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" My Online Mommy / A True Story "



          " Chapter I "


           In The Beginning ...................


                          Looking back, and after reading about other AB/DL's, I guess I was a lot like all of them, scared, unsure, and feeling all alone in a world, that not only,  would not accept our fetish/fantasy/lifestyle, but like a lot of us, I felt that the shame and embarrassment of anyone knowing I enjoyed wearing and using diapers and being treated like a baby, would not only be humiliating and terrifying, but that it could possibly cost me my family, my friends and any possible relationship I might have with a girl.


                           I remember first feeling an attraction to diapers and other infantile objects when I got hired at a local mom & pop grocery store, which was located directly across the street from the local high school, I was 13 years old and  I did numerous chores around the store, sweeping, cleaning, sorting refundable soda bottles, etc..  The store was ran by Henry and his wife, Char, they had a 3 year old son who was still in diapers.  This was back in the early 60's when it was rare to see anyone in diapers much passed the age of 2, a time when potty training was highly emphasized and encouraged as early as possible, this was also a time of cloth diapers, decorative diaper pins and Gerber plastic baby pants.


                           One day, Char asked Henry if I could go straighten out their garage ( it was used primarily for storage, both personal items and

storage for racks, shelving and other items for the store ), since I had finished up most everything in the store, Henry told me to go with Char and see what she wanted done.  I thought Char was a Goddess, thin, with blonde hair and green eyes, and I had the opportunity to, a lot, to watch how she treated their son, in and including diaper changing.


                            When we got to the garage, Char told me she wanted all their personal belongings stacked neatly against one wall and all the store items stacked neatly against the opposite wall, this would leave an area in between the two stacks for her to park her car at night, out of the snow and the cold.  There were a lot of baby items in the garage, crib, infant seat, infant clothing, baby blankets and a bassinet, the kind that sits on the floor and has the plastic padding that sits loosely on the bottom of the bassinet.  I remember that first day, the job was going to take a couple days, easily, I was stacking most of the shelves and racks, trying to get that out of the way, and my eyes kept drifting back to that bassinet, along with the vivid imagination of a 13 year old boy.


                             I wondered what it would feel like, to actually lay in a bassinet, even though I knew I was too big for it, there was just something inside of me that made me want to give it a try.  I quickly looked out the window, Char's car was gone and Henry was busy running the store, I sat the bassinet on the floor in the middle of the garage and laid down in it, with my legs dangling off both sides, I pulled the plastic padding up between my legs, similar to a diaper, with my head resting on the top of the bassinet and my legs dangling off the sides, not touching the floor, and as I patted the bottom of the plastic padding with one hand, the other hand was pulling it tighter between my legs, and I was feeling a sensation that was, excruciatingly euphoric, needless to say, over the next few days, I repeated this act of euphoria, but  added a baby blanket, used as a diaper, folded over and tucked firmly in my underwear, there was no turning back now, I was hooked, and it felt good, and as time went by, I soon realized, I was not alone !!!!!


                            I was seeing more and more articles in various magazines, Playboy, Penthouse, Forum, then one day I came across a magazine named Nugget, and I was mesmerized, the magazine carried numerous articles on infantilism, it was there I learned the difference between AB's and DL's, and an enormous weight was lifted off my chest, I was indeed, no longer alone.  I got braver and actually told a few of the girls I was dating that I liked to wear diapers, but usually told them in a dark room, in the darkness of a drive-in movie show, anyplace that would allow me to hide my face.  I even carried around an article in my billfold I had cut out of Penthouse, about a guy confessing he liked to wear diapers, when I was too embarrassed to just tell a girl outright, I would let her read the article instead.  Some of the responses from the different girls were surprising, some humorous,, one girl read the article, looked at me, and said, "Did you want one, I still have some from when my kids were babys", another looked at me and said, jokingly, while watching a baby commercial on t-v, "You need your diaper changed, YOU STINK", one even went as far as telling me, "If I put a diaper on you, trust me, it's not coming off until you need changed", unfortunately, unlike now, I backed down very quickly, so looking back, I guess there were girls that would have put a diaper on me, I just didn't have the guts to go through with it.


                           Then, came the internet, and I'm sure, as you all know, opened a whole new world, not for just AB's, DL's and Infantilists, but for every fetish and fantasy imaginable, and to take the immortal words from The X Files.................


                            Cats & Kittens, Chics & Greasers, grab hold of your chairs, cause peeps........" WE ARE NOT ALONE


 " My Online Mommy / A True Story "

                 ( Chapter II )

       The Internet ...................................

                The shock that there were other people like me, who truly enjoyed diapers, was incredible, it seemed the more info & stories I found on the internet, the more I wanted, I was totally obsessed in the beginning, absorbing as much as I could take in, not wanting it to ever end.

                 Fortunately for me and 100's, maybe even 1,000's of other infantilists, it wouldn't end, we had a non-stop, never ending road of information and knowledge, that we were indeed not alone in our infantile way of thinking.  It wasn't long until I ventured in to the chat rooms on aol, and after skimming thru numerous rooms, I found one that caught my eye, it was called Fantasy Roleplay.  I went in and just watched the various conversations for a couple of nights when out of the blue, I received a private chat invite from a lady named TeezenPleeze.

                  We probably talked for up to 5 hours that first night, she was curious about me ( my screen-name at that time was BadOBaby4U ), I didn't reveal too much, other then I liked to be mothered and pampered, in a boyfriend/girlfriend sort of way.  She was in Chicago, and at the time, I was in Oakland so there was definitely some distance there and I felt somewhat safer that way, with my secret fantasy that is, you see, I'm married and have been, somewhat happily,  for almost 14 years now, so I felt I needed to keep my online life separate from my real life, little did I know or realize, that both lives were destined to meet eventually.

                   Anyway, after about 3 months in the Fantasy Roleplay room, Teeze and I became somewhat of an item, we had numerous friends ( regulars ) in the room and by now Teeze was quite aware of my fantasy to be a baby and she assumed the role of my online mommy, and eventually had everyone in the room babying me from time to time, when we weren't all playing games that is.  I had suddenly found myself surrounded by numerous women and girls that treated me like they were my aunts, nannies, and even babysitters.

                    I wasn't really that much into wearing and using diapers for real ( I did have a small stash hid in my closet ), because I had very little privacy, what with my wife and my son and daughter, ages 14 & 13, and I never ever let my love for diapers and infantile ways interfere with my marriage or me being a good father, there just wasn't room for the two to be connected, so I kept my fantasy life on the low-low.  My wife knew about my fantasy, before we got married, but never got involved with it, other then popping a baby related joke now and then, then laughing and winking at me, as if to say, "GOT YOU".

                    I never kept Teeze a secret to my wife, she knew about Teeze, and Teeze knew about her, it was a good understanding and I enjoyed the best of both worlds, as well as I could under the circumstances.  I would wear a diaper when my wife was going to be gone for the day, or if I had the next day off and stayed up all night playing on the computer while everyone slept.  It was in this fantasy roleplay room I was given the name BooBooBritches, Teeze agreed to have a baby shower for me in a private room and she would invite a few of our friends to the shower, it would be at this time that the girls could all vote on one of three different, NEW, screen-names for me, and I had to agree to keep that name, create a profile and go by it from there on in, before I heard what my options were, I figured, what the hell, what could it hurt, so I agreed.

                   The night of the babyshower, I got into the special room ( Named " Badobaby's Baby Shower " ), just a little after 7 p.m. and I was shocked to see Teeze and 18 other girls from Fantasy Roleplay in the room waiting for me.  After we all finished all of our hello's and greetings, Teeze gave me the three names to be voted on, which all the girls had come up with, the choices were, BooBooBritches, TinkyBottom or Mr. KrinkleButt, when I heard the names I bust out laughing and told them they couldn't be serious, all the girls said they were and I had to keep my word, after heehawing for a bit, I agreed, needless to say, the name voted on was BooBooBritches and Teeze said it was the perfect name for me because it would always let everyone I met know, that I not only wore diapers but I messed my diapers to, just like a little baby and this would be the perfect baby name for me.

                    Eventually, like everything else, after almost a year and a half, people drifted away from the room, Teeze and I split up and I quit going to FRP / aka / Fantasy Roleplay.  I was feeling braver and braver with my wife and would even wear a diaper to bed now and then, she always knew but never said anything and she was good about keeping the kids out telling them to let me sleep, on the mornings she knew I had a diaper on, she even took me to the beach a couple times, letting me wear my diapers under my street clothes, but she never wanted to get any more involved then just knowing I was wearing a diaper, and I honored her wishes, I had a very good job and gave her a very good life, one wherre she didn't have to work outside the home.  We were both happy, I gave her security and a good life and she accepted me, and my fantasy.

                     As far as the internet, and my fantasy/fetish for diapers, it was far from over, I eventually started going to gaming sites, to play dominos, poker, etc., I found a site that charged $9.95 a year, and it was the supreme site of the internet, it's game choices were incredible and it even offered live cam chat rooms where you could actually talk in the room to everyone if you had a mic for your puter, the site was called LIVE and I soon spent most of my online time there.  I eventually got into a backgammon league and one of the game coordinators was a girl named Pouty, I would eventually find out her real name was Saundra, anyway, needless to say, there I was in a new league, chatting to a girl named Pouty and her asking me, What did BooBooBritches stand for?   For some reason, it might have been the way she asked me, the softness of her voice, or that girlish giggle she had, whatever it was, I got embarrassed and told her it was a long story and perhaps, a public room wasn't the time to explain it, she just laughed and said, ok, we'll chat about it another time, and got back to getting her backgammon league tournament started.

                       It must have been a couple days later when I saw Saundra again, I was sitting in the league room just chatting with a few of the other members when she came in.  She was courteous and said hi to everyone, then asked me what I was doing, I told her was just hanging around looking for a game and she asked if I wanted to play her, we were both pretty good at backgammon so I figured it would be a decent match and said, sure, go ahead and make the room, she laughed and said, follow me.

                       As I waited for a new room to appear in our league section, I almost spit out my coffee when I saw the room she had created, it was called "BooBoo's Changing Room".  I went into the room and she was laughing, I was like, wow, interesting room name, and she said, well, just in case you make a lil booboo in yer britches, I'll be ready to change ya, I was shocked, then tried to fake it and asked her, what do you mean.  She just laughed and said, I looked up your online screen-name on aol, and got quite a little shock myself, so you want to find an online mommy so she can treat you like a baby and change your stinky diapers, huh?  So tell me Boo, do you have an online mommy now, when I told her no she said, awww, the lil baby don't gots no mommy to take care of him?

                       Needless to say, reading this in type is one thing, but to actually hear someone talking to you like that over your computer, WOW, I dang near climaxed right there on the spot, there was only one small problem with hearing it live, which I totally didn't think of, until I felt a tap on my shoulder, turned around and saw my wife standing there with a big ass grin on her face, and she said, she was headed for bed but wanted to talk to me in the bedroom real quick before she called it a night, I excused myself from Saundra and told her I'd be right back, then went in to see what Sharon wanted.

                       When I got in the bedroom, Sharon was sitting on the bed, still smiling, then she looked at me and said, well, looks like you found yourself an online mommy, I have no problem with it, just make sure you keep it online, I told her I would and she didn't have to worry about anything like that, she looked at me then said, ok, and for now, since your online mommy is so concerned about changing your stinky diapers, I guess you may as well be dressed for the part, and she pulled out one of my disposable diapers I had hid in the closet, folded it out, patted the bed and told me to plant it, I was in total shock, Sharon had never even seen me in a diaper ( as far as I knew ), let alone get involved by putting a diaper on me.  Sharon was a little rusty at first but after she dusted my bottom with lots of baby powder, she then taped up the sides ( it was the kind with 3 tapes on each side ), patted my bottom, told me to put on my pajama bottoms, go back and play, and to have fun.

                        Just as I was headed out of the room, Sharon said, oh, and Rob, when you come back in to go to bed, that diaper had better still be on you, I put it on you and only I can take it off of you, she then gave me a haunting laugh and a little wink as she patted my bottom and sent me out of the bedroom................................................

to be continued................................


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  " My Online Mommy / A True Story "


                       ( Chapter III )


          When I got back to the computer, I was still shocked and stunned by what Sharon had just done and told me, and even though I loved the feeling of wearing a diaper that had been put on me by someone other then myself, it still felt a bit weird, in an exciting sort of way!  Pouty was still waiting for me on the computer and we started one, of what would be many games that night, both backgammon and mental.


           Halfway thru the 1st game, she started asking me things about my lifestyle as an infantilist,  as she called it.  I explained to her why I thought I had a fetish and a love for diapers and she seemed to understand, adding, that she had done a lot of research on the subject the past couple days and she was not only intrigued, but was kind of interested in being my online mommy if I wanted her to.


            I thought it was fantastic that someone would actually approach me on the subject, let alone wanting to be my online mommy, excitedly I asked her, did she know what being an online mommy to an adult baby boy would be like, and she answered with the best answer I could ever imagine possible, she said,  "Other then just talking and typing with an adult, I would imagine it would be the same as being a mommy to any other baby, you need fed, pampered, loved and when you're wet or stinky, you need your diaper changed ".


             I immediately knew this lady was definitely different, and she would definitely prove me correct in what future, her and I would have, both online and in real life.  I thought to myself that I probably had the best of both worlds, a loving wife who not only knew of my fantasy, but would eventually get more and more involved with various parts of it, but before I get too far along, Pouty and I played backgammon for probably 4 hours that night, with her constantly asking me questions about what it was I was looking for as a baby and what she thought I should be getting as a baby ( some of our talk was over the mic, but most was in type due to the fact she had young children in her home and so did I ) .


               Needless to say, I wet my diaper ( in more ways then one ) while I sat there and played with Pouty, and when I was ready to sign off and go to bed, Pouty provided a sweet, motherly diaper change for me, online, this got me totally excited and by time I attempted to sneak into bed, I was definitely aroused, and as quiet as I tried to be, Sharon woke up when I slipped into bed, she asked me if I was wet or did I need changed yet, I told her no and that I was ok, she immediately stuck two fingers into the front of my diaper and said, " Dang Bobby, you're wet, I guess I need to start checking you like I would any other 2 year old, instead of asking you ", she then grabbed another diaper she had on the side of the bed on her side, told me to lift my butt, then quickly, and with a little bit more expertise, changed me, kissed my forehead and told me " Nitey Nite "


                 As time went on, Pouty and I got closer and I was meeting more and more of her online friends, all who were quite aware that I was her baby and that she treated me just like a baby, diapers and all.  Sharon and I got closer also, and in as much as she played mommy for me occasionally, it was still and far apart.  Pouty and I spent a lot of time together online when we weren't working, I was a Regional Manager for a very large Indoor Movie Theatre, Drive In and Swap Meet company, Pouty was a foster mother and often had little ones staying with her for months at a time, but we still found a way to be together a lot.


                  It wasn't long before I was transferred to Phoenix from Oakland to train new management for our 9 screen drive-in theatre / swap meet, the company leased me an apt.  with internet access, and in the 4 months I was assigned there I was fortunate to discover that my wife Sharon, was much more looser and daring online then she was in real life, her and I developed a great online mommy/baby relationship and she was not only interested in my lifestyle, but was willing to become an active participant, all of this was happening at the same time Pouty and I were getting closer, so here I was with the best of both worlds, A real life Wife/Mommy relationship and an online mommy relationship, and both were blossoming.


                   At the end of my 4 month assignment and having successfully trained a new management team, the company flew my wife out to be with me, then gave me a week vacation and a rental car to get back to Oakland our two children, age 15 and 16 were staying with friends for the week.  Sharon and I drove to Los Angeles, then up Pacific Coast Highway, what an awesome drive.  We took our time, but we did have a destination, I was wanting to visit a little store in Santa Cruz I had heard about online, that specialized in adult baby clothes, and to my shock, Sharon was also a tad bit curious about such a store.


                    We stayed at a motel in Santa Cruz the night we arrived so we could get to the store early, and then back on the road to Oakland.  The name of the store was Lifestyles Emporiums, which we wanted to go to the following morning.  Getting ready to go to the store, Sharon insisted that I wear a diaper under my street clothes, just in case I needed to try on any type of clothing.  I was mainly interested in cloth diapers, plastic pants and onesies, and trust me, the store did not disappoint  me, I was mesmerized by the amount and different varieties, of not only diapers, both cloth and disposables, but also of other style baby clothing, Sharon was also shocked, she had done some research online but had no idea the fetish of infantilism could possibly have such a following that a store like this could survive, I guess you could say we were both shocked.


                      The lady who owned and ran the store was extremely helpful and nice, I think even Sharon was a bit shocked at how unemotionally the owner talked about big babys and their needs.  She helped me find a couple onesies I found interesting, and a couple cloth diapers, that had velcro on them, when she asked my size, I told her I wasn't sure but that I wore a XL disposable, she said that disposables sizing charts weren't always that reliable so she asked me if I wanted to try one of the diapers and one of the onesies on just to be sure of the fit, I told her that would be fine so she grabbed a cloth diaper off the shelf, then held it up to my waist, as if to measure it, I immediately looked around the store to see if anyone was watching and saw the young girl behind the counter smiling at me, not in a laughing sort of way but in an understanding sort of way.


                       Before she handed me the cloth diaper and onesie, she asked me if I was wearing regular underwear or was I wearing a diaper, I told her I was wearing a disposable diaper and she smiled and said, that's good, because she would not let anyone try on the diapers or onesies unless they were wearing what she felt was adequate protection, she then asked me if my diaper was still clean and dry, and I blushingly told her yes, it was, Sharon had strolled over to the counter and was talking to the young girl while the owner was helping me.


                       I went into the changing room and there was a long padded bench which could have easily passed for a changing table, I also noticed there were numerous disposable diapers on a shelf and a diaper pail on the floor with a sign posted above it that read " Wet & Dirty Diapees ".  I dropped my jeans, keeping them around my ankles, then sat down on the cloth diaper, pulling the sides up and using the velcro to fasten them, the fit was perfect, even though I had a disposable on underneath, I then left the cloth diaper on, as was instructed, and tried on the onesie, the onesie felt just a little bit tight and I was having trouble snapping the snaps, as I was trying, there was a knock on the door, it was the owner asking me if everything was alright, I told her I was having a little trouble with the snaps and she asked, " Do you mind if I come in and help you ", now up until now, Sharon was the only person that had ever seen me in a diaper, well, at least since I'd been a toddler, so embarrassingly, I told her, to come on in.


                      Once she had came in, she immediately asked me to turn around, then she tugged at the back of my onesie, holding it in one hand, she came back around to the front and started to snap my onesie, after the second snap, I felt her unsnap the onesie and pull it back over the top of my head, and the next thing I know, I was standing there in front of her in a thick, bulky cloth diaper.  She told me she didn't have this design in the next size up and to avoid me having to get dressed and then undressed again, if I would mind going out into the store with her to find a onesie, in my size, that I would like, I told her, sure, no problem but then realized, I couldn't get my jeans up over the thickness of both the disposable and the cloth diaper, she immediately saw the problem and assured me, there was no one else in the store and it wouldn't take long, so she bent down, took my jeans off over my sneakers, then held my hand as she led me back into the store, dressed in just a t-shirt, thick diaper and sneakers.


                      When Sharon saw me, she just smiled, the girl she was talking to said " AWWWWW, That is just too cute ", Sharon immediately walked over to me and started examining the diaper and the velcro, while the owner was grabbing a couple more, different sized onesies, she took one and asked me to turn around, when I did, she slipped the onesie over my head, pulled the tail down in the back, then, as she did in the changing room, came around to my front and proceeded to snap the onesie.  Once she had the onesie completely snapped, she stepped back, then pulled the sides down a little bit to cover my diaper, and said, onesies don't cover the diaper entirely, but this one looks like a pretty decent fit, Sharon, after closely examining it also, agreed, and immediately told the owner, we'll take two onesies, 1 white and the other pink, we'll also take 2 of the velcro diapers, and if need be, can we still use diaper pins with these, the owner immediately answered yes, Sharon then told the owner, we'll also take two pair of the baby print plastic pants, one blue and one pink, both with the little animated diaper pins and baby blocks on them, before I knew it, Sharon had completed my order and was ushering me back into the changing room to get the diaper off, the owner had removed the onesie before I went back.


                       When I finally got the cloth diaper off and got my jeans back on, I took the diaper out to the counter where the owner, the young girl and Sharon were all chatting and laughing, I handed the owner the diaper and she put it into a bag that had our other purchases, she also gave Sharon a bag of various samples, mainly different style disposable diapers, but there must have been a dozen different brands, all in my size, in there, the owner thanked us and reminded us that she also could package and post, via UPS or Fed-Ex, anything else we might want or need, then handed us her business card.  As we were picking up the bags of merchandise and samples, the young girl smiled and told Sharon, " You were sure right, He certainly does make a cute little baby boy " !!!!!!


    " My Online Mommy / A True Story "


                     ( Chapter IV )


           The drive back to Oakland was not only pleasant, but informative.  Sharon and I talked about where I wanted to go with my fantasy ( as she called it ), and we both talked very openly.  I told her that if ever given the chance, the right time and privacy, I'd really love to live as a baby for a full, entire week, Sharon was a little unsure of that, she explained that she had no problems with putting a diaper on me occasionally, but she definitely did not want to be responsible for having me in diapers full time, for a solid week, and she definitely didn't want to be changing any messy diapers, she just wasn't sure she could handle that.


             I thoroughly understood where Sharon was coming from and told her I would never do anything that would make her uncomfortable and I agreed it had to be a two way street, but I would still have my fantasy in the back of my mind, Sharon just smiled and said, she knew I would.


              As time went on, Sharon and I occasionally played the mommy/baby game and I continued my relationship online with Saundra, with Sharon knowing.  Saundra and I used to tease each other about what we would each do and / or not do if we ever met, to the point where it turned into a game.  We would play backgammon and make promissory bets on the game, such as, the winner would get what they wanted as a mommy or baby.  We each would tell each other what it would be we wanted to happen if we won, then we would play, keeping score on a sheet of paper ( sort of an IOU system ), and if we ever met, in real life, the bets had to be paid off.


               We did eventually meet, at a room reunion for The Fantasy Roleplay Room, when about 20 regulars in the room decided to all meet in Las Vegas for a 3 day get-together.  I talked with Sharon about it and she had no problem with me going, she also knew Saundra was going to be there but had no problem with it.  While I was packing, Sharon helped me pack what baby clothes she felt I would need, in and including disposable diapers, 4 cloth diapers, plastic pants and two onesies, she also packed a couple pair of loose fitting sweats so I could wear my diapers and baby attire beneath them in public.


Now on these bets, keep in mind, my wins were based on avoiding any embarrassing situations and I would get to control any of our situations and scenarios, Saundra on the other hand, had different ideas with her wins, she felt, a baby's a baby and they shouldn't have any say on anything.


                 Knowing I would be sharing a room with Saundra, Saundra and I agreed to pay off five each, of our promissory bets we had made.


My wins were:

                        1 = I would always get to choose what my outer clothing would be.

                        2 = Saundra could not at any time give me a baby bottle in public and I would get to select what food I ate, and get to feed myself when we were at a restaurant.

                        3 = Saundra could not at any time force me to suck a pacifier in public.

                        4 = Saundra could not at any time put a bib on me in public.

                        5 = I would get one extenuating circumstance where i could choose not to have to use my diaper.


Saundra's wins were:

                        1 = I had to wear diapers all the time, no exceptions.

                        2 = I had to use my diapers the way they were intended and not hold back for any reason.

                        3 = She would get to select the thickness of the diaper I wore and how many I had to wear with plastic pants at any given time.

                        4 = She would carry a diaper bag no matter where we went or who we met and she could do a diaper check on me whenever she felt I needed one.

                        5 =  She would decide when my diaper needed changed, as long as we were in private, no matter who was there, whether I was just wet, or I was stinky and messy.


                   Now keep in mind, I never really thought I'd meet Saundra so the bets I was making were just basically fantasy bets, who would have ever thought I would have to pay off, duh, lol


                   I drove to Vegas from Oakland, wasn't a bad trip, and I thought about everything I had promised on the bets I lost, thinking there was no way Saundra would actually hold me to any of the bets, I mean, pretending I'm a baby and changing my diapers online was one thing, but doing it real life, I figured we'd both just get a good laugh out of it, and I did have my diapers and baby clothes for at night when I was in my room.


                    I got to Vegas earlier then most of the other members of FRP and went ahead and got my room set up at The Circus Circus, where we were all staying at, afterwards I just acted like a shuttle for the other members of FRP, when they arrived at the Vegas airport, they would call my cell phone and I would go pick them up and drop them at The Circus Circus.  When I got the call from Saundra, almost everyone else was already there and I had greeted most of them, but with Saundra I felt jittery and nervous, when I met her at the airport, she was chatting with another lady she had met on the flight in.  When she saw me, she said something to the lady and they both stood up and walked over towards me, Saundra was pulling two suitcases she had and the lady was pulling one suitcase and toting a bag.


                     When they got to where I was standing, Saundra introduced me to the lady, her name was Cathy, she was in her early 30's, a bit on the chunky side, in a cute way, green eyes and blonde hair, when she shook my hand, she gently squeezed it, smiled and said, I think someone is going to have a very surprising mini vacation, she then handed me the bag she was toting and said, I think this is yours, you're definitely gonna be needing it, that's when I realized it was a puffy, baby blue diaper bag which had the word D I A P E R S printed in big letters on the side, after her and Saundra finished laughing, Cathy looked at my bottom, smiled, and said to Saundra, I think you need to get your big baby in a diaper, pronto, wouldn't want him to have a little accident here, now would we, they both laughed and Saundra said, Oh, don't worry about that, I'm gonna have his little bottom wrapped up in a diaper and well padded before he knows what hit him, they both laughed, then said their goodbyes and Cathy went on her way while Saundra was winking at me, she then giggled and said, WELL BABY BOY, ARE YOU READY TO BE PAMPERED AND BABIED FOR 3 FULL DAYS............................

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