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Japanese Office Diaper Girls

In a Japanese Style house on the outskirts of Tokyo it was 7 in the morning as a silhouette could be seen against the window. Inside the house a Depend for Women Underwear with Fit Flex Protection was being pulled up some long sexy legs and up to a pair of curvy female hips and a beautiful ass. They belonged to a young adult female of Japanese/Indian decent. Her long black hair came down to her knees and her beautiful brown eyes held innocence in them. The girl also had a pair of firm and natural E cup breasts that matched her depend covered ass.

“So beautiful,” The lady spoke as she looked at herself in a mirror before she heard a voice calling.

“Arisa are you in there?” a younger female voice called, “Could you come help me out please?”

“Coming Kaoru,” the lady now identified as Arisa called as she went to her younger s sister’s room. She got to her younger sister’s room and could see that her beautiful younger sister Kaoru had her clothes out but she was still naked. She took the time to look at how gorgeous Kaoru looked with her hair done up in a bun and with large firm and natural D cup breasts framing her body and hips that could rival her own

“Oh Kaoru how are you?” Arisa asked.

“I’m okay but could you please put me in my diaper?” Kaoru asked, “I feel naked without it.”

“Of course I will,” Arisa said laying Kaoru down on the floor before she spread Kaoru’s legs open and wiped Kaoru’s pussy gently. The wiping was making Kaoru’s body tingle and before she knew it she peed all over Arisa.

“Sorry sis,” Kaoru whimpered staring at her soaked sis.

“Don’t worry about it Kaoru,” Arisa said as she continued wiping Kaoru’s pretty pussy, “These things happen.”

Kaoru nodded as Arisa wiped her pussy before applying baby powder to her crotch. Once that was done she then lifted Kaoru’s hips and placed a diaper under them before wrapping Kaoru’s waist with it.

“And there you go,” Arisa said as she helped Kaoru get to her feet.

“My diaper feels so nice and snuggly,” Kaoru beamed.

“Come on we don’t want to be late,” Arisa said, “Minerva is waiting for us.”

“Right of course.” Kaoru said as she and Arisa went off for work.

An hour later Kaoru and Arisa arrived at the office building which they worked. They made a quick stop at a temple and dropped off a case of diapers and depends for those with bladder problems as they took the elevator to where their boss was. When the elevator stopped the sisters exited to see their boss Minerva was waiting for them.

Minerva was a slim young woman of eastern looking decent and she had beautiful purple hair that came to her ass, large curvy and natural d cup breasts and emerald eyes. She also had blue eye shadow with gave her the appearance of a geisha as she wore a kimono that came up to her mid-thigh which was in black and had a tiger theme to it.

“Welcome girls,” Minerva spoke in a feminine eastern accent, “Where have you been?”

“We stopped by the shrine as usual,” Kaoru answered, “We would’ve been here sooner but this time there was something more magical about the shrine this time.”

“Magical you say?” Minerva asked walking towards them, “Well I believe that you two might have a point about that but for now we’ve got work to do.”

Before the sisters could comment a faint hissing sound could be heard as Minerva blushed before untying her tiger themed kimono which revealed her gorgeous body and the fact that she was in a plain white diaper only it was soaked.

“I think I better change you,” Arisa said before Kaoru also blushed gently and peed her diaper.

“And me as well,” Kaoru spoke.

“Good thing the three of us all wear robes or this would be difficult,” Arisa said removing her robe revealing her depend. She then had Minerva and Kaoru lay on the floor before she began cleaning and powdering them after she removed their soaking wet diapers.

“You know Arisa you should get a diaper like us,” Minerva said, “Then you wouldn’t have so much trouble pulling up those depends.”

“Thanks boss but I happen to like my depends,” Arisa said giving Minerva’s pussy a gentle kiss before wrapping it up in a fresh dry diaper which looked so nice and snuggly on Minerva before doing the same to Kaoru. “Plus unlike you two I don’t have as much of a bladder problem as you.”

“How about we just get to work,” Kaoru said as the three of them worked nearly completely naked for the day. Once they finished and everyone left Minerva, Kaoru, and Arisa left the office making sure they were the last ones out since they walked home in just kimonos and diapers or in Arisa’s case depends.

“That was another typical day,” Arisa said.

“True but something tells me that tonight won’t be so typical,” Kaoru said.

Minerva, Kaoru and Arisa continued walking as they passed the shrine and picked up a package that was left for them and it was filled with Diapers. Once they got home the girls took of their kimonos and allowed Arisa to Change them.

“You know Arisa you really should try on a diaper,” Kaoru said as Arisa was cleaning and powdering her.

“I really don’t need to,” Arisa reminded.

“You could always do it for charity,” Minerva spoke as Arisa was changing her too, “You know how much you love doing stuff for charity.”

Arisa was about to retort but she couldn’t deny that.

“Alright fine I will wear one,” Arisa sighed, “But just for tonight.”

Minerva and Kaoru beamed as Arisa finished changing them before they went to clean and powder Arisa and wrap up her beautiful ass and pussy in a nice snuggly lion themed diaper. Once the three girls were cleaned and powdered they decided to sleep in the master bedroom together in just their diapers.

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