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" My Online Mommy / A True Story "


                      < Chapter V >


      Saundra smiled at me as we walked to the parking garage and asked me if I  was embarrassed, I sort of laughed it off and said not really, just a bit surprised, she smiled again and said, Yea, right?  When we got to my SUV, I loaded Saundras luggage in the rear and politely asked her, Dang girl, what you got in here, BRICKS, she laughed and said, no, just little surprises for my baby boy.


       When we arrived back at The Circus Circus, Saundra insisted on going to the check-in desk, even though I told her, repeatedly, that I had already checked in and had gotten a room.  When we got to the service counter, after waiting in line for 10 minutes, Saundra once again surprised me when she asked the counter girl ( a very attractive little brunet with green eyes and the maternal smile of an angel ), if there was any way possible we could get a plastic, waterproof sheet for our bed, further explaining while she gestured towards me, " He's fully incontinent and his night diapers tend to get really messy and leak at night, occasionally ", the counter girl just wrinkled her nose and gave me that condescending, motherly smile and said, " I'm sure we can arrange for housekeeping to remake your bed in a way that it would be fully protected, and I would like to thank you for being so considerate.  Will you be headed directly to your room, if so, I can have housekeeping meet you there and you can explain the situation to them so they can provide you with what ever you need ".


        On our elevator ride up to our floor, Saundra was smiling and holding my hand when she told me, there was no need to be embarrassed, no matter what she did or how she treated me, she was just being a mommy and this, and what was coming, were just mommy actions and conversations, and I shouldn't be troubled or embarrassed about it, further explaining to me that babies don't get embarrassed and feel no shame, regardless of what their mommies did to, or for them, regardless of where we were or who was around, and that I should just kick back, and enjoy being a baby for the next 3 days.


         In as much as I thought, WOW, this could be fun, I also felt slightly embarrassed and scared, not knowing what Saundra had planned, based on what she had already done, in such a short time.  I knew that Saundra also knew that part of my fetish/fantasy was to be put into embarrassing infantile situations, as long as it stayed within the confines of the law.  When we got to the room, Saundra immediately opened her suitcase, the one that weighed a ton, and pulled out one of the thickest, cloth, adult diaper I had ever seen, even more so then the ones they had in that little shop in Santa Cruz, she also pulled out a pair of clear plastic pants, that looked exactly like the ones Gerber made for babies, these had the leg holes in the front of the pant, just like the Gerber brand, except these had a very light bluish tint to them, they were still transparent enough to see the diaper, but the blue tint gave them an infantile appearance.


         I was so mesmerized by the adult baby items Saundra had brought, I completely forgot about housekeeping coming up to our room.  Saundra retrieved a large, plastic back changing pad from the same suitcase, spread it out on the bed, patted the changing pad, looked at me, smiled, and said, " PLANT IT BABY BOY, YOU NEED A DIAPER ".   I started to undo my pants and she gently slapped my hand saying, " Just lay down baby boy, mommy will be diapering, dressing and undressing you for the next few days".  I laid back and Saundra removed my shoes and socks, then pulled down my pants and underwear and removed them, leaving me laying there in just a shirt, I found this all to be quite amazing, and even a little scary, the only person who has seen me nude and so vulnerable was my wife, who just happened to also be the only person who had ever changed and diapered me since I was an toddler. 


          Saundra then had me sit up and proceeded to take my shirt off of me, she then reached back into her suitcase and brought out a very infantile looking tee-shirt, the kind with the snaps going from the neck down the shoulder, there was also a BIG Blue Teddy Bear, in a diaper, on the front of the shirt, I thought the shirt fit me kind of small, as it seemed to barely cover my belly, but then, perhaps it was my imagination since I was sitting down and it would probably look like a better fit once I stood up.  Saundra then gently pushed me back down and told me to lift my butt, sliding the thick diaper under me, Saundra then sparingly put baby powder on my bottom and genitals, then told me to put my butt down as she pull the diaper up between my legs, the diaper was so thick it made my legs spread apart and I could only envision me trying to walk with this diaper on without totally looking like a bowlegged toddler, as Saundra pinned up one side of the diaper, then removing the other diaper pin from her lips and pulling the diaper snug and tight, she pinned the other side of the diaper, I had noticed that the diaper pins were little blue duckies and that this diaper was on more tight and snug then I had ever gotten one to fit by myself, Saundra definitely has had practice in the diapering department.  She then shook out the plastic pants and told me to lift my bottom once more as she pulled the pants up my legs and then over my bottom, she took my hands and helped me stand, I was a little wobbly as my legs were forced apart and Saundra busied herself with tucking the diaper in here and there to make sure the diaper didn't wick, as she put it.


           So there I stood, in all my glory, looking every bit like a toddler as possible, Saundra handed me a bottle of water, explaining that she had to wash the baby bottles first before she would let me use them, so I took the water and was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching Saundra unpack her other suitcase, using the dresser drawers that the room supplied, to put her clothes away, she saved the top drawer, telling me, that was my drawer as she unpacked the suitcase she had gotten what I was wearing out of, there were more plastic pants, four more super thick diapers, a couple more infantile looking tee-shirts, and what I thought looked like some onesies and a romper suit?


            Just then, there was a knock on the door and I heard someone opening the door and announcing very loudly, " HOUSEKEEPING ",

I quickly, without thinking, jumped in bed and got under the covers as Saundra greeted the two ladies from housekeeping as they walked into the room, both saying they were sorry, they did not know we would be in the room yet.  Both girls must have been in their early 30's and were quite attractive, one of the girls went back out the door and returned with what looked like a large plastic, fitted sheet made for a full size bed, that's when the realization that I was going to have to get out of the bed in order for them to remake the bed with the plastic sheet, and all I was wearing was a diaper and plastic pants.


             I immediately called Saundra over to the bed,  and whispered to her that perhaps she should ask the girls to leave the room so I could run into the bathroom, so they wouldn't be embarrassed seeing me like this, then I would come back out once they were done and gone.  Saundra squeezed my hand, smiled and said, let me see what I can do, as she turned towards the girls, and to my utter shock and surprise, said, " Excuse me ladies, but my little man here is wearing nothing but a diaper because I just had to change him, he had one of his poopy   stinky diapers and we didn't want to subject you two to it, but he feels that you would be embarrassed seeing him in just a diaper, OH, REALLY, WELL SURE, if it doesn't bother you to see him in just his  diaper, I'm sure it won't bother him ", then one of the girls explained, " We were told by the counter girl that the occupant of this room was requesting a plastic sheet because he wore diapers so we're not at all surprised and if it doesn't bother him, us seeing him in a diaper, it surely doesn't bother us, we both have babies and have seen our share of diapered bottoms".


            As Saundra turned towards me and slowly started to pull the covers down, the two housekeeping girls just stood there, and smiled............................................................


 " My Online Mommy / A True Story "


               < Chapter VI >


      Of all the scenarios I could have possibly thought up, this definitely would not have been one of them, both housekeeping girls took Saundra's lead and helped her pull the covers down, as I slipped off the side of the bed and sat in the chair near the window, trying to conceal myself by crossing my legs, which I found to be next to impossible due to the thickness of the diaper. 


        While I watched the two ladies strip and then start to remake the bed with the plastic sheet, Saundra watched me, with a big smile on her face, then Saundra asked the girls about a draw sheet for my side of the bed, something I had not heard of before.  One of the girls knew exactly what Saundra was talking about, and went back into the hallway, then came back with what looked like a sheet for a single twin bed.  She explained to Saundra that she had previously worked in a nursing home and this was the same system they used to keep the main sheets from getting wet and the bed was easier to change with just the draw sheet being soiled.


         The younger of the two girls came around to the side of the bed where I was sitting closest to, and asked me if I could stand up and move the chair a little farther away from the bed so she could adjust the linen and plastic sheets evenly.  As I slowly got to my feet, Saundra came over to me and swatted my thickly diapered bottom, then said, "These ladies need to get their work done, they don't have time to watch you parade around in your lil diapeys all day", both girls laughed and one of them said, " We're used to it, both of our babies are toddlers and they tend to take their sweet time doing anything we ask ".


           Saundra laughed with them and said, " Well, this lil stinker is just like a two year old, in literally every way possible you can think of, and now that you mention it ", Saundra shocks me by spinning me around, and right there in front of the two girls, with two fingers, gently pulls on the back of my plastic pants and my diaper and peeks inside, satisfied with that diaper check, she then sticks her two fingers in the diaper gap between my leg and thigh, and then proudly announces, " Well what do you know, my big baby is still clean and dry ".


            As the girls giggle and finish up the bed, as if this hadn't been enough already, Saundra asks them, if the hotel had a laundering service for diapers and such, the older of the two girls told her no, but if she wanted to, there was a laundry/washroom over in the motor home and RV park, and it was open to all the guests of The Circus Circus.  Saundra told her thanks and that she'd probably have to do a load of diapers daily, the way I went thru them.  Then to both Saundra's and my surprise, one of the girls said she was always looking for a way to make some extra money and if Saundra was interested, she'd have no problems taking care of my baby clothes and diapers every day, I was so shocked, I didn't even hear them talk about a fee, all I heard was Saundra explaining to the girl that some of my messy diapers were pretty nasty.  The girl just smiled and told Saundra, they're only nasty going in the wash, they smell a lot better coming out, plus, she's had her share of handling messy diapers and it wasn't no big deal if the price was right, and apparently, the price was right, as the two shook hands, I would learn later that her name was Kimmie.


         As soon as the two housekeeping ladies left, Saundra started laughing and said, " WOW, looks like this is going to be way more then you bargained for, and remember, we still have your bets you need to pay up on, Now lay down on the bed so I can get you changed into a disposable diaper so we can go for a walk around the casino.  When I laid down, I told Saundra that I didn't need changed, she just smiled and said, " I know, but I don't want your diaper to be too thick while we're walking around in public, at least, not yet" .


         Saundra then came up with one of the thickest adult disposable diapers I had ever seen before, as she told me to lift my bottom, she slid the diaper beneath me, powdered my bottom then told me to lay back down, when she pulled the diaper up between my legs, it also made my legs spread, not as bad as the cloth diaper had done, but I could definitely feel the thickness, she then pulled out, what looked like a pair of cloth, Winnie The Pooh pants to put on over my diaper, when she shook them out, I realized that they were actually a pair of plastic pants, with an outer infantile cloth cover, she told me to raise my bottom up and then she pulled the cloth plastic pants up over my diaper.  I asked her about the disposable diaper and the plastic pants, she explained that the diaper was one of the new Wellness Diapers and the plastic pants was a regular old diaper cover, just like what a baby would wear when they went out, Saundra then pulled out a baby blue onesie and a pair of my sweat pants, she told me the onesie would keep my diaper from drooping if I wet or made poopies and the sweats would conceal the thickness of my diaper, to a point.  She then got one of my Diamondback button up jerseys and told me to put it on, over the tee-shirt with the snaps and the big blue teddy bear in a diaper on the front, she wouldn't let me button the jersey so the teddy bear was very visible, but at least the snaps were concealed.


           When we got to the casino floor, Saundra wanted to just sit in one of the adjoining restaurants and have something cold to drink, since neither of us drank alcohol, we both had cokes.  While we sat there, people watching, Saundra asked me how my first day with her was going so far, I quickly told her that more had happened on my first few hours with her then I had anticipated on happening for the entire 3 day weekend.  Saundra just laughed and said, " We still had a full 2 1/2 days to go yet and she was just getting warmed up ", then reminded me, stating, that she hadn't done anything to me that any other mother would not have done with their toddler.  As we sat and drank our cokes and just chatted, it donned on me that I hadn't used a restroom since early this morning, before I went to pick Saundra up at the airport, and the two cups of coffee and Denver omelet I had for breakfast were starting to work on me, I felt my tummy rumble a little bit and the pressure on my bladder start to build up, then out of the blue, Saundra picked up my almost empty coke cup and went and got me a refill, this I definitely did not need.


        Thinking I could outsmart Saundra and trick her into going back to our room, before I needed to use my diaper, I asked her if she wanted to get a pizza and go back to the room and just kick back and watch some t-v with her baby boy, Saundra just smiled and said, in a normal tone of voice, not overly loud, but loud enough for anyone sitting near us to hear, " I really wanted to play the slots for awhile, and maybe we could get lucky and win enough money to pay for your diaper laundering while we're here ", then she paused, looked at me, smiled and said, in the same tone, " Boo, did you want to go back to the room because you need your diaper changed "?  I almost slid under the table as I glanced to my right and saw three grand-motherly looking ladies smiling at me with that, IT'S OK, IT'S ALRIGHT, look.


          I immediately whispered no to Saundra, I did not need changed and thought about the one extenuating circumstance I had one where I could remove my diaper and use the toilet, and I knew, that if I didn't choose to use that win now, I would most definitely be sitting in a wet, dirty diaper within minutes, not feeling like I had a choice, I told Saundra that I wanted to go ahead and use my one win to go to the bathroom.  Saundra smiled and said, no problem, just make sure you re-snap your onesie properly and re-tape your diaper back on so it doesn't leak.  I quickly agreed and got up to go find a restroom, much to my dismay, Saundra took it upon herself to explain to the three ladies about how she was trying to potty train me, following an unfortunate accident, but sadly, it was quite unsuccessful up to now so she had to keep me in diapers.


           I returned to my seat next to Saundra, about 20 minutes later and she asked me if I got everything taped on and snapped up right, and if I felt better now that I went potty like a big boy, blushingly I said yes to every question and then was shocked to feel one of the three grand-motherly type women place her hand on my shoulder and say, " You keep trying, real hard honey, and you'll be out of those nasty ole diapers before you know it " , turning red, I looked at Saundra and she just smiled, waving to the 3 ladies as they walked away.


           It was then that Saundra dropped the bomb on me when she explained, " Now that you've had your one extenuating circumstance that you won, I can really start treating you like a two year old toddler.  Do you realize that you used up your one and only safe out, and you used it within three hours of us being together, and now, your diapers stay on no matter how bad you have to go, regardless of if you have to wet it or you have to make poopies, and Boo, it isn't going to matter if you have to use your diaper while we're out, no matter where we are, or who we're with, I'll just have to make sure your diaper bag is packed properly and with enough supplies to handle any surprizes you come up with.....................



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