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" More Trick then Treat "

           ( A Halloween Story )


            By BooBooBritches


                " CHAPTER 11 "


          Sam did end up staying almost an entire week with me, but I had taken care of all of my baby attire and items and had them stashed safely, in the back of the closet, in a sealed, with packaging tape, box.  Jordan picked up my suitcase on Thursday as planned and Sam and I went on to spend an absolutely wonderful weekend together.  Sam mentioned dressing up for Halloween but never pushed it, as a matter of fact, I thought she might have just went ahead and scrapped the whole plan, which would have been alright with me.


          Everything was going on as normal and before we knew it, Halloween was just a couple days away.  I had made arrangements to take the entire weekend off, with Halloween falling on a Friday this year, I was thinking that maybe Sam and I could go to Vegas and spend Halloween there.  I hadn't mentioned it to Sam but knew she'd have no problems getting the time off, she had accrued about 6 weeks of vacation time and an additional 2 weeks of personal time and sick days.


          Sam and I had arranged to meet following her night shift on Tuesday, the 28th, she wanted to talk to me about something so we agreed on a casual breakfast.  I had arrived at Denny's first and went ahead and ordered a cup of coffee to sip while I waited for Sam.  I thought that maybe tonight would be a good night to partake in a little private baby play since Sam had to work, and I had got all of my baby stuff back in to my suitcase after Jordan returned it, while it was taped up in the box I never got the chance to play baby, especially since Sam was there, literally the entire time Jordan was in Vegas.


          I glanced up and saw Sam walk in, with Jordan, which kind of surprised me, I thought we were having a private, little romantic breakfast.  Sam walked across the restaurant and her smile just lit up the room and I immediately forgot about being disappointed because Jordan was with her, after all, I should have expected it, Sam and Jordan were like the Bobsey twins, they were constantly together.


          Sam sat next to me in the booth and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek while Jordan sat across from us.  Once we had all gotten our coffee and placed our orders with the waitress, Sam looked at me and said, "So Rob, I, along with Jordan, came up with this incredible idea for our costumes for Halloween", and I immediately thought, ok, here we go again, I had hoped she had forgotten about this.


Rob :  Really, wow, you haven't mentioned anything so I kind of figured you weren't going to do anything, I mean, Halloween is just 3 days away.


Sam :  Rob, you mean you actually thought I had given up on doing anything, just because I haven't talked with you about it, come on, you should know me better then that.  Jordan and I came up with an idea almost a month ago, right after she got back from Vegas.


Jordan :  That's right Rob, Sam didn't mention it to you because your role and costume is going to be very simple, plus we had a lot of preparations to get ready before we decided to tell you what we had planned.


        Both Sam and Jordan shook their heads and laughed and I just smiled at them, I figured they were up to something, but had no idea what it was, had I have known, I might have been more readily to accept it, but little did I know, regardless if I accepted it or not, Sam and Jordan were determined and it was going to happen, I sat there, patiently waiting for some kind of explanation from Sam, or at least a hint of what they had planned for Halloween.


          The waitress had delivered our breakfast and while we all ate, Sam and Jordan were chatting back and forth, giggling every now and then, I just smiled a lot and finished eating, not having any clue as to what they were even talking about or what they kept giggling about, I just figured it was one of those inside nursing home jokes that I was clueless about, but as I thought of that, I got another feeling of deja vu, I vaguely remembered my dream having something like this in it, and I remember using that same term, an inside joke about nursing home stuff, wow, strange?


Sam:  Rob honey, you did say you got the weekend off, right, that'll work right in with our plans, since I got it off too, unfortunately, Jordan could only get Halloween night off, she has to work Saturday and Sunday night, to cover me.


Jordan  :  Yea, but that's ok, the fun night is going to be Halloween night, I don't need to be around you two over the weekend, you know, third wheel and all?


Sam :  (laughingly) Awww Jordie, you'd never be a third wheel, you know you're always welcome no matter what we do(as Sam looked at me and winked).


Rob :  I'm not too sure I agree with all of that, but you do know you're always welcome with almost, everything we do.


          Both girls laughed and Jordan said, "Awww Robbie Baby, you don't need to be shy around me, you know I'd never step on your toes or interfere where I don't belong".


Rob:  I know Jordan, that's what I like about you, you know when to back off and give us our space.  So Sam, what is the brilliant idea you and Jordan have come up with for Halloween, oh, and before we go any further, we are not all going out dressed like girlfriends, I dressed like a girl once, that was enough, it was a bit embarrassing, if you know what I mean?


Sam:  I remember Rob, I still thought you looked pretty, but no, that's not what we had planned, what we've come up with, well, you are just going to look so gosh darn cute, I can hardly wait to tell you, but, it'll have to remain a secret until Halloween night, that's when Jordan and I will tell you together and let you know what we have planned for the night.


Jordan:  That's right Rob, I've sworn her to secrecy, but trust us, you are going to absolutely love it and Sam is so right, Oh My God you are going to look so damn cute, but for now, kiddo's, I need to get home and get some sleep, I've got to work tonight.


Sam :  I hear you Jordan, same here, I've got to work the next two nights, just so I can have the weekend off.  Rob honey, I'll call you tonight when I wake up and probably tomorrow afternoon sometime after I've gotten some sleep.


Rob :  Ok you two, sounds good to me, I need to go to the drive-in and get some ordering done, plus we've got to build up three movies this week so I'll probably be busy the next couple days myself(as I said that I knew I was setting myself up for some private baby time and I wouldn't be disturbed, especially with both of them either working or home sleeping).


Sam:  Ok Babe, I'll talk at you a bit later then, don't work too hard today, you need to reserve some energy for this weekend and Halloween night.


          As Sam gave me a quick kiss, I grabbed the bill and told them both that breakfast was on me, and as I watched them walk out the door, giggling once again, Sam looked back at me and gave me a little wink.


" More Trick then Treat "

           ( A Halloween Story )


            By BooBooBritches


                " CHAPTER 12 "


         I finished up my work at the drive-in at about 3 pm so I figured I'd grab a late lunch before I headed home for a fun evening and night of baby play.  I felt gutsy so I ordered a super large smothered burrito at my favorite Mexican restaurant, and knowing, that as much as I enjoyed messing my diapers, this would do the trick, especially after kicking it off with a couple Dulcolax Suppositories.  From past experience, I knew the suppositories would work within an hour and a half or so after insertion, and the burrito would kick in later tonight, guaranteeing a full, yucky diaper to fall asleep in.


          I figured on a light supper, probably just a mini chef salad, with extra cheese and egg on it.  There would be no doubt with what I was eating and planning on doing later this evening, I would have a very fun and enjoyable night being a baby and playing choo choo.  


          (Now I'm not too sure if I've ever explained how to play choo choo while in baby mode, so here's the quick version for those enquiring minds, have you ever seen a baby scoot across the floor on their bottom, well if so, picture you doing that, but with a very loaded diaper, we are talking about some yucky, messy, squishy fun, not to mention some incredible feelings and sensations coming from within your full diaper)


           By time I got home I was more then ready to get started but knew I had to wait, just to make sure Sam was safely on her way to work, and with her working a twelve hour, 7 to 7 shift tonight, I'd be good to go around six thirty or so.  I passed the time going over my fantasy football pool, then decided to go ahead and get everything out I was planning on wearing tonight and setting it on the bed.  I got out two of my thick diapers, I figured since I was going to be in such a messy diaper until tomorrow morning I'd need to be double diapered, I also got one of my best pair of pink, snap on plastic pants, plus a Winnie The Pooh, plastic lined diaper cover for extra protection, and then topped it off with one of my cute, nursery print onesies, that and my imagination would see me through a very enjoyable night.


          Sam called me just before she headed off to work, telling me to get some rest because she had a big Halloween night and weekend planned for us, I just laughed and told her, Ok, Hon, whatever you say, then told her not to work too hard and that I would talk with her sometime tomorrow after she woke up.  The minute she hung up, I headed for my bedroom so I could get my baby play started, I was so anxious, like a kid on Christmas morning, I could hardly wait to get started, it had been a while since I had the opportunity to indulge in my fantasy.


          I stripped then eagerly stuck the suppositories up my butt, then pinned on the double diaper and after snapping on the plastic pants, I pulled the diaper cover up, making sure it and the plastic pants completely encased the diaper, didn't want any part of the diaper sticking out, figured I might leak a bit by morning but there was no need to leak too soon, there was a lot of play time yet to be had, I finished by pulling the onesie over my head and fastening the snaps at the crotch, and there I was, in all my infantile glory, ready to pee, poop and play, just like a baby.


         I was on my computer, checking out Daily Diapers, my favorite AB/DL Site, when that first cramp from the suppository hit me, I glanced at my watch and thought, Yea, right on cue, almost eight o-clock.  So I read another story and I felt that familiar rumble as another cramp hit me.  I remained seated in my chair, hoping that would deter the inevitable for just a few minutes longer, but before I realized it, the suppository did it's job and I felt a squishy mess envelop my entire bottom inside my diaper, then came that feeling that makes you absolutely have to push because the glycerine had thoroughly melted and is irritating your intestinal walls, and as I sat up in my chair, just a bit, I was forced to push and there it came, filling the seat of my diaper, almost nonstop, and then, there was that satisfaction one feels when they give that final push and the mess creeps up the back of your diaper and the front, smearing all over your penis and crotch area.


          I must have just sat there, squishing around in my chair, feeling from side to side and then my back to make sure the diaper hadn't sprung a messy leak, and I knew, this was indeed, going to be a great night.  I spent another hour or so reading the forum on D. D. when Sam called, and I'm here to tell you, talking with her on the phone while she was on her break, and me sitting in a yucky, poopy diaper, was absolutely incredible, and all I could keep thinking about was how cool it would be if she was actually sitting beside me, wrinkling her nose and telling me that I was stinky.


          She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was just surfing on the computer and getting ready to eat a little supper, she told me she sure wished she could join me, but then emphasized, there would be a lot of together time this weekend, I agreed and we smacked each other kisses then said goodbye.


          After Sam hung up, I went ahead and pulled out the chef salad I had bought for dinner and sat down, carefully, at the kitchen table.  While I was eating, I felt another rumble in my tummy and figured I'd be pooping some more before long, and with this added ruffage and ingredients from the salad I was eating, it would be more then enough to fill this diaper to the max.


          I finished eating, but not until after I thoroughly wet my diaper, to add to the squishiness I was already experiencing, and I thought, this would be a great time to try and play choo choo, so I grabbed a towel from the bathroom(just in case my diaper and plastic pants leaked), laid it on the floor, then sat on it and started scooting across the floor, and what a feeling, I felt so infantile and just imagined what it would have felt like to be a baby doing that in front of a room full of women who would just look down at you and smile.


          After playing choo choo, spending about another hour on the computer and squishing around in my diaper, I realized it was almost eleven so I decided to go ahead and get some sleep, I knew I would have one hell of a stinky mess to clean up in the morning, but as usual, I'd just jump in the shower and then get my baby items washed and put back away for use another day.


          I spread out my two waterproof changing pads on my bed, covered by two thick towels for absorption, these worked great keeping my mattress and sheets dry and clean because there was no doubt that my diapers and plastic pants would leak by morning, I could always tell by feeling the bottom of my onesie and diaper cover and they were always damp but hardly ever soaked, thanks to the double diaper and double plastic pants and diaper cover method I had grown accustom to using.


          I made sure I had a full baby bottle of apple juice and after preparing my bed, I went back through my apartment, double checking that my windows, patio door( my apartment was on the ground floor), and front door were all locked and secured.


          Once I had gotten in to bed, I watched a little television and nursed my bottle, but soon dozed off in to baby slumber land bliss, I knew getting up early this morning I'd be tired and it wouldn't take a lot for me to go to sleep, add that to the comfort I felt in a wet, messy diaper, my bottle of apple juice and the monotonous drone of the television, sleep came quickly.


          I barely remember but I recall having vivid dreams of being outside in a wet, messy diaper and I think, it was either Sam or Jordan that looked like they were actually babysitting me, all I remember is that it was a relaxing, yet vague experience and somewhere in my subconscious, I could hear giggling and snickering, mixed in with an occasional ooh and ahh, then I woke, and as I tried to remember the dreams I had dreamt through the night, I got the eerie feeling that there was someone else in the apartment, that kind of feeling that makes the hair on your arms stand up.  


          I glanced over at my alarm clock and I was shocked to see that it was almost 8 o-clock, and then, I heard what sounded like someone in the kitchen.  I remember leaving the bedroom door open, but now it was almost closed, not all the way, but definitely not like I had left it, I looked around the room to see if anything was out of place, and everything was right where I had left it, the suitcase with the rest of my baby attire was still sitting on the chair, wide open, but something just wasn't right, then it donned on me, when I fell asleep, the television was on, but now it was off, and as I started to get up out of bed, I quickly laid back down and pulled the blanket back over me, because,  my bedroom door was slowly being pushed open from the other side?


To Be Continued..........    

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