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"It's J-A-D" ..... The Regression!


By BooBooBritches




            When Sharon gave me that wink, it actually made the hairs stand up on my back and gave me a feeling like, one of impending doom, or something like that?  I walked out of the room carrying Hunter and headed to the nursery so I could change him, Marie was right about one thing, this little guy sure was ripe!


            Once I finished changing Hunter, approximately 20 minutes later, he and I went searching for Sharon, Marie and Emma.  We first looked in the man-cave where I had left them but found it empty, after a couple minutes we located them on the back patio, Sharon and Marie were sipping lemonade and Emma was playing in her playhouse by the swing set.  I noticed they had set up the portable playpen and had a bottle ready for Hunter, after placing him in his little prison and giving him his bottle, I sat down next to Sharon where she handed me a glass of lemonade.


Rob:  So, what are you two talking about, I didn't interrupt any girl secrets did I?  (as I laughed)


Sharon:  Naw, we were just sitting here talking about girly stuff, that and our vacations.


Rob:  Oh, ok, cool, so did you have any plans for our vacation, is Marie going to be ok with it if we decide to go somewhere.  Personally I was kind of leaning toward Vegas, for at least a couple days if possible?


Sharon:  Yea, that sounds good, and Marie said she doesn't have a problem watching Emma and Hunter regardless of what we decide, although she did mention she had some plans herself for part of our vacation.


Rob:  That sounds good and I'm sure there will be plenty of time after we get back from Vegas for Marie to take herself a short vacation if she wanted, so if that all sounds good to you two, it works for me, I'm going to go watch some t-v in my little hide-away so I'll leave you two to your girly gossip.


            As I walked back in to the house laughing to myself feeling smug about how I slipped in my Vegas part of my vacation, I heard Sharon say, Yea, Yea, Yea, go hide in your little room, we've got some planning to do that doesn't require your input anyway, as both Sharon and Marie laughed.


Marie:  So, do you think he knows what we've got planned for the main part of his vacation?


Sharon:  NOOOOO, not even, trust me, he's totally clueless.  He's been so wrapped up in how he was going to ask me about going to Vegas for a couple days he hasn't even thought about anything else.


Marie:  I hear ya girl, I almost busted out laughing when he mentioned Vegas.  If he only knew how much that fit in to our plans for him, he'd shit his pants.


Sharon:  (Both girls laughed)  Oh, no worry there, there'll be plenty of time for him to be doing that when we get back from Vegas, especially if he falls for the little trap I've got set for him.


Marie:  Do you really think he's going to go along with what you're going to ask him to do?  I keep remembering back to that night we had him in diapers here and he seemed pretty embarrassed about even wearing a diaper, and that was inside the house.


Sharon:  Oh he'll definitely go for it, I can almost guarantee it.  Even though it's going to be in public, sort of, I'm going to be like the Godfather and make him an offer he can't refuse, trust me, when we pull back in to this drive-way after getting back from Vegas, not only will Rob be in a diaper, but if I time it just right, he'll be in need of a diaper change.


Marie:  And that my BFF, is where I come in, but you need to make sure you call me and let me know when you hit the Phoenix city limits, I'll have about 10 minutes I figure to get everything set up and meet you and Rob in the drive-way when he pulls in.


Sharon:  No problem girlfriend, if he asks why I'm calling you I'll just tell him I'm asking if the babies are asleep, that way if they're not, you can make sure they're in the backyard when we get there so he can sneak in to the house in his little diapey.  If he thinks I'm trying to help him keep it a secret he'll fall for it, hook, line and sinker, or what ever it is the guys say.


            Both girls laugh as Emma looks up at them and laughs too, thinking she's one of the girls and understands what they're taking about.  I must have been in the man-cave for about three hours, almost long enough to watch the Arizona Diamond-backs beat the Colorado Rockie's, again.  I have a love - hate relationship when ever those two teams face each other, living in Phoenix makes me a transplant D-Back's fan but being from Denver makes me a die hard Rockie's fan, but trust me, this would become the least of my concerns in just under two weeks, as a matter of fact, this and any other adult like decisions would soon become the least of my concerns.


        Not much else was said about our vacation plans so I assumed Vegas was a definite go, although something strange did happen when I went to visit Sharon at Baby Gap one time just a couple days before our vacation.  I walked in and Sharon's assistant manager Teri was working the counter, as soon as she saw me she told me that Sharon was in the backroom checking some inventory and she would be out in a heartbeat.  I thanked her and sort of browsed around looking at some of the cute baby outfits, I always liked coming in here and browsing, fantasizing about how I wished some of these cute outfits would fit me.


        I was daydreaming so much I didn't hear Teri come up behind me, it was a slow day at the mall and there was no one else in the store other than Teri, a couple other girls labeling and stocking shelves and Sharon, some where in the back room.


Teri:  AWWW, that's such a cute outfit(as she held it up in front of me, almost as if she was sizing it up to me), I bet you was just the cutest little stinker when you was a baby, you sure would have looked cute in some of the baby outfits they have for kids now.  (I must have blushed because Teri caught it right away)  Oh My, looks like someone agrees with me, you are so cute when you're blushing, just like a little toddler when he's trying to be a big flirt.


Sharon:  Hey hey, what's going on here, are you flirting with my old man(as both Sharon and Teri laugh).


Teri:  No no, not at all, he was looking at some of the baby outfits and I just told him I bet he would look cute in them.


Sharon:  Ohhhh, well as a matter of fact, he does!


Teri:  He does?  As in, he does look cute in them?  Hmm, what kind of games have you two been playing behind closed doors?


            Teri and Sharon laughed but I was turning redder by the minute, just hoping Sharon didn't elaborate any further on this taboo conversation.


Sharon:  Oh, uh uh, that's our little secret, it's sort of like that old saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, speaking of which, are you going to be ok running the store for a couple days while we're in Vegas?


Teri:  Heck yea, piece of cake, but you've got to answer one question for me.  Which one of these cute little outfits are you going to dress Rob in for your little trip?


                    Both girls laughed and Sharon said, "That's going to be my little secret, but if you do a good job while we're gone, maybe I'll take some pictures of our vacation and show them to you when we get back."


Teri:  That sounds awesome, as long as I get to see which cute outfits you dressed Rob in, he's such a cutie(as she actually pinched my cheek).


                    Sharon laughed and told Teri no promises on that part but she'd see what she could come up with.  I actually got kind of excited listening to them talk about me as it pertained to the baby clothes and various outfits they had on display, but once again, I also got that queasy feeling deep down in my gut, like there was something I was totally missing out on but it kept materializing right in front of me, just not enough that I could actually put my finger on it?


"It's J-A-D" ..... The Regression!


By BooBooBritches




            Once Teri had returned back to the register, I asked Sharon what that was all about and Sharon just said, it was nothing, just basic girl chat and that they were joking around because Teri got a kick out of it when ever she could embarrass me and make me turn red.  I shrugged it off and took Sharon's word on it thinking nothing of it, other than maybe the fact that I liked the attention and humiliation, especially from one of Sharon's cute friends and employee.  I asked Sharon if she had time to grab some lunch but she declined saying that she was busy trying to get the inventory done before we left for Vegas so I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, told her I loved her and headed for the food court, looking forward to some Chinese food from Panda Express.


            Sharon got off work before I did so I didn't see her until I got home.  Not a lot had happened in the past week or so, as it pertained to Marie and Sharon teasing and reminding me of my diaper experience with them, so I just assumed all of that was over with and I'd have to find a way to entertain myself when it came to my fantasy.  I did however, notice, that over the past couple weeks, there seemed to be a lot of packages being delivered in the mail, by both UPS and Fed-Ex, more than usual that is.  Marie had, I guess what you would consider, a hobby, she was on numerous mailing lists from Internet sites for free samples.  She just loved getting anything, especially if it was free, I would often see sample bottles of various products laying around, plus she seemed to get a lot of free baby products, everything from baby wipes, to formula to diapers, so all of the packages arriving lately seemed somewhat normal considering her hobby, I guess, as with the spare rooms, I should have been a bit more vigilant and snooped around more, maybe then I could have at least had an idea of what was headed in my direction


            The morning finally arrived for our departure to Vegas, and I'm pretty sure my excitement showed, I was more anxious than a hungry baby at a Hooter's Restaurant during happy hour.  We had scheduled to leave about 2 PM that afternoon, that way, it would be dark and Vegas would be lit up as we descended the hill coming in from The Boulder Dam, I always did like that sight and the feeling it gave me, or as J. Lo. always said, "It gave me Goosies".  The drive from Phoenix to Vegas would take 5 to 6 hours if we didn't push it, plus we had planned on stopping off in Kingman for a late lunch.


            Sharon hadn't packed a lot, just a suitcase for me and two for her, we were only going to be in Vegas for five days max so we didn't need a lot.  I noticed when I loaded the suitcases in the car, Sharon's was much heavier than mine and when I questioned it, she just laughed and said, she packed more than just shorts and shirts, unlike me?  I had to admit, she was right, I did travel light, all I needed was some shorts, maybe a pair of dress pants and shirts, and other than my toiletries, there wasn't much else I could think to bring, nor did I want to bring.


            Our timing was dang near perfect, the sun had just set when we passed the Boulder Station Casino, just west of the dam, and as we came down the hill, the lights of Vegas loomed on the horizon.  We got checked in to The Circus Circus Casino about 9, after our little trip down the strip of course.  All of our visits to Vegas always started with driving down the strip, even though the traffic was horrendous, but then again, it always was on the strip.  Both Sharon and I showered before going down to the casino, we had both decided to play the slots for a bit, grab a late dinner then get some sleep so we could get a fresh start tomorrow.


            The slots were not very kind to us, we lost about $40 each, but it was budgeted so it was no big deal, and the money did last us for a couple hours so I guess it was relatively cheap entertainment.  Once we had got back to the room, I went ahead and got undressed and wearing just my boxers, jumped in to bed.  I was channel surfing and not really paying attention to Sharon as she was unpacking one of her suitcases and putting things in the dresser drawers.  She eventually went in to the bathroom and while I was watching TV, she came out, dressed for bed, in a red, lacy negligee I had never seen before, and before I could say a word, she dimmed the lights in the room, took the TV remote from me, then said, "I'm going to turn the TV off and turn you on, are you ready for a little fun tonight?"


                I can't even begin to remember just how aggressively sexy Sharon could get in bed, but that night, WOW, talk about vivacious, she was all that and then some.  I guess Sharon was in need of this vacation as much as I was, I just know the next morning, Sharon told me we were going to have breakfast in bed and it wasn't but a short time later when there was a knock on the door.  Sharon told me to just lay there as she got up, went to the door, opened it, chatted with the girl for a minute or two, signed for the room service the rolled a cart in to the room.  She had ordered, bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, hash browns, coffee, orange juice, and to my surprise, fresh strawberries, whip cream and champagne.


            We sat there, in bed, eating like a king and queen, then slowly enjoyed the strawberries and the champagne, it must have taken at least a couple hours to savor and enjoy our special breakfast, something I don't think we had ever done.  Once we were finished, Sharon rolled the cart back in to the hallway, came back in the room, jumped next to me on the bed and asked me if I wanted to join her in the shower, what could I say, this was a whole new side of Sharon I had never seen before, it was like she had been totally revitalized and changed into a Sex Goddess, right there, before my very eyes.  Needless to say, the shower led to more intense and passionate sex and by time Sharon was done with me, I was totally spent and was ready to take a nap, but Sharon had a hell of a lot more energy than I did.  She told me to get up and get dressed, we were going sight seeing up and down the strip today, and when I just laid there and told her I was tired, she laughed and said, "Do I have to dress you like I do Hunter and Emma, I thought you was going to be a big boy this trip?"


            Now, not only was I tired and worn out, as well as being shocked, stimulated and awestruck the entire time we had been here, I was now stunned that Sharon would say something like that, knowing that it had to be pushing my buttons when she talked like that, and it was also something that didn't get past her as she looked down at me, laying naked on the bed, and noticed I was starting to get excited, all over again.


Sharon:  Well now, for someone being so tired, I see you can still get excited when I talk baby-talk to you, did you want to be a baby while we're here in Vegas or do you want to stay a big boy and keep reaping the benefits like you did this morning?


Rob:  Umm, you know, as much as I like it when you baby me, and I have to admit, it's been quite a while, but, I also liked your surprises this morning, I mean, the breakfast in bed, the champagne, the strawberries, your negligee last night and oh yea, the insane sex, it's like no sex we've had in a hell of a long time, so yea, I think I'd like to continue being a grown up, at least while we're in Vegas.


Sharon:  Awww, that is so sweet of you, putting our needs in front of your personal wants, you know I'm gonna have to do something very special for you to make up for this.  I was so hoping you would say yes to being a big boy, not that I wouldn't have treated you like a baby, I would have in a heartbeat.


Rob:  Well, it's not like I was saying yes to just your needs, I definitely enjoyed it too, and I'm sure that when we get back, maybe you can spare a little baby time for me, that is if you want to?


Sharon:  Oh, I'm pretty sure I can think of something, but that's for then, this is now, so get your butt dressed, we've got a busy day ahead of us.


            I couldn't believe how bubbly Sharon was, had I known this was how she was going to act, I would have suggested this vacation long ago.  Once we were dressed, we headed out of the room, but when we got to the elevator, Sharon said she forgot to do something and for me to go on ahead and she would meet me downstairs in the lobby, thinking nothing of it, I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and grabbed the next elevator down.  Once back in the room, Sharon had scribbled something down on a note pad, placed the note on the dresser drawer next to a couple of pink ducky diaper pins, then pulled out a pair of adult size plastic pants and a pre-fold, extra thick cloth diaper out of one of the drawers, she draped the plastic pants over the shower curtain pole, then dropped the diaper in to the bath-tub.  She then got a small spray bottle out of her suitcase, filled it with water, added Johnson & Johnson's Liquid Baby Soap, then sprayed the plastic pants so that they were just damp.  She then filled a glass with water, folded the diaper over, like she was putting it on someone, then poured the water over the center of the diaper, not thoroughly soaking it, but making it wet enough so it looked as though someone had worn and wet it, then topped it off by pouring just a tiny bit of yellow food coloring on the diaper.


            I was just about getting ready to go up and see what was keeping Sharon when she came out of the elevator, she smiled at me and said, did ya miss me, then grabbed my hand as we walked through the casino and out the front doors and on to the strip.  We had an awesome day, but wow, did we ever walk a lot.  We walked from the Circus Circus to the Excalibur where we watched the pirate show, passing the live volcano on the way.  We then walked down to the Bellagio where we decided to have lunch and took our time eating as we rested up for our long walk back.  This time however, on the way back, we crossed the strip and walked on the opposite side going back, we were able to go in the Hard Rock, The MGM Grand and a ton of little souvenir shops located on the strip.  


            We had been gone for probably 8 hours by time we got back to the Circus, and just as we were getting ready to go up to our room, Sharon smiled and told me I had been a good boy today and why didn't I stay and play the slots for a bit, she was going up to the room to freshen up, change clothes, and she'd be right back down and play some slots with me.  I loved playing the slots and Sharon knew it and other than a dollar here and a dollar there up and down the strip, I really hadn't got to play any today so I told Sharon that sounded good and I'd be right here, pointing to one of my favorite machines, when she got back down after freshening up.


                Sharon walked in to our room, stopped for a minute, looked around, then got the biggest smile on her face.  The tub had been cleaned out and in the corner of the bathroom, next to the toilet, was what appeared to be a pink diaper pail.  Sharon, lifted the lid and there was the diaper and plastic pants, tucked securely in the diaper pail, but they appeared to be folded and clean, and upon inspection, Sharon couldn't help but notice just how soft and fresh smelling the diaper and the plastic pants were.  After removing the diaper and plastic pants, she draped one of the towels over the diaper pail, semi concealing it between the toilet and the tub.


            Sharon then saw the note she had left and also a typed out business form from the casino, sitting next to the pink diaper pins.  Sharon smiled as she sat on the bed, heard the crinkling of a plastic sheet, then proceeded to read the note left for her.


Dear Mrs. Sharon R.:


            First off, we'd like to thank you for being so considerate and informing our room staff of your husbands problem.  We can assure you that this will not be a problem and we have contended with situations such as yours before.


            We also know how frustrating it can be when forgetting simple things when packing, the diaper pail will be added to your room charges and it is yours to take with you when you check out.  We have added, as per your request, at no additional charge, a plastic, waterproof sheet that covers the entire bed, we do not have single side draw-sheets, we hope this will suffice.


            Normally we do not offer a laundry service such as what you have requested, but since you have scheduled to stay here 5 days and nights, we have made an exception and one of the house-girls that will be working your room has agreed to launder the used diapers and plastic pants, for a nominal fee, however, any other laundry, such as pj's, jammies, sleepers, etc., will be an additional charge and must be pre-arranged with the house-girl.  The casino will not interfere with any transaction you and she has agreed to, however, if for some reason she has not been compensated for said services, this will be added on to your room charges.


            If for any reason you choose to go with a disposable diaper garment for your husband, please let the house-girl know so she can properly dispose of these used garments at least twice a day. 


            The house-girl, Jada, will contact you first thing in the morning, at that time, you can set up an agreement and amount of pay, as well as a schedule for the pick up of soiled diapers and the drop off of clean ones.


If there are any questions or anything else we can help you with to further enhance your stay with us here at The Circus Circus, please feel free to contact the front desk, and thank you again for choosing The Circus Circus for your vacation get-away.


                 Miss Dana Stone: Management


        Sharon smiled as she folded the letter, carefully placing it in her purse, then thought to herself, and so it begins..............


The Beginning.....

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