaper and flooded the playpen, and now feeling the sensation of being wet, I drifted back off to sleep, feeling comfortable and very much like the baby, I had always dreamt of once again being.


                                      The End?    

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