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" More Trick then Treat "

           ( A Halloween Story )


             By BooBooBritches


                 " CHAPTER 7 "


          Before I knew it, we were out the door, Jordan, Sam and I, and just to, as they would say, rub salt in the wound, Jordan, patted my butt as she helped me into the backseat of her car, then fastened the seatbelt on me, meanwhile Sam was getting in the passengers side mumbling something about she never thought she would be a mommy at such a young age, and both girls laughed as they glanced back at me.


          When we pulled in to the pharmacy next to the nursing home both Sam and Jordan worked at, I saw them waving at someone, and imagine the look of surprise on my face when I saw three young girls, probably 18 or 19, walking over to our car.  Both Sam and Jordan were talking away to them, then out of the blue, in the midst of the conversation, Jordan said, "OOPS, Almost forgot and left the baby in the car".


          All three girls just looked at Jordan, then Sam, and then at me, sitting in the backseat, and when they saw Jordan unbuckling my seatbelt, they looked back at Sam and one of them said, as the other two shook their heads in agreement, " WOW Sam, I'm sure there's a good story behind all of this ", as she pointed towards me when Jordan brought me around the front of the car.


Sam :  Well of course there's a logical explanation, and a great story,  Jordan and I brought Rob here because we're trying to add to the Halloween costume he's wearing, so we just thought we'd shop here for the adult stuff that would fit him, and then go shopping at the mall for the baby stuff so we can accessorize his costume.


          Just as Sam said that, Jordan gave my bottom a solid pat and said, " That's right, Rob's going to be a baby for Halloween and all we've got is what he's wearing now, there are so many more things we need to get for him to be a proper baby ".


          All three girls giggled, especially when they heard the thud of thick padding when Jordan patted my bottom, then, what looked like the oldest one, a cute little blonde with blue eyes, said, " UMMM, I don't understand, if he's already got on, what looks like a diaper, and sounds like a diaper, and toss on the cute shorts and Mickey Mouse, toddler looking t-shirt, what else would you need to complete his costume, looks to me like he already looks like a baby ", and all three girls, along with Sam and Jordan, laughed.


Sam :  Let's see Kimmie, how can I explain this, what you see is what people normally dress up like for Halloween, it's what Jordan and I like to call, the incomplete baby costume, it's just, can I say, generic?


Jordan :  That's exactly right, you see, Sam, Rob and I are going for the most authentic and realistic baby costume ever devised, this will include Rob having a mommy with him, which will be Sam, and a babysitter or an auntie, which will be me, and you three should already know, a baby can't be taken anywhere without having a fully stocked diaper bag, complete with extra diapers, a couple changes of clothes, just in case he has any messy accidents, pre-made baby bottles of formula, a few jars of baby food, just in case baby gets hungry, and of course, all the basics, a pacifier, baby powder, baby oil, diaper rash cream, so hims doesn't get a little red tushie(all three girls laughed), a changing pad, and of course, a wet didy bag and a dirty didy bag, just in case we keep him in cloth diapers, plastic panties, and if he makes a mess all over his clothes.


Kimmie :  WOW, ARE YOU TWO SERIOUS, I mean, if it's just going to be a costume for Halloween night, I wouldn't think he would be in it for more then a couple hours at best, so why waste all the money on a diaper bag and all the stuff that you need to fill it with, plus, I think he looks kind of cute, dressed just the way he is, little padded bottom and all.


          As Kimmie winked at me and the other two girls giggled, Jordan asked Kimmie to come over to us and just as she got closer, right there on the sidewalk, in front of the pharmacy, Jordan pulled my shorts down to my knees, revealing my onesie and the baby print plastic pants, peeking out at the leg gaps, and Kimmie, along with the two other girls started laughing and just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, Kimmie knelt down beside me, pulled the onesie and plastic pants away from the outside of my thigh, felt the thick, cloth diaper, and said, " OH MY GOD, this is just too precious, my sister dresses my nephew exactly like this, but usually when I check his diaper, he's usually wet or poopy, this little Cutie still has a dry diapey ".


          Everyone, including Sam and Jordan started laughing and as Kimmie, thankfully, pulled my shorts back up, she gave my bottom that old familiar pat, that all girls seem to do when ever they see a diapered bottom, and said, " Well Sam, Jordan, you both know I've got experience changing big diapers(as she points towards the nursing home and laughs), I'm not sure what we've all got planned for Halloween night yet, but if you two decide to have a party, don't forget to invite us(motioning to the other two girls, then laughingly says), I'm sure we'd all love to help baby sit this little Cutie(as she pats my bottom again and giggles ".


Sam :  Hmm, now there's a thought, we were planning on just hitting a couple costume contests, but having our own Halloween bash, that might just be a better idea and it sure sounds like a lot more fun, and just think of all the stuff we could do with a big baby, if we didn't go out, there would be absolutely no limitations on what we could require him to do and how we could make him act?


          Kimmie and her two cohorts headed towards the nursing home, apparently on their way to work, and as they waved, they all said, in unison and baby talk, " BYE BYE BABY BOY ", and Kimmie added, You keep those diapeys dry sweetheart, be a good baby for mommy and auntie Jordan ".


          As Jordan took my hand and I followed her into the pharmacy, I looked back and saw all three girls laughing and clapping their hands, and just as we passed through the doors of the pharmacy, I saw Sam saying hi to an older lady, dressed in a white lab coat, and giving her a hug, and I could only assume it was the pharmacist, the Sam whispered something in her ear and as she looked at me and smiled, I felt the front of my diaper get, just a teensy bit warmer?


To Be Continued.................  


 " More Trick then Treat "

           ( A Halloween Story )


            By BooBooBritches


                " CHAPTER 8 "


          When Jordan and I got over to where Sam was talking to the pharmacist, Sam introduced me, but not like you would introduce an adult, instead she said, " And this is our newest addition to the family, this little stinkers name is Rob(as I blushed being referred to a nickname that was so infantile), Rob, this is a dear friend of mine, can you say hi to Miss Cathy ", I sort of just gave her a half wave, then realized, I must have looked exactly like a shy toddler saying hi for the first time?


          Sam continued talking to Cathy and Cathy winked at her and told her, " I think I have just what you need, but it comes with a warning, if you use it, the effects will last for a minimum of seven days, if you have no problems with that, then let's get you set up, but first, let's go see if we can find this little stinker some didy's that will fit him and work for you ", all three ladies laughed.


          Once we got over to the incontinent section of the store, I was embarrassed to see a very young, female store employee stocking the adult diapers and building what looked like a sale display stand, right where we were headed for.  She looked at the four of us, said a quick hi to Cathy, acknowledging Sam and Jordan, but giving me a quizzical look, once Cathy told her why we were there, she smiled and said, " I think I have just the diaper brief for him ", it was then Sam said, " Oh, you don't need to call them briefs, we all know and he knows, there really diapers so he may as well get used to the word, after all, he's just a big baby and he's going to be wearing them for a long time to come ".


          The girl just smiled and then reiterated, " O-K, sounds good, I think I have just the diaper for your big baby(as we walked a few feet down from the display she was building, we stopped at a stack of cases of what looked like they might contain diapers, but were not yet open), I think these are just what you've got in mind, these are the new pocket style disposable diapers on the market from Proctor & Gamble, as I'm sure you already know, they also make diapers for newborns, infants and toddlers.


          Now I'm sorry if I'm stepping out of line here, but can I assume he will be wearing diapers for all of his potty needs, just like a baby "?


Cathy :  Oh most definitely, we were just talking about setting him up with an array of different medications that will help him in that area, including, what I would like to call, our little starter kit, the same one we often recommend to the nursing homes for when they need to get a new client, shall we say, cleaned out and raring to go.


          All four girls laughed, I stood there, failing to see any humor in what they were talking about and figured it must be one of those insider nursing home jokes.


Sam :  By the way, my name is Sam and this is Jordan, and of course, the big baby, Rob(as Sam looks at her name tag), so tell me Mitzi, why would you think these would be the style of diaper we would want to use on our big baby, I mean, we're already using cloth diapers and plastic panties, why would these be better?


Mitzi :  Well, unlike the other incontinent products available, P & G made these to look and perform more like their baby diapers.  What makes a baby's diaper different then an adult incontinent garment, is, well, basically the look, the absorbency, and most of all, the over-all containment ability of the diaper itself, these new adult diapers from P & G have all the same features as their baby diapers.  

            This new brand of adult diaper is called "Pockets" and it is almost identical, and in some cases, better then a baby diaper.  As the name would indicate, the diaper has a build in pocket for containing those big messes an adult would make, along with the pocket, the diaper itself is much more absorbent, but unlike the Depends and other adult briefs available,  the new Pocket diaper is 100% absorbent diaper, all the way around the body, in and including the hips on both sides, and just like a baby's diaper, they only have one tape, it's extra wide but it holds the diaper very snug against the users body, and with the extra elastic in the leg gathers, there's virtually no chance for any leaks, even with having only one tape, instead of two or three on each side.

            The experts are comparing them to the Wellness diaper as far as absorbency and containment go, but, the look of the diaper itself is identical to a baby's diaper, the way it completely wraps the user in absorbent material all around the body, the way it rides up high in the back to help prevent those yucky, messy leaks often seen when the user is laying on their back, plus, these new Pocket diapers claim to help prevent those messy blowout's, because of the snug fitting leg gathers and elastic gathers around the back of the diaper at the waist, heck, not even baby's diapers claim to be able to contain a blowout. "


          All four ladies laugh and quickly nod their heads in agreement with Mitzi.


Sam :  WOW Mitzi, those sound like just what we're looking for, do you have a sample available that you can show us?


          Mitzi opens up one of the cases and pulls out a package, as she opens the package, she hands the thick looking object to Sam and says, " Wow, these sure are soft, and they feel so cushiony, dang, I bet these are comfortable to wear too ".


          The other three ladies laughed and Mitzi all of a sudden put her hand over her mouth, " Oh My God, I did not just say that(as she turns red from her comment) ".  


Cathy :  Yes you did, and we'll talk about you later, maybe I need to get you a few samples to try out so you can really be a first hand expert when our customers ask about them, but first things first, let's see if these are going to be adequate for Little Robbie here(that was the first time I had been called that and it being a stranger, felt kind of weird and humiliating).


Sam :  (as she gets the diaper from Mitzi) OH MY GOD, these are just way to precious, and they feel so thick, and Oh My, look at these cute little blue diamonds on the waist band and now the middle of the diaper, going all the way from the front to the back?


Mitzi :  Oh, those are the wetness indicators, P & G thought the diamonds would look a lot better then the old, passe, normal yellow stripes they used to have, plus the bluish diamond patterns gives the diaper a more infantile look, don't you think?


Sam :  They most definitely do, I just love them, plus they're so soft and thick, and that pocket in the seat of the diaper, I mean, it's just so profound, so well defined, and exactly like a baby's diaper, it is definitely not made for concealment, anyone wearing this diaper is definitely going to have that little padded looking appearance on their bottom, just the same as a baby would have, I can't wait to get him into one of these new diapers, he is going to look absolutely adorable.


Cathy :  Well Sam, if you really want to get him in one of these new Pocket diapers, why don't you go ahead and take him next door to the nursing home, I'll go ahead and give you a sample pack, in his size, then call your administrator at the nursing home, tell her you and your boyfriend are helping me with testing a new product for both urinary and fecal incontinence, and you need a empty bed where you can get him properly diapered to help us with my test, and if she has no problem with this, I'll guarantee her a very healthy sample pack for her to use on her more, direly incontinent clients, I'm pretty sure she'll agree, plus toss in the fact she's your boss, you're one of her favorite nurses and add in she's my sister, I don't think we'll have a problem, heck, I might just go with you myself to see how well they're going to work.


Sam :  That is awesome, c'mon Robbie, let's go see where mommy and Auntie Jordan work and meet some more of their friends, and maybe we can grab something to drink while we're there, oh, and Robbie, mommy can check your diapey to see if you need changed, before we put your new disposable didy's on you(as Sam patted my already damp bottom, I realized, this was only going to get more embarrassing and humiliating, and I gave in and just went on and soaked my diaper, I had to go so bad, doubt if I could have held it anyway, but that persistent rumbling in my tummy was getting more and more frequent, if I could at least hold off messing my diaper until we got home, at least it wouldn't be a total embarrassment) ".


          As Sam, Jordan and I started to walk out the store, Jordan carrying the sample pack of the new "Pocket" diapers, Cathy yelled from the pharmaceutical counter, " HEY SAM, did you want me to bring the starter kit, this is as good as time as any, since you're going to be experimenting with that new adult diaper ", Sam waved her hand at Cathy and told her yes, and only then, did I realize, everyone in the store was staring in our direction after Cathy said those now, most degrading and embarrassing words "Adult Diaper"!!!!!!


To Be Continued.............................   

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