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"It's J-A-D" ..... The Regression!


By BooBooBritches




            It seems like forever, the day that changed my life, the day it all began, THAT DAY?


            I remember it like it was yesterday, when I was laying there, on the sofa, my head in Sharon's lap, while she bottle fed me from a baby bottle, and to my utter embarrassment and humiliation, I totally lost it and messed my diaper, in front of her, and Marie, then how they sat me down on the floor, still wearing that messy diaper, and forced me to play with Emma, my 20 month old daughter.


            I'm not sure which, out of all of it was the worst, them chatting away while I sat there pretending to be a baby or their occasional comments about how I was just like one of the babies, cute, but yucky and stinky.  I know my fantasy was to be treated like a baby, and I know I loved and cherished the baby talk and attention I was getting, but the embarrassment of sitting there, feeling my own mess squish around inside my diaper and the smell permeating the room, enough so that both Sharon and Marie would look at me now and then and wrinkle their noses and laugh, but to add insult on top of my embarrassing situation, I glanced at Emma and she was actually holding her nose and telling Sharon, "Daddy Tinky Mommy."


            For me to sit there and listen to a 20 month old toddler tell Sharon that, and for Marie to hear it and respond by holding her nose too and telling Emma that yes, daddy was tinky, I can't even begin to tell you how humiliating that was.  It was however, enough for Sharon to stand up and say, "O-K Daddy, I guess we've left you in that poopy diapey long enough, we better get you cleaned up, if it's bad enough for your daughter to notice then it's bad enough to get you out of it."


            I was somewhat relieved when Sharon took my hand and walked me back in to our bedroom, but as I waddled away, I could hear Marie laughing, I'm not sure what she was looking at but I can only guess I must have been quite a sight waddling with a full load in the seat of my diaper.  I was a bit surprised when once we got to the bedroom, Sharon picked up a plastic garbage bag and a towel that had been laid out on the bed, handed them to me and said, just before she turned and left the room, "Rob, put your dirty diaper in this bag, take a shower, clean yourself up real good, get dressed, then come back in to the front room, you, Marie and I have a lot to talk about."


Marie:  WOW, that was fast, did you change him and get him cleaned up already?


Sharon:  No No No, he's taking his own dirty diaper off and grabbing a shower, there was no way I was changing that diaper, it's bad enough we're going to have to wash it.  I wanted him to know just how much of a mess it was to change and clean, perhaps that'll give him a better understanding and a little insight of just what it's like to be a baby for real.


Marie:  OH, I was kind of thinking that you were going to push his baby treatment all the way, but I sure don't blame you for not wanting to change that diaper, OH MY GOD, he was stinky, I wasn't sure how much longer I could have stood him sitting there.


            Both girls laughed and as they continued to chat and compare notes, about my experience the past 12 hours or so, laughing as they did, I was busy taking a much needed, and wanted shower.  It felt so good as the water cascaded off of my body and trickled down my back and the back of my legs.  Once I was clean and feeling 100% better, I dried off, got dressed, then reluctantly walked back in to the front room where both Sharon and Marie smiled when I walked in.


Sharon:  Well, look who decided to join us this morning, he's such a big boy, he changed his own didy, took a shower by himself and  got all dressed for the day, Mommy's so proud of him.


Marie:  Yes I see that(as she sniffed the air), and he smells so much better too.


            Both ladies laughed and I looked at Emma as she looked up to see what they were laughing about, she just looked at me then went back to playing with her dolls, as if I hadn't been wearing a very smelly diaper just minutes earlier in front of her, and I thought, wow, innocence is truly bliss.  I sat next to Sharon, on the same couch I was previously laying on, nursing a baby bottle, with a full diaper, and I noticed the towel which they had used for a liner for me was gone, however, to my surprise and happiness, a cup of coffee, in my favorite cup, sat waiting for me on the coffee table, and as I looked over at Sharon, she smiled and said,"I thought you might be in need of a cup of coffee, adult style, unless of course you want me to put it in a sippy cup for you?"


        I quickly said no, not sure why I did, but I knew for sure, I was ready for some adult time, playing baby was fun when I did it by myself, but when it was forced on me, the way that Sharon and Marie did it, well, it kind of lost it's flavor.


Sharon:  So Rob, tell us, how did it feel to be a baby, did you enjoy it, was it all you thought it would be?


Rob:  I don't know for sure, I do know it was embarrassing, especially since you involved Marie in on it.  I think I thought it was going to be something a lot different, even though you two didn't really treat me like a baby, you just kind of embarrassed me instead, I don't know, I guess I got mixed feelings about it, if you know what I mean?


Sharon:  Hmm, now that's interesting, I wasn't quite expecting that answer.  Let's see, you say we didn't treat you like a baby, we put you in diapers, fed you baby formula from a baby bottle, Marie said she fed you baby cereal this morning, we both patted your little bottom while you nursed a bottle with your head in our laps, and hell Rob, we even stood by while you not only wet your diaper in bed last night, like a baby, but you also wet your diaper in front of Marie this morning, then proceeded to mess your diaper in front of both of us, and then, you had a play date, on the floor with Emma, while you sat in a yucky, messy diaper and did not at any given time ask for a diaper change or to even get out of that stinky diaper.  Hmm, Marie, doesn't that sound like treating Rob like a baby to you?


Marie:  Oh yea, that it does, and you forgot to mention, that he also smelled like a baby, just like a baby, first thing in the morning when you go to get them up after they've been sleeping in a wet, poopy diaper all night long.  Uh Yea, I would think that would be considered being treated like a baby.


Rob:  That's not what I'm saying, I know you did all that, it's just that, well, it's not what I thought being a baby would be like, I mean, it wasn't like when you take care of Emma or Hunter.  


Sharon:  Really Rob, well tell us, what exactly did we miss, how did we not treat you like you think we should have?


Rob:  I don't know, it's hard to explain, it's like, when you're taking care of the babies, you're more, I don't know, I guess, more infantile with them, you talk baby-talk to them, you're just, more maternal with them I guess.


Sharon:  I see, well Rob, maybe that's because they're babies and it just comes naturally for us, as well as it does for all women, for some crazy reason, when a woman, or even a young girl, sees a baby, their heart just melts.  Are you saying you wanted that same kind of relationship, that sort of warm, fuzzy feeling a baby gives a woman?


Rob:  I don't know, yea, I guess, maybe so, I'm not sure how to describe it, it's just that I appreciate what you and Marie tried to do for me and I enjoyed it, all except being embarrassed with Marie being involved and both of you seeing me do what I did in my, you know, in my pants, but it just wasn't what I had fantasized it would be, I guess.


Sharon:  (Laughing)  Really Rob, I think I need to explain a couple of things and then maybe, just maybe, we can all sit here and figure this out, that is, if Marie wants to do it, because Rob, if Marie's not in, then this conversation and little scenario is over, and I don't care how embarrassing it is to you.


Rob:  Alright, alright, don't get mad, I was just answering your question, but it is embarrassing sitting here talking about this with Marie hearing everything.


Sharon:  O-K Rob, so you've said, over and over again, and since it is your fantasy, I'm willing to listen to what you've got to say, but Rob, Marie's already seen you in a diaper, she's watched you pee your diaper, she smelled you while you crapped in your diaper, then sat and played while wearing it, so tell me, just how much more embarrassing do you think it could be, oh, and Rob, let's call it what it is, it's not called doing what you did, and it's not your pants, it's called shitting your diaper, just the same as what we call it when a baby does it?


Rob:  (Embarrassed but anxious to end this conversation)  I don't know, I guess you're right.  So what is there left to discuss, you do realize, I have to be to work in about two hours so we don't have a lot of time.


Marie:  (Gasping)  Wow Sharon, maybe he is a baby, he's sure sounding ungrateful for every thing you tried to do to make his fantasy come true.


Sharon:  Ain't that right girl, I swear, some people just can't be satisfied.  Well that's ok, I've got a little something, something planned for this big whiny ass baby.  I'll tell you what Rob, since what we tried to do didn't match up to what your fantasy was anticipating, just because I love you more than life itself, I'm going to set up a whole new scenario for your fantasy, and Rob, by time I get done, either you're never going to want to be treated like a baby again or you will have been totally regressed to being a baby.  Either way is fine with me, I just want to make you happy, so you go ahead and get ready for work, and don't you worry your little head one bit about what I'm planning for you, it's going to be a BIG Surprise, for my BIG baby boy.


            I looked at Sharon, not sure of what she was talking about or referring to, but her and Marie were looking at each other as Marie nodded her head, and they both smiled!!!!!


The Beginning.....    


"It's J-A-D" ..... The Regression!


By BooBooBritches




            Nothing else was said that day, about my experience, or my fantasy, come to think of it, nothing else was said for almost a month.  Although life went on for Sharon, Marie, myself and the babies, it seemed like something was amiss, I wasn't sure, but it was something I just couldn't put my finger on.  I'm not saying that Sharon mistreated me or anything like that, as a matter of fact, it was almost the opposite.  Both her and Marie often made remarks to me that they would say to Emma, or even hunter for all that goes, plus it seemed every time I walked in to a room where those two were talking they just hushed up and giggled, it was like living with a couple teenage girls that were keeping secrets from me? 


        There was even a couple times when I was at work I would stop in and see Sharon at Baby-Gap, but even there, when ever I walked in and she was talking to any of the other girls that worked with her, they would also all get quiet all of a sudden, then start with the same type of giggling I often heard Sharon and Marie doing at home, what ever was going on, I know it sure embarrassed me when I stopped in at Sharon's work, but for some reason, I found myself stopping in more and more?


            It hadn't even occurred to me that there was a humiliation factor that had manifested itself in to my fantasy over time, but I guess had I of given it any thought at all, I would have figured it out, what with what Sharon did to me with Marie involved, plus what my dad and step-mom did to me when I was 13 years old, my fantasy was no longer just wanting to be treated like a baby, it was now also wanting to be shamed and humiliated for acting like a baby, and no matter how I envisioned my fantasy should go, it was destined to knock me on my ass, literally, if and when it actually did occur.


            I never snooped around my house much, I pretty much had my own space and my man-cave was where I spent all my time, other than when I was eating dinner with the family or sleeping with Sharon in our bedroom of course.  We had a fairly decent size house and Marie's bedroom, along with the babies nursery was on the opposite side of the house from where our bedroom was.  Even with three bedrooms being occupied and another room for my man-cave, we still had two more rooms which I think, Sharon used one as a sewing room and the other as a storage room, I don't know, never really gave them much thought, but I guess now, looking back, I should have been a bit more attentive.


        Even though Sharon and I worked our asses off to get what we had, I must admit, her dad was filthy rich and as a token of his gratitude, and because he appreciated the work ethics we both had, he did tend to make our lives easier when he could, and this gorgeous house was just one of the ways he did it.  This was his wedding present to us on one condition, we stay together, if we ever divorced, or even split up, for any reason, the house deal would be rescinded and I would be forced to move out, I doubted he would make his daughter or grand kids move.


        We never saw her dad, or her mother that often, they traveled a lot, and it's not because I didn't care for them, but that was preferable for me, everyone knows how in-laws can be?  I remember sitting in my man-cave one day when Sharon came in saying that we needed to talk.  I vaguely recall her seeming quite serious as she sat down so I figured I had best pay attention, she always got so pissed off when I ignored her while she was trying to be serious.


Sharon:  I was thinking Rob, you vacation is coming up in about two weeks, if you want, I can take my vacation at the same time.


Rob:  That sounds good, but are you going to be able to take an entire two weeks off, you do realize that's what I've got, right?


Sharon:  I'm not sure I can get away for the entire two weeks, but I can at least get one week off, if you had nothing planned yet, perhaps I can come up with an idea or two for us.


Rob:  That's cool, it would be nice if you could get the entire two weeks off but I guess one week is better than nada, so what did you have in mind, did you want to go somewhere?


Sharon:  I'll think of something, I just wanted to make sure you were ok with me taking some time off with you.


Rob:  Well of course I am, why wouldn't I be(laughing), you wouldn't have something up your sleeve now would you?


        Just as Sharon was getting ready to answer, Marie came in to the room carrying Hunter on her hip with Emma toddling behind her.


Marie:  Well what the heck, you two having a family meeting without inviting us?


            All of us just laughed and Sharon quickly told Marie "No, not at all, Rob and I were just discussing about taking our vacations together and what we were planning on doing."


Marie:  Really, that sounds interesting, so when is this little vacation going to happen?


Sharon:  Rob and I were talking and it looks like we can be set to go in about two weeks.


Marie:  That sounds awesome, so are we going to go through with what we've been talking about.  You do know the timing is perfect, and that length of time sounds about right.


Sharon:  Umm, well yea, but I sort of haven't told Rob yet, I was going to surprise him.


            Just as I was getting ready to ask Sharon what she meant when she said she was going to surprise me, Marie handed me Hunter as she leaned down towards Emma and said, "Whew, one of these little stinkers just made a mess in their diaper".  Then as she peeked down the back of Emma's diaper she proudly claimed, "Well it's not this one, looks like Daddy won the prize and gets to change Hunter while Sharon and I finish talking about this vacation."


            I started to ask Marie what she was talking about when Sharon said, "Be a dear and change Hunter for me Rob, Marie and I will be done here in a heartbeat, plus, it won't hurt for you to change a dirty diaper, it's not like you change him a lot anyway."


            I was stunned, and yea, I have to admit, I didn't change a lot of diapers, what with Marie here, but for Sharon to put it to me like that, I was a bit hurt and upset, and then out of the blue Marie said, laughingly, "Yea Rob, and it's not like you don't know what it's like to be sitting in a dirty diaper, seems like not to long ago you were in the exact same situation as Hunter, wet, messy and stinky and in dire need of a diaper change."


Sharon:  Be nice now Marie, don't tease Rob about sitting in dirty diapers, there'll be plenty of time for that in a couple weeks.


            As Sharon looked at me and gave me a wink?


The Beginning.....

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