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"It's Just Another Diaper"


         By BooBooBritches




            I just sat there, mostly paralyzed with shock, I think, I mean, of all the things that could have possibly happened, this wasn't even remotely within my realm of thinking.  I'm not sure how long I sat there, stunned, I just know the couple of brief times I looked up at my neighbor and her daughter, they looked just as surprised as I was, then as if to shock me back to reality, not that I needed any more shocks, Toni patted the changing pad once again, only harder, hard enough that I know the neighbors heard the smacking from where they were standing, looking inquisitively and confused, wondering if what they were seeing, or was about to see, was some kind of a joke, or for real?


Toni:  C'mere Stinky, let's get you in to a clean didy, you can't be sitting around in a poopy diaper all day, what would the neighbors say?


            As I reluctantly scooted over towards the changing pad and Toni, I could feel the mess in the seat of my diaper squishing and sticking to my bottom with every little movement I made, and I just wanted out of this diaper and this mess, no matter how embarrassing or humiliating it would be.  Just as I sat down on the changing pad, I looked towards my neighbors backyard one more time and I could see the mother(Laura), covering her mouth in disbelief, and her daughter(Sarah), covering her mouth, but giggling, rather then being in disbelief.


Laura:  Oh My God Toni, I thought Robbie was potty trained , he is 13 years old, just like Sarah, isn't he?


Toni:  Oh yea, they are the same age, and we thought he was potty trained too, but we've caught him, numerous times now, trying to wear his little sisters diapers, and just this morning, his dad(Big Rob), found him sleeping in a wet diaper, so we figured he was regressing because we were paying too much attention to Michi and not enough attention to him.  After discussing it, we both agreed to give him the exact same attention we give MIchi, and if that included letting him be a baby all over again, if just for the summer, then so be it.


            I sat there, not believing what I was hearing, it was bad enough that my dad lied to Toni about me being caught wearing a towel diaper and wetting it, but now Toni was flat out lying to the neighbors, telling them that I've snuck and worn diapers numerous times.  As much as I wanted to deny it and yell out that she was lying, I knew, there was no way the neighbors would ever believe me, considering I was sitting here, in front of them, wearing nothing but a messy diaper, waiting to be changed, just like Michi had been.  Just before Toni made me lay down on the changing pad, I saw the neighbor lady and her daughter go back in to their house, and I thought, she must be protecting her daughter from seeing me naked, at least I didn't have to worry about them seeing me get this diaper taken off.


Toni:  C'mon Stinky, lay down, I need to get you changed, you smell so bad you done scared off Laura and Sarah(as she and my dad laughed).


            As I lay back I thought, wait, did she say changed, oh wow, that means she's planning on putting another diaper on me, will this nightmare never end?  Just as Toni was fixing to unpin my diaper, I heard our gate on the side of the house opening up and then closing,  it had that unmistakable clang of metal hitting metal every time it was opened and closed, and as I looked over to where the gate is, I froze with fear, and I knew this nightmare was just beginning.  I watched in horror as the neighbor lady walked in to our backyard and stood above me just as Toni was unpinning my diapers.


Laura:  I hope you don't mind if I watch, I am totally facinated with the way you have chose to handle this, plus, you never can tell when you'll need a babysitter, for both your babies, and I'll definitely need a refresher on how to change a stinky diaper on such a big baby.


Toni:  (Laughing)Not at all, heck, you can jump in and help if you want, being such a big baby, he does tend to make bigger and yuckier messes then Michi.  If you want, you can hand me the baby wipes, and if you remember how, can you fold four of Michi's diapers together, he's just a little pee-pot and needs the extra protection, if you know what I mean?


            I couldn't believe it, Toni was actually going to change my diaper, right here in front of the neighbor lady, and to add insult to injury, she was actually going to let her help, as I turned red from embarrassment I could feel Toni pulling the front of my diaper down and as if unison, both Toni and the neighbor lady waved their hands in front of their noses and said, EWWWW!!!!!!!


            My dad must have seen more then he bargained for because he quickly excused himself and disappeared back in to the house and as I listened to Toni and the neighbor lady talk about how messy I was and that I definitely still belonged in diapers.  Toni went on to tell her that since the summer was just starting and that I was going to be treated like a baby and in diapers for the entire summer, she needed to go shopping for diapers, plastic pants and baby supplies just for me.  She then dropped the final bomb when she asked the neighbor lady if she wouldn't mind watching me while her and my dad went shopping.  When the neighbor lady asked if she also wanted to leave Michi with her Toni said, "Well, we were going to take her, but if it's not too much trouble for you to watch both, that would be great."


Laura:  Are you serious, really, it wouldn't be no trouble at all, I can watch little Robbie here and Sarah can watch Michi, all we'll need is a couple diapers for each and their diaper bags.


Toni:  That sounds great, Robbie doesn't have his own diaper bag, yet, so I'll just toss in a couple extra diapers for him, he shouldn't need changed more then once, and if he does wet or poop more then once, just let him sit in his dirty diaper, he's going to have to get used to sitting in wet, dirty diapers sooner or later, he'll be in a lot of them this summer, oh, and since neither has eaten lunch yet, I'll toss in a couple of ready made bottles and a couple jars of baby food, would you and Sarah mind feeding them then giving them their baba's, they'll probably both go down for a nap with their baba after they eat?


Laura:  That all sounds wonderful, if Robbie needs a diaper change I'll handle it, if Michi needs a diaper change, Sarah can handle that, but I think Sarah would get a kick out of giving Robbie his bottle, that is if you didn't mind?


Toni:  That would be awesome, did you hear that Stinky, your little friend Sarah is going to feed you your baba, now you be a good baby and drink it all down and don't you dare give Sarah or Laura a hard time, and speaking about hard times, shooie Stinky Boy, let's get that yucky ole dipper changed Mister Potty Pants, YOU STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!


To Be Cont.        


"It's Just Another Diaper"


         By BooBooBritches




            Needless to say, I spent the rest of that summer, in diapers and being treated like a baby, and not only did that cute neighbor girl feed me a baby bottle, numerous times, she also got to the point where her mom was letting her do diaper checks on me when they babysat for me and Michi.  Her mom never let her change my diaper, due to our ages I think, but that made no difference, she always knew when my diaper was wet or messy and she never let the opportunity pass to tease and embarrass me for being in a dirty diaper, like a little baby.


            Once the summer was over and we were back in school, even though I was out of diapers now and my punishment for wetting the bed was done with, the horror and humiliation didn't end, Sarah, the neighbor girl didn't hesitate to tell her cheerleader friends and all of their other girlfriends about the exciting summer she spent babysitting a big baby, me!  I was teased and called names throughout the rest of my school years, until I had finally had enough of it and not only quit school, but left home at 16 years old.


            I can only guess that my obsession with diapers began that summer when I was severely punished and humiliated for bed wetting, all I know is that ever since then, I've loved wearing diapers and actually get excited over the thought of being teased, embarrassed, humiliated and caught in a diaper, which now brings us back to the present, me laying in my bed, sucking a pacifier and wearing a diaper that my loving mommy, Sharon, pinned on me last night before I went to bed. 


            When I met Sharon, I was completely honest and up front with her about my diaper fantasy, and even though she had no wish to participate in any part of it, she was understanding and accepted it as it was a part of me.  At no time did I ever push my fantasy or fetish on Sharon, I respected her wishes and her views and wore the diapers only when she was out shopping or away from the house for any reason, it wasn't something I felt I needed to do all the time, just sort of a once in a while play time for me.


            We went on like this for a couple of months and after we had our first child, a little girl, Emma, even though I wasn't doing it all that much, I slowed down even more, or at least, I tried.  What I didn't realize, nor had ever experienced, was, watching my wife and her maternal side, when handling and taking care of our infant daughter, it awoke different feelings in me, unlike any I had ever had before.  I was actually jealous when ever she got her diaper changed or my wife would wrinkle her nose at her and tell she was stinky, these I would later discover and would eventually call "Buttons", the various buttons that could actually be pushed which would trigger my infantile tendencies.


            Since my wife insisted on cloth diapering, there were numerous buttons that could be triggered, and at times, I wondered if my wife was pushing some of these buttons on purpose, just a feeling I had by the way she looked at me when ever she did or said certain things.


Some of those "Buttons" I'm talking about are:


Wrinkling or twitching her nose,

Pursing the diaper pins in her lips when she was changing a diaper,

Patting her bottom when she was feeding her a bottle,

The numerous ways she did diaper checks, two or three fingers in the front, one finger in the leg gap and a peek inside, the old custom peek down the back of the diaper, sniffing the bottom for signs of a dirty diaper, and the infamous, patting the bottom or giving it a squeeze,

The way she would motion you with her finger and say in a babyish voice, "C'mere you little stinker",

Just the way she would talk baby-talk in general, and Oh My God, when she looked at the baby, then me, wrinkled her nose and proclaimed, EEEW YUCK, SOMEONE'S STINKY!!!!!!


                Needless to say, Sharon can still get me going with any of those so called buttons, and it got even worse when my son was born about a month ago, now not only do we have a toddler in the house, we also have a newborn, and as if to add fuel to the fire, Sharon talked me in to letting her best friend Marie, move in with us to help with the babies.  So now I was getting twice the buttons pushed and finding some alone time was getting to be almost impossible.  I started getting gutsy and when I knew Sharon or Marie would be busy with the babies or playing out back in the yard, I would sneak a quick diaper now and then, and the adrenaline rush of taking the chance of being caught brought back so many memories and desires it was downright crazy.


            Sharon still worked at Baby-Gap and I was still a mall cop, except now I was not only a Sergeant but also a Training Officer so I could pretty much call my own hours depending on what shift I was training someone for.  As I said, Sharon had hired an old school friend of hers, Marie, to help with the babies and since we both worked a ton of hours, Marie was a live-in babysitter and a Godsend.  We weren't exactly rich but we both worked had for what we had and we both agreed it would actually be cheaper to let Marie move in to the guest room then it would be to pay for a babysitter considering all the hours we needed one, plus Sharon loved the idea of having her BBF living with us and helping to raise the little ones.


            I had gotten used to avoiding both Sharon and Marie when I wanted to have a little diaper time for myself, but like I said before about the adrenaline rush, I got careless a couple of times and was almost caught but I had gotten away unscathed, or at least, that's what I had thought?


To Be Cont.


"It's Just Another Diaper"


         By BooBooBritches




            I had mentioned my fantasy/obsession to Sharon before we got married, but even then it was only briefly and in passing.  I don't think she took me all that serious since I was known for being a jokester and doing almost anything for a laugh, but I was ok with that, in my way of thinking, at least I told her before we got married so that if the day ever came and I got caught, I could always fall back on the old, I told you about this a long time ago?


            I do know that every once in awhile Sharon would talk baby-talk to me, especially when she was feeling feisty, and not only did I love it but it also got me in a bit of a playful mood, if you catch my drift?  On top of that, and I have no idea why I didn't add two and two together, but Sharon some how knew, and connected the baby-talk with getting me excited and making me horny.  There would be times when we three adults would be watching T-v once we got the babies off to bed, then one night, lo and behold, a commercial for LUV's, Pampers or Huggies or some diaper commercial came on and almost immediately Sharon looked at Marie and said, "Those new diapers are so cute but I still don't want to get away from the natural cloth diapering with the babies, they're so susceptible to rashes it's not worth the risk(then she looked at me, laughed and added), maybe we should try them on daddy first, just to make sure he doesn't get a rash".  Marie laughed and said, "OH MY GOD, Wouldn't he just look too cute toddling around in one of those designer diapers, his little bubble butt sticking out"?


            I just sat there, trying not to blush and responded the only way I could, with a smart ass reply, "If they had cute diapers like those that would fit me, you two would be having three babies in this house to change".  As soon as I said that, I realized what I had done, I just opened the door, HELL A WiiiiiiiiiiDE, and I immediately regretted it when Sharon said, "REALLY, so you're saying if we find diapers that would fit you, you'd let us put you in them and treat you like one of the babies?"


Rob:  I didn't mean that(trying to laugh it off), I was just saying all that because of the commercial and your response.


Sharon:  Oh, so you're telling me you were just playing around and, sort of, just saying that in passing?


Rob:  (Once again without thinking I immediately blurted out)YES, exactly, you know how much I like joking around and pushing your buttons?


Sharon:  Hmmm, you know Rob, this is almost like deja vu, it seems you and I had a conversation almost exactly like this a couple years back, and if I remember right, I just passed that off and dismissed it as you being a smart ass and trying to get a reaction out of me, but now, you've tweaked my curiosity, and while we're on the subject of pushing buttons, I seem to recall there are certain little buttons of yours I can push to get you excited, or better yet, maybe I should say, to get you all goo goo ga ga(laughingly), maybe I need to let Marie know what's going on since she just might be indirectly, or, directly involved?


            Marie leans forward, turns the volumn down on the T-v, giving Sharon her complete attention and says, "OH, do tell, this sounds juicy!"


Rob:  Yea, ok, right, I don't think we need to bring our private bedroom activities in to this conversation.


Marie:  WHOA, wait, weren't we just talking about diapers, and now Sharon is talking to you in goo goo ga ga baby-talk, and you're telling me this is somehow connected with your private bedroom activities, WOW, this is sounding juicier by the minute, please Sharon, go on.


            As I sat there, no doubt turning redder by the minute, but at the same time, getting excited, and as much as I wanted to get up and walk out of this conversation, I couldn't, and I mean, literally, and physically I couldn't, I was wearing a thin pair of shorts and I knew I had a raging hard on that would stick out like a sore thumb if I tried to stand up.  What I wasn't aware of was that sticky, wet spot from being excited, slowly spreading across the front of my khaki color shorts, the wet spot that might be my undoing, if seen?


Sharon:  What do you think Rob, should I tell Marie your little secret, or would you rather tell her, if I remember right, you told the story so well, you do remember which story I'm talking about, don't you Rob, I mean, I know you tell so many stories, I'm surprised you can even keep track of them.


Rob:  (Trying to feign off ignorance) Ha ha, ok, why don't you refresh my memory, because you're right, I do tend to tell a lot of stories so now even I'm curious to see which story is stuck in that feeble little mind of yours.


            The whole conversation could have probably just come and gone with no harm done if I had not insulted Sharon by calling her mind feeble, that was like throwing gas on an open fire, and as in both cases, that mistake would soon burn me royally.


Sharon:  REALLY, you're going to sit there and tell me I have a feeble little mind, knowing that based on what you've told me in the past, your mind is probably much more feebler and definitely much more infantile than mine, you want this little battle, well you got it big boy, now where do I start, hmm, it doesn't seem right, nope, something's just not right.  Marie, do me a favor and keep a real close eye on him, I need to go to the nursery, and whatever you do, don't let him get up and try to leave, even if you have to sit on top of him, this is going to be so worth your while and you are going to bust a gut, I promise you.


            Unsure of what Sharon was babbling on about, I knew I didn't have a choice but to stay seated, especially after I noticed the now, very visible wet spot on the front of my shorts which I tried my best to keep covered with my hands, and I could only hope that Sharon was just going in to check on the babies before she came out and proceeded with her little story to Marie, but in the back of my mind, I wondered, was she planning on telling Marie about my diaper fantasy, then I rethought it and decided, naw, no way she would do that, that would embarrass her, almost as much as it would me, I thought?


To Be Cont.


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