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"It's Just Another Diaper"


         By BooBooBritches





            I vaguely remember sitting there, patiently, trying not to make eye contact with Marie as we both awaited Sharon's return.  I know that a couple of times Marie started to say something but then stopped, as if trying to make a weak stab at teasing me.  It seemed like forever, but Sharon eventually did come back in to the living room from the nursery, and I couldn't make it out right away, but she was carrying a bundle of something in her arms and as she sat next to me on the sofa, she smiled and said, "Alrighty now, where should I start?"


            Marie looked confused, but definitely excited, almost like a kid on Christmas morning waiting to see what her presents were, I on the other hand, tried to remain calm and keep my composure, not knowing exactly which direction Sharon was headed and what she had in mind, I was about to find that out, not only in the story she was about to relay to Marie, but also in the actions she was about to partake in.


Sharon:  Marie, just to update you on what you're about to see and hear, I need to go back a couple of years to just before Rob and I were married.  (Marie smiled and nodded her head as if she was letting Sharon know that she was not only ready to hear the story, but also eager to get involved in anything that Sharon was going to involve her in)  Just before we got married, Rob explained to me about a passion he had for wanting me to baby him, he called it an obsession or a fantasy, but I just figured it was a passion, since when ever we talked about baby things, like breast feeding, clothing, basic care, and yes, diapers, he always seemed to get excited.  I really didn't give it a lot of thought, at least until after we had Emma, that's when I noticed Rob's interest in the way I cared for her on a daily basis. 


            I just sat there, stunned, not believing that Sharon would share this secret we had together with another person, especially a person so close to both our hearts, a person that was involved in our every day life, and I wondered just how far Sharon was planning on going with this, and as I sat there, and listened, I realized, she was planning on telling absolutely everything we had talked about that night so may years ago, but that wasn't even the tip of the iceberg, before Sharon would finish this night off, my life as I knew it would be forever changed.


Marie:  Wait, wait, not wanting to interrupt you, but are you saying Rob not only wanted you to baby him mentally, but he was also interested in you babying him, physically?


Sharon:  Ha ha ha, hang on to your panties Marie, it gets much more better, doesn't it Rob?  You see Marie, as usual, when he first told me of his passion I figured he was just spinning another one of his fabricated stories, but I would soon discover, quite by accident, that just perhaps, my sweet, dear hubbie, wasn't telling stories.  I started finding little things that I just wrote off to absent mindedness at first, but the more it happened, the more I started thinking, then it donned on me, and I flashed back to our conversation about Rob wanting to be babied.


Marie:  What do you mean, little things, what little things did you find that would make you think back to that (ahem), cute little conversation you and Rob had?


Sharon:  Cute?  ok, we can call it that, now, but back then, I didn't think it was cute at all.  I mean, I was finding diaper pins, that I rarely used, out of place in the nursery, baby powder, lotion, and yes, even the Desitin, found in different places then where I had left it, and I seemed to be running out of these things faster then one would run out of if she was using them normally?  But the big kicker was when I started finding more and more diapers in the diaper pail, along with more dirty receiving blankets and baby blankets then I remember using, you see Marie, what Rob didn't know, I quit using the receiving blankets shortly after I stopped swaddling her, from then on I mainly used the larger baby blankets, but still, I kept finding more and more dirty receiving blankets, and I'm not just talking about dirty from normal usage, these actually smelled like urine and occasionally, I could see and smell where they had come in to contact with feces, and I knew, if I'm not using these for Emma, how could they possibly be getting in this condition?


            I remembered back and knew immediately, when I thought I had been getting away with sneaking the baby blankets out to pin on as diaper covers all those times, she was getting more and more suspicious every time she found the dirty blankets, what I didn't know was just how far she was willing to go to find out exactly what was happening.


Marie:  Ok, ok, I'm totally lost girl.  So you're saying you think that Rob was some how using all of the baby supplies, what exactly does that have to do with you finding additional dirty diapers in the diaper pail and especially, what would that have to do with the receiving blankets being found dirty and smelly?


Sharon:  I'm getting to that Marie, and after I explain what it is that I thought it was, you can give me your opinion.  I not only started counting the amount of diapers I stuck in the diaper pail, but also kept track of certain receiving and baby blankets, it seemed like it was always the same ones being found dirty.  After about a month of doing this, I was absolutely positive it wasn't just my imagination anymore, the amount of diapers in the diaper pail, all totaled, came to about 20 more a month than I had used on Emma, and most of these were not just wet, they were also poopy.  The certain blankets had been washed, by me, at least once a week, sometimes a couple times a week, and during this experiment, I never used one of those particular blankets, not a single time?  

            I did however give Rob the benefit of the doubt and asked him if he had used the blankets or if he had changed Emma, on numerous occasions, and each time he said that he had and I questioned him if she was poopy, and coincidentally, each time he said he changed her, she was.  


Marie:  Ok, that all sounds good, but all you're telling me is that Rob's a good father and helps you with Emma, I'm not sure where you're going with this?


Sharon:  Oh, for sure, I'm not saying Rob's not a good father, he's absolutely amazing, but Marie, I want you to think back and answer me this question, since you've been here, helping with Emma and Hunter, how many times have you seen Rob change a diaper, let alone a messy diaper?


Marie:  Umm, let me think............, hmm, ok, I don't think I've ever seen him change a diaper, he usually just hands one of the baby's off to you or me when they need changed, so what are you saying?


Sharon:  What I'm saying is simple, I suspected Rob of using the receiving and baby blankets as diapers big enough to fit him and using the baby diapers as some sort of liners, but there was no way I could accuse him of it or even question him about it unless I had some type of proof, so while I was pregnant with Hunter, I devised a scheme and a plan to either disprove my theory or catch him in the act, but first things first, Rob Honey, this conversation started out with you stating if I could find a diaper big enough to fit you that you would wear it, well guess what Big Boy, look see what Mommy found?


            That's when Sharon held up a couple familiar receiving blankets and four of the babies pre-fold cloth diapers, she also had four, extremely familiar, blue, ducky diaper pins, and as she showed them to me, I started blushing from embarrassment, not even wanting to look in Marie's direction, but then, I didn't have to as Sharon spread the blankets out on the sofa, lined them with the pre-fold diapers, then looked at Marie and said, "OOPS, Mommy forgot the powder, Marie, would you be a dear and get his shorts off so we can get him properly diapered before I continue our little story, I need to run and grab the baby powder?"


Marie:  OH MY GOD Sharon, are you serious, are you really going to put a diaper on your husband, right here, in front of me, OH MY GOD....OH MY GOD!!!!!!


Sharon:  Well of course I am, I'm just making him honor his word and you did say you wanted to see him toddling around with a little bubble butt, didn't you, and besides, judging from that wet spot on the front of his pants, I think he's long over due for a  change and some dry pants.


            That's when both Marie and I looked down at my pants and as I turned redder from humiliation now, Marie gasped, then giggled and said, "Oh wow Sharon, I guess you're right, he does need dry pants, run along and grab the powder, I'd be happy to get him ready for you."


            Then in a flash, Marie was kneeling down in front of me as I sat on the sofa, as she reached for my shorts and unsnapped the snap at the waist, she smiled as she started unzipping my shorts and in a sing-song voice as if she was talking to one of the babies, she said, "C'mon little one, let Auntie Marie get you all ready for your mommy so she can get you in a fresh, dry didy".


" It's Just Another Diaper "


   By Booboobritches





            Everything was happening so fast, I was literally paralyzed, with fear and embarrassment as Marie pulled my khaki shorts down to my ankles, leaving me sitting there in just my tighty-whiteys, with the obvious wet spot on the front.  What I didn't know was that while Marie was slowly, methodically, inching my Khaki shorts all the way off, Sharon was in the nursery changing Emma out of a messy diaper, with her system, she wouldn't have another one until sometime after breakfast now, she was fairly regular when it came to pooping, not unlike any other toddler I would imagine, I just didn't imagine how much this would affect me?


                    Sharon eventually came back in, carrying the baby powder, and when she saw me sitting there in my underwear, trying to cover the wet spot, she just laughed and said, "AWWW, is somebody ready for his Mommy to get him ready for beddie-bye, you are going to be just the most precious little one ever".  Sharon then spread the baby blankets out on the sofa, right next to me, and as she looked at me and smiled, then carefully lined the blankets with the pre-fold cloth diapers, making sure each one was situated in the makeshift diaper for maximum absorbency and padding.


            Sharon then motioned for me to stand so she could take my underwear off, but when I hesitated, Sharon looked at me in a very serious way and said, "Rob, there is only going to be two ways this can be done, easy or hard.  The easy way will all be kicks and grins, Marie and I will have fun teasing you for being such a big baby and playing with you for the rest of the evening.  If you're lucky, knowing your fantasy is for me to treat you like a baby, you'll have two of us treating you like a baby, and in the future we can do this now and then whenever I decide to treat you like a baby, it'll be your fantasy and dream come true."


            I still sat there, not wanting to stand up, mainly out of embarrassment, even though deep down inside my heart was racing a mile a minute, knowing that my lifelong fantasy was just minutes away and within my reach, but that last thread of being an adult was still clinging to me and I wasn't all that sure I was ready to turn over complete trust to Sharon and Marie, at least not as it pertained to this situation.  Unbeknown to me, my hesitation and passive resistance irritated Sharon and brought out a side of her I had never witnessed before.


Sharon:  (Sitting down on the sofa, between the makeshift diaper and myself) Rob, apparently you don't understand the gravity of the situation we currently find ourselves in, I know it was said jokingly, but you did say you would wear a diaper if we could find one that fit you, well Rob, I found one, and yes, even though it's not actually a designed diaper, it was apparently good enough for when you wanted to play baby by yourself, so the way I see it, that makes it an authentic diaper, and Rob, YOU ARE GOING TO WEAR IT!!!!!!!! 


            I looked at Marie who seemed to be hooked on every single word Sharon was saying, and when she looked back at me, she got the craziest smirk on her face, if I had to describe it, I would say it was a cross between a Maternal and a Dominatrix expression, one of those like, Oh you're gonna look so cute and Oh Yea, YOU ARE GOING TO BE WEARING A DIAPER, both wrapped in to one.  Sharon startled me when she placed her hand on my now bare thigh, gripping it firmly.


Sharon:  Since you are resisting and refusing to let me get this little scenario started, this is how it's going to work.  I told you the easy way, now listen to the hard way, You can stand, put your stained shorts back on, pack a small overnight bag, then go and get yourself a motel room.  The rest of your belongings and clothes will be packed and ready for you to pick up tomorrow, I love you Rob, but our marriage has always been based on trust and honesty and I can't have you sneaking around behind my back wearing diapers whenever you feel the need or desire, and since I can see that not only are you sneaky, but you're not even capable of keeping your word, even if it is just a little joke, either way, I can't and won't live like this and I don't think Marie should have to either.  How fair would it be if you were toddling around, or even sleeping in a diaper and Marie came home and caught you, not only would you be embarrassed, as well as you should be, but so would Marie and that's not fair to her.


            I sat there, stunned, not believing what I was hearing.  I always knew that this fantasy of mine was something I didn't want to get caught doing, but I for the life of me, never thought for a second that it would cause Sharon and I to break up, even though I had previously told her about it before we got married, I guess just the actuality of wearing a diaper in front of her had never occurred to me?  I must have looked like a whipped puppy because I felt Sharon squeeze my thigh and when I looked at her, she smiled and said.........


Sharon:  Rob honey, there is a way out of this nasty little situation you seem to have gotten yourself in to.  Like I told you, I do love you and the last thing I want to see is you walking out that door, so I've come up with an alternative proposition for you.  If you agree to go ahead and keep your word and let Marie and I put you in a diaper, not only will you finally get to experience your life long fantasy tonight, but I promise you, there will be lots more pleasurable weekends with you living your fantasy in the future, plus just maybe, a couple little surprises tossed in now and then just to keep it interesting.


Rob:  I would give anything not to have to leave, I love you so much and I would just die if I couldn't be with you and the babies, and Marie of course.  So you're saying that if I agree to that silly promise I made earlier that you won't be upset with me anymore and that you really do want to actually put me in a diaper and give me my fantasy, even in front of your best friend, and it wouldn't embarrass you?


Sharon:  (laughingly)  Rob, I seriously don't think I'm the one that's going to be getting embarrassed, that is going to be all you, but yes Rob, if you agree to my terms, no questions asked, and let us get you in a diaper and treat you like a baby tonight, then almost all will be forgiven.


Rob:  What do you mean, almost all?


Sharon:  I'll explain that to you, but only after we get your diaper on, so Rob, what do you say, are you packing your bags or submitting to the diaper?


To Be Cont.      

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