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More Trick then Treat "

           ( A Halloween Story )


            By BooBooBritches


                " CHAPTER 9 "


          So there we were, and what a picture it probably was, as Sam, Jordan(holding my hand), Cathy and I walked in to the front door of the nursing home.  We immediately went over to a seating area, which I surmised, was the dining area, and sat down at a table.  Sam looked at me and said, we're going to sit here and wait for Cathy's sister and my boss, and while we're here, we'll grab something to drink.


          Sam got up and got her, Jordan and Cathy all a cup of coffee from the big urn, then turned to one of the cafeteria ladies working behind the counter and asked her if she had any apple juice for me(pointing in my direction).  The lady smiled and told Sam, sure, she'd bring it right over.


          Once the lady had brought me a small glass of apple juice, I sat there and sipped it as I listened to the three ladies chit chat, about basically nothing really, a lot of talk about their job and the nursing home.  We must have been sitting there about 15 minutes when a very nice looking, well dressed lady walked over to our table, smiled at Cathy and Jordan, then looked at Sam and said, " You are simply amazing, I can't believe you talked your boyfriend in to helping my sister test an actual adult diaper, this is an absolutely new form of chivalry I've never heard of, or ever thought I'd witness in my time, WOW SAM, absolutely incredible ".


Sam :  I know, he's such a good sport, and when I asked him, he said he had no problem helping me out, especially if it might enhance and further my career, plus, I promised him a little something, something if he helped me, if you know what I mean(as Sam winked at the well dressed lady, who I would soon learn was named Carolyn, but everyone called her Caryn for short).


Caryn :  I'm sure I know what you're talking about, but I really don't need to hear any specifics on just exactly what you promised him.  What I am interested in knowing, is, does he understand what he has to do, to properly test those new diapers, I mean, he is potty trained, isn't he?


Sam :  Oh wow, of course he is, he's such a big boy, he makes potty in the toidy all the time, but he has been having little wetting accidents when he's sleeping, lately, so I do, sometimes have to diaper him for bed time when I stay the night with him and I'm not working, or like this morning, when we go out and may not be near a bathroom, and as far as the other, umm, I haven't exactly told him what he will be required to do once he's in the diaper, he thinks he just has to wear it and if he pees a couple times, the test will be complete.


Caryn :  Really, so are you saying, he's wearing a diaper, right now, as we speak, and he has no idea what is in store for him, OH WOW, this is going to be priceless.  So Cathy, can I assume the reason you're here is to administer, your infamous starter kit, and if so, will the diaper testing be entirely conducted here, providing I give you a room?


Cathy :  Yes Caryn, that is mainly why I'm here, plus, I need to see, first hand, the results of the test, in an actual nursing home setting, and I'm sure, you, as an administrator, would be most interested in the results also, since your clients will be some of the first in the state to actually get to use the new garments, and your aides will get to experience how great this new product is, since they will be doing the actual changing of the garments.


Caryn :  Fair enough, and Sam, since you have gotten my curiosity running full speed now, I'm going to go ahead and let you use one of the empty rooms and beds, but just so we all know how resolved I am to see this little test be handled properly, I'm giving you a room that has no bathroom or toilet, just a sink , and of course, all of the other amenities that would go with a room for an incontinent client, plastic bed sheets, raise-able sides so the client doesn't fall out of bed, almost crib like if you prefer, adequate powders, oils and rash ointments, and of course, two diaper pails which are emptied nightly, one for wet diapers and one for dirty diapers, oh, you don't mind if I call them diapers, do you?


Sam :  Not at all, and I want to thank you so very much for letting us use a room, and the room you described will be just fine, he won't need a toilet if he's testing the diapers properly, now will he(as Sam looks over towards me and I try to absorb everything I've heard, I'm still not totally clear with what they were talking about, but I do know one thing, this wet diaper is really starting to itch and my tummy is still rumbling, even more so now that I've finished my apple juice, and I know I'm going to need to find a restroom real soon, so maybe I can talk Sam into letting me take my diaper off so I can go poop).


          As Caryn says, "Well o-k ladies, shall we get this little experiment started, Jordan, I thought you were on the way to Vegas this weekend, I see Sam talked you into taking part in this little experiment", Jordan just smiled at her boss and said, "Are you kidding, I am going to Vegas, but after what Sam and I discovered this morning, I wouldn't miss this for the world".


          Caryn and Cathy, both just looked at Sam and Jordan, then Caryn said, "I'm sure there's a story behind that statement and I'd love to hear it, but it'll have to wait, you two can tell me all about it, if you want to, after we get this little experiment started".


          As we started walking down a brightly lit hallway, in what looked like a parade, we passed a nursing station and as I glanced over at the counter, I recognized Kimmie, the same cute little blonde I had met outside the pharmacy, when she saw the five of us pass by, what I assumed was her work station, she just sort of gave me a smile and I heard Caryn say, "Kimmie, I'm going to go ahead and use room 102 for Sam's boyfriend, he'll be with us for awhile today, the bed is made up, properly, is it not? 


Kimmie :  Yes it is Miss Jones, did you want me to leave the plastic sheets on it, I mean, it is set up for an incontinent client, and it still has all of the items that are supplied with the room?


Caryn :  That'll be fine Kimmie, he'll be needing everything in the room, especially the plastic sheets and the diaper pails, thank you.


          Kimmie sort of giggled, as did Sam and Jordan, although I could not see them, they were both standing behind me, then out of the blue, Caryn took my hand and led me down the hall, turning in to a room, where I saw a single bed that could have easily doubled for a crib, a dresser drawer, a shelf where apparently some type of clothing or supplies were stored, and a small sink with a little counter just to the left of it, large enough for toiletries, but not much else.


          Caryn led me over to the bed, then told me to sit down, as I sat down, I was surprised when she looked at Sam and told her to go ahead and get my shoes and socks off and get me ready so they could all commence with their experiment.  This sort of surprised me, from what Caryn was saying, it would appear I was going to be here for some time, had I been so completely rapped up in what was happening that I never heard what Sam and her boss had planned for me?


           Sam took my shoes and socks off then told me to lay back and lift my butt, I naturally, was hesitant, I mean, what with all of these ladies in the room with me, it was bad enough Sam and Jordan had already seen me naked and then diapered, I wasn't sure I wanted anyone else witnessing that, but then, just as I was pondering what I had been thinking about, Sam yanked my baby blue shorts down to my ankles, then off all together, and there I lay, in just a onesie and an obvious diaper and plastic baby pants, suddenly, Cathy was there and as she started unsnapping my onesie, she told Sam that this was just the cutest outfit ever, and continued to pull down my plastic pants, motioning for me to lift my butt as she slid them to my ankles.


          All of a sudden, she stopped, as she patted the front of my diaper, she then smiled and told Sam, "Well it looks like you have him in diapers for a reason, he just doesn't wet them at night when he's in bed, apparently, he wets his little didys whenever the mood hits him, this little stinker is soaked".


          Sam immediately came over and patted the front of my diaper, as Jordan came nearer for a better look, saying, "It's a damn good thing I put him in plastic panties then, he would have wet all over the car seat and everything else, just like a little piss pot".


          All four ladies laughed, including Kimmie, who was standing at the door looking in at the whole debacle, and when Caryn saw her, she told her that if her charts were caught up, and her other clients were tended to, then to come on in, since this was her section anyway, she might as well see what's going on.  Just as Kimmie walked over to the bed, Cathy said, " O-K You little stinker, let's get you in to a fresh, dry didy, wouldn't want you getting a diaper rash, at least, not yet", all five girls laughed.


           Sam asked Cathy if she needed any help and Cathy said, "If you don't mind Sam, I'd love to be the one to put this new test diaper on him first, plus, I need to administer his little starting kit, but would sure love it if you could assist me, he may not take to what I'm fixing to do to him, very willingly".  


          I didn't see everything Cathy pulled out of the bag she was carrying, but I did see a couple of items, and I knew right away, after seeing two different syringes and what looked like a couple of small foiled packages, which could have only been suppositories, there was no doubt in my mind, the constant rumbling in my tummy was now the least of my troubles, and above and beyond that, it would appear I was also going to have an audience, and I thought to myself, this isn't quite exactly how I envisioned my baby fantasy to happen?


To Be Continued.................   


" More Trick then Treat "

           ( A Halloween Story )


            By BooBooBritches


                " CHAPTER 10 "


          As I lay there, looking up at Cathy and Sam, pleading with Sam, with just my eyes, hoping she would put an end to this humiliation she was intent on putting me through, she just looked down at me and smiled, patted the front of my wet diaper and asked Cathy if she should go ahead and remove my diaper.  Cathy just smiled at her and said, "No, don't remove it completely, but if you want, you can unpin it and just make sure I have access to his bottom and his penis so I can properly administer the shots, just leave the diaper under him, after I'm done, I'll go ahead and change him in to one of the new Pocket Diapers."


          Right away when I heard Cathy mention shots, in the vicinity of my anus and penis, I got scared immediately, and as much as I wanted to say something to Sam, I knew at this point, it would do no good, I mean, Sam was intent on seeing this whole scenario thru, especially after finding the stained and obviously used diapers I had hid in my closet.


          The next thing I knew, Sam was unpinning my wet diaper, but instead of bringing the front part down, exposing my groin area, she just let it lay loose, across my groin, but kept patting the damp cloth that had engulfed me.  Cathy then told her to lift my legs as high as she could so she could get to my bottom, as she uncapped the syringe, I was shocked when I felt a cold wipe go deep in to my anus, then felt, what I can only describe as a searing, hot jab in to my rectum, and the next thing I knew, I was awakened in a cold sweat, in my own bed, and as I glanced at my clock, I could see that it was just barely 5 am, I quickly grabbed my watch and saw that the day was Monday, and I thought to myself, Monday Morning, Thank God, it was just a dream, it was all, nothing but a dream.


          I figured, after waking with such a start, I may as well go ahead and shower and head on in to work, but decided to pass on stopping to get coffee at the Circle K, just in case it was more of a premonition then a dream?  I had been at work, probably four hours or so when Sam called me, telling me her and Jordan had went out for breakfast after their they got off work.  I immediately flashed back to my dream and decided to ask Sam what she had planned for today, she just laughed and said, "Duh Babe, did you forget already, I have to work again tonight, I'm headed home to get some sleep, but while I have you on the phone, I have three favors I need to ask of you, one, would you mind awful much if I waited to clean your computer on my next day off, two, can Jordan borrow one of your suitcases for her trip to Vegas this weekend, and three, would you mind if I stayed at your apartment Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, they're painting my apartment and I don't think I could handle the fumes?"


Rob :  Yes Hun, to all three favors, the computers no big deal, when ever you can find time, and yes, Jordan can borrow my suitcase but when does she want to pick it up, and you know I'd love to spend three whole days with you, I'd love having you stay over.


Sam :  That sounds awesome Babe, I'll probably pack a small suitcase and an overnight bag and just leave it in my car tonight and when I get off work tomorrow morning, I can just come straight over to your apartment, and as far as Jordan goes, she'll probably pick up the suitcase on Thursday.


          I immediately thought about my dream again and wondered, how could I have possibly known Jordan was going to need my suitcase, the same suitcase that held all of my fantasy secrets, safely hidden away from the world and the woman I loved, was it really possible that my dream was some sort of premonition I had and if so, just how much of it would actually come to pass?


Sam :  Rob, are you there babe, you seem kind of spacy today, are you ok?


Rob :  Oh, yea, I'm here, sorry Hun, was just thinking about something else, anyway, everything sounds good to me, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning when you get off work, you better go get some sleep now, love you.


Sam :  Ok Babe, I think I will, I'm kind of tired, I'll get your computer cleaned up while I'm there this week, and Rob, you forgot all about Jordan asking you last week if she could borrow your suitcase, didn't you, oh, and while I'm there, you and I can talk about what we're going to wear for Halloween, remember, you promised to help me and you said you'd go along with anything I decided on?


Rob :  Yes Hun, I remember, and I'm sure, anything you decide on for us for Halloween will be cute, and yes, now I remember Jordan asking about the suitcase last week, now get some sleep and I'll talk to you later on tonight.


Sam :  Ha, I know you forgot, but it's ok Babe, I love you, even if you do sometimes have the attention span of a two year old  and forget what people talk to you about sometimes, ha ha ha, talk at you later Babe, love you.


          It was about then that I felt kind of stupid, as I thought, WOW, and here I thought I had esp or something, and all the while it was just a thought put in my head a week or so ago, crazy dream, wasn't a premonition after all, just another silly dream about me wanting to be babied, but then again, I wondered, how did that pacifier get out of my suitcase?


To Be Continued..........

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