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THE IMPRISONMENT PT 2 'The truth is revealed'.


As Jodi lay there in her cot, she began to think. She had been thrust into an impossible situation to believe. She had to try and make sense of it all, and the peace and tranquility of her room was the perfect place to try and fathom what was going on. She began to go over in her mind all the events that had happened in the last 48 hours... She remembered the shopping trip, the two women dragging her into a van, and then the meeting in the headmistresses office.

She felt a jolt of sadness as she remembered what the headmistress had told her. Surely this couldn't be true? Surely someone would be looking for her? She felt herself starting to cry as she thought of her boyfriend and her house.

She tried desperately to make sense of why this was happening, there had to be a reason, It couldn't just be an institution to turn people into babies surely? What was the purpose? There had to be more to this.

She cleared her mind and continued her thoughts, perhaps something else would come to light if she thought about the events of yesterday... a clue maybe.

She remembered the ceremony and immediately felt a 'Twinge' of excitement as the memories came flooding back. She also felt embarrassed at the thought of her sexual ordeal at the hands of the 'Angels'. She had never in her life considered other women in a sexual way. She was totally heterosexual, but the images and memories of the ceremony were etched in her mind and she felt slightly shocked that she took pleasure from remembering them.


She dropped her head back onto her pillow as if in defeat and sighed heavily. How on earth was she going to get out of here?







Daily life for Jodi was too terrible to put into words. Her life was a constant round of feeding, nappy changes, bath times, spankings, playtime and bed. Day after day after day.

At first she fought it with all her might, her mind ever hopeful that she would escape. Then as the weeks wore on, that fighting spirit began to fade, and she gradually began to succumb to the wishes and whims of the people who were keeping her captive.



Then one day, she managed to find out a little information about the reasons for her captivity.

It was while her nanny was preparing her lunchtime drink that an opportunity arose.

Nanny usually placed a small sleeping draft into her bottle after she had been fed to help her sleep. But this day the bottle couldn't be found so nanny fetched a glass instead. She was distracted by the Headmistress coming into the room and hadn't noticed that the little pill had stuck to the side of the glass instead of going into the drink. When she gave the glass to Jodi, Jodi noticed the pill and took it out. Then she drank the juice and pretended to go to sleep.


Her Nanny picked her up, and still in conversation with the Headmistress, carried Jodi into the nursery and placed her in her cot.


“She looks so cute when she's asleep doesn't she?” Remarked the the Headmistress.


“She's certainly much prettier than the other Babies,” Exclaimed Nanny. “which is why she's getting so many watchers I guess.”


Jodi's ears pricked up, she lay very still and listened as the two women continued.


“Well, that is what i've come to see you about,” Said the Headmistress in a slightly hushed tone. “Baby Jodi has attracted a very important and wealthy client. This client is becoming quite obsessed with her and watches everyday. The client has shown great interest and is now asking for particular treatments.”


“Really?” Said Nanny excitedly. “What kind of treatments is he asking for?”


“He wants to see more of 'Action 5” and 7,” Replied the Headmistress. “but also 'Action 24'.”


“24?” Said the nanny with surprise. “Oh my God, really?”


Jodi lay there listening, trying to figure out what it was all about. The Headmistress continued.


“He wants 'Action 24' every day at 4 O'Clock. Can that be arranged?”


“Well, I guess so...” Stammered the Nanny excitedly. “Oh my God, everyday!” That's a serious amount of money!”


“That's not all,” Whispered the Headmistress. “This Client is even considering coming down here to view personally!”


“Jesus Christ!” Exclaimed the Nanny. “Are you serious? A 'real-time' viewer? That's.... that's unbelievable! Oh my God, that's literally millions of Dollars a month!”


“Exactly. So you can see the seriousness of this situation. This Client has to be looked after to a degree far above the others. Just imagine if we can secure a deal with him for exclusive rights to view Baby Jodi... Well, the money we would get would be beyond any of our imaginations,” Said the Headmistress in a serious tone. Then she leaned a little closer to Nanny and looked her right in the eyes. “The money 'WE' would get... Do you understand me?”


Nanny's eyes widened as the point struck home. Jodi noticed her shoulders stiffened too in an heir of obedience. The Headmistress nodded her head towards Jodi and said, “And this little one needs very special care and attention from now on... She has the power to change our lives and make this institution the greatest in the world.”



After the two women left, Jodi relaxed and opened her eyes. What she had just heard had amazed her. So there were people watching? But where? Jodi had never seen anyone apart from the staff.

Jodi's nappy rustled loudly as she sat up in her cot and looked around her.

And then the penny dropped. She suddenly noticed the two large mirrors on the walls, and the little black glass ball in the ceiling.

“Cameras!” she said to herself. Oh my God, she was being watched!

People were paying to watch her being treated as a baby! She had been kidnapped and imprisoned so that people could pay and watch her!

She starred at the mirror on the wall opposite her, trying to see through the glass, but all she saw was her reflection... a cute looking 19 year old baby dressed in a nappy and sitting in a large cot, and she began to feel angry. Her life had been cut short so that wealthy 'Clients' (as they put it) could watch her. She started to shake at the thought. How dare they!


Then she remembered the conversation, “What was it? 'Action 7'? And 'Action 24'? What did they mean?” And then she remembered more... “Everyday at 4 O'Clock.” Jodi's heart began to race, she looked at the clock on the wall. 11: 45 AM.


Jodi's strong resolve and fighting spirit was revived... she would be damned if she was going to comply to these so called clients. She would fight this all the way!


A short while later, Nanny came in and opened up the bars to Jodi's cot and lifted her out of it.


“Come on then sleepy,” She said in a soft 'Motherly' tone, “Lets get a nice clean nappy on you and then we can have some lunch, OK?”


Jodi was carried over to the changing table and was laid on top of it.

Jodi began to kick her legs in protest as her Nanny began to pull open the tapes of her nappy.


“NO!” She cried. “I'm NOT being treated like a Baby! I'm NOT!”


“Ssshhh!” Said Nanny, “What's the matter? What's got into you? We can't have you sitting around in a wet nappy all day can we?” She said, as she pulled the nappy from under Jodi's wriggling bottom.


Jodi was about to burst into a tirade of protest, but just at that moment was distracted by one of the 'Angels' walking into the room. She was dressed just as Jodi had remembered at the ceremony... White silk stockings encased her gorgeously long legs giving them a pronounced shine in the lights. The stocking tops were attached to a thin white lacy suspender belt which hugged her waist just above her skimpy white satin panties, and white shoes with very high heels gave her whole posture an heir of extreme sexuality.

Jodi's heart skipped a beat at how gorgeous this 'Angel' was. She watched her approach, her large breasts bouncing slightly as she walked, her long blonde hair falling in waves over her shoulders. Her emotionless face expertly made up with pink glossy lips and smoky eye shadow. She had the appearance of a moving mannequin, a super model in robot form, unemotional and calculating but amazingly pretty.

Jodi once more felt a mixture of guilt and shock at the realisation that she found her so attractive.

The 'Angel' was carrying a stainless steel tray with some pacifiers on it. Jodi's nanny took one and popped it into Jodi's open mouth.

Within seconds, the drug that the pacifier had been laced with began to work. Jodi revelled in its sweet taste and sighed with contentment. The soft latex nipple filling her mouth as she sucked on it.

Jodi's will against the drug was almost broken but it didn't stop her from attempting to protest as nanny went to work changing her. She wriggled her legs and moaned with disagreement as Nanny powdered her bottom and prepared her nappy.

She wriggled and squirmed as her new nappy was expertly placed under her bottom and brought up between her legs.

Jodi tried to twist herself over onto her side and escape off of the changing table but it was only a 'Half-Hearted' attempt. The calming drug was too strong and Nanny gently pulled her back into position.


Once she had been changed, she was led into the living room and placed in her playpen.


“Now Play nicely Jodi and i'll prepare your lunch,” said Nanny warmly. “We have a treat for you later.”


Jodi once more remembered the conversation she had heard earlier and looked up at the clock again. 12:16 PM


After lunch the hours seemed to go by so slowly. Every few minutes Jodi would look at the clock and wonder what 4 o'clock would bring. What was going to happen to me she thought.


Then finally the dreaded hour arrived. Jodi's heart was pounding in her chest as Nanny came into the room.


“Jodi,” Said Nanny as she knelt down to speak to her. “As you have been so good we have a special treat for you.” Jodi knew that that was a ruse, she hadn't been good at all, and this made her even more nervous as she reluctantly took hold of Nanny's hand.

Nanny stood up and led Jodi towards the door. Jodi's nappy rustled loudly as she was led down a short corridor and into a bedroom.

The bedroom was beautiful, there was a large double bed in the centre of the room, it had shiny pink satin sheets pulled tightly across it. The room was very warm and welcoming. Table lamps had been switched on and there were coloured lights in the ceiling filling the room with a soft warm pinky glow. On either side of the bed, hanging on the walls were two large mirrors. This made Jodi remember why she was here and she began to feel very uneasy and a little frightened, her heart was pounding so hard in her chest she thought she would explode. She still had no clue as to what was going to happen to her and that, coupled with the realisation that she was being watched filled her with dread.


Jodi was led over to the bed and instructed to climb onto it. The satin sheets were slippery to the touch as she awkwardly climbed onto it, her nappy 'Swishing' against the shiny fabric.

Nanny walked round and climbed onto the bed behind her and leant back against the padded headboard. Then she gently pulled Jodi towards her so that Jodi's head was resting on her chest.

Nanny noticed that Jodi was stiff with fear and began to lovingly stroke her hair.


“There's no need to be scared Baby,” She said soothingly. “we're not going to punish you, just relax, everything's going to be ok.”


Then she stopped stroking Jodi's hair and began to undo the buttons on her uniform. Jodi's heart began to flutter wildly as she realised that she was going to be nursed.

Nanny unfastened the last button and pulled her top open revealing her ample breasts.

Then she took hold of Jodi's dummy and pulled it from her mouth before gently manoeuvring her into position.

She placed one arm under Jodi's head for support and with the other, lifted up her breast and offered it to Jodi's mouth. Jodi's body was shaking as Nanny's huge nipple was brought up to her lips.


“Open up Baby.” She whispered. Jodi looked down at Nanny's breast. A small dribble of milk oozed from it's stiff brown nipple and trickled onto Jodi's quivering lips, moistening them.

Jodi closed her eyes and parted her lips letting the huge erect nipple slip into her mouth.


“Good Girl.” Said Nanny softly, as Jodi gently began to suckle, her nose pressed into Nanny's smooth firm breast.


Jodi's nappy slipped and swished against the satin sheets as she adjusted her position, she placed her hand against Nanny's breast and buried her fingers deep into it's huge rounded shape as she suckled.

After Jodi had been breast feeding for quite a while, she suddenly became aware of other people in the room. She then felt the tapes of her nappy being undone, she tried to see what was happening but Nanny gently pulled her closer.


“Just relax Baby,” She said. “let us look after you.”


Jodi felt the air against her skin as her nappy was pulled away by someone.

She squirmed awkwardly as she continued to suckle. She felt very exposed without her nappy, and her fear returned at the thought of being naked with unknown people in the room.

Then suddenly Nanny placed her free hand between Jodi's legs.

Jodi gasped as Nanny's inquisitive fingers found their way to Jodi's pussy and began explore.


Jodi's heart was racing as Nanny began to probe deeper, her slender fingers gently touching and fondling, stroking and searching. Jodi's fear and feelings of violation gradually turned to arousal as Nanny's expert fingers continued their assault, finding Jodi's most intimate parts by reacting to her moans and squirms. All the time learning where the pleasure was most concentrated. Jodi was betraying herself, she would gasp and twitch when Nanny's fingers found her most secret places, letting Nanny take advantage of the knowledge to concentrate on them.


Jodi's pussy soon became very wet under Nanny's expert touch. She was succumbing to the lust that had been denied her during her imprisonment and she began to react to it. She stopped suckling milk from Nanny's nipple and instead began to kiss and lick it, she squeezed her fingers into her breast and moaned softly.


“She's ready.” Said Nanny suddenly.

To Jodi's disappointment, Nanny released Jodi from her breast and pulled back. Jodi opened her eyes to see two 'Angels standing by the bed, They reached forward, and taking Jodi's wrists, placed them into two manacles that were connected to the bed by long chains. Nanny climbed off of the bed and laid Jodi down, placing her head on some pillows. Jodi looked searchingly up into her eyes.


“Don't be afraid Baby.” Said Nanny, smiling. Jodi then felt fingers gripping her ankles as they were also carefully clamped into manacles, the long chains rattled as the manacles were locked shut.


Jodi looked down to see what was happening. There was an 'Angel' standing at the foot of the bed with her arms out straight in a cross shape as if she was to be dressed. Another 'Angel' was standing behind her. Then to Jodi's horror, the 'Angel' behind reached round and placed an enormous rubber dildo against the pussy of the standing 'Angel' and strapped it around her waist. She WAS being dressed. Dressed in a strap-on devise. Jodi looked at it. It was large and erect and shining in the lights. It bobbed up and down as the straps were tightened around the 'Angel's' waist.

Jodi's breathing became heavy and her heart was pounding as the realisation sunk in. Her mouth went dry as she watched the other 'Angel' open a bottle and pour a thick layer of lubricant over the standing 'Angel's' huge rubber cock, smearing it all over with her slender fingers.


“Oh my God!” said Jodi under her breath. The long chains attached to her wrists and ankles clinking and rattling as Jodi tried to back away, her eyes transfixed on the beautiful eyes of the 'Angel' standing before her.

Then with slow deliberate movements, the 'Angel' climbed onto the bed and crept forwards, starring right into Jodi's eyes. She crawled up the bed towards the quivering girl, the huge shiny phallus bobbing and swaying, coming ever closer to its target, with strands of lubricant dripping from it.


Jodi starred back, half in horror, half in excitement. She felt a tug on the chains connected to her ankles as her legs were pulled apart in readiness.


“No!” Jodi whispered, as the 'Angel' came ever closer, crawling on her hands and knees over Jodi's body, her breasts hanging down over Jodi's chest. Their nipples touched as the 'Angel' lowered herself, her hands coming to rest on the bed either side of her.


Jodi thought her heart was going to explode it was beating so hard. She gasped loudly as she felt the phallus touch her pussy, the chains became taught again, pulling her legs wider apart, the 'Angel' pushed her hips forward. Jodi felt the bulbous head of the phallus push its way into her, and the shaft slide up inside her, the 'Angel' brought her face up to meet Jodi's, her bright pink glossy lips already parted, Jodi just caught a glimpse of the 'Angel's' protruding tongue before she closed her eyes and felt it push into her mouth.

The 'Angel' pushed forward, her tongue filling Jodi's mouth and the phallus reaching up inside her. Jodi inhaled and let herself succumb as the 'Angel' began to slowly fuck her. Her kisses heavy and searching, her tongue swirling and licking inside Jodi's mouth. Jodi tried to wrap her arms around the 'Angel's' back but her chains weren't long enough and she moaned with disappointment at not being able to respond.

Deep probing kisses ensued, Jodi could taste the 'Angel's' glossy lipstick as her mouth was kissed and sucked. The 'Angel' slowly and rhythmically thrusting her hips back and forth, fucking her like a man, their naked breasts pressed against each other.

On and on it went. It was like being fucked by a robot, a gorgeous mannequin. Jodi's breathing became heavier still as the fucking continued. For fucking it was, not lovemaking. The 'Angels' lack of emotion made them seem like machines. Even the kisses that Jodi was experiencing were unemotional, they were deep and wet and passionate, but there was something missing, almost as though they had been programmed to expertly kiss but show no sign of tenderness or love.

The 'Angels' in the institution were certainly highly skilled at anything sexual, and were incredibly sexy looking but they were devoid of emotions. Almost as though they really were robots.


With her wrists locked in manacles, Jodi felt frustrated in not being able to touch her seducer.

She was enraptured by them, they sparked something in her that had been buried beyond knowing.

It wasn't long before Jodi's orgasm began to grow, from the tips of her fingers and toes to a burning sensation deep inside her body, on and on, thrust after thrust. The 'Angel's' soft glossy lips crushing down on hers, she was being taken advantage of by a stunningly beautiful creature, a woman sex God fucking machine and she was going to explode.

Jodi feverishly kissed her seducer as the orgasm began to rise up, filling every nerve with a tingling electricity. Their tongues became a wet, twisting, snake-like mass. Jodi moaned with pleasure, matching the 'Angel's' rhythm with her own hips, pushing forward to get every inch inside her, before her whole body shuddered to an exhausting climax.


The 'Angel' stopped fucking and gave Jodi one last long kiss before slowly slipping her tongue from her mouth, leaving a little bridge of spittle between them.

Then she slowly pulled away from her, the rubber phallus springing up as it came free.


Jodi flopped her head back down onto the pillow exhausted, Then she heard the familiar rustling sounds of a disposable nappy being opened and reality came back. For a few pleasurable moments, her new life had become a memory, now it was brought back to life with a bump.

Jodi looked down to see her Nanny kneeling in front of her already preparing her for her nappy as if nothing had happened. Jodi looked up and glanced at the clock. 4:35 PM


to be continued...


Written by Billy Blaze.



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