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Tricked part 2. The sinister plans of Auntie Caroline.




Auntie Caroline's regression treatment had worn me down over the course of those first couple of weeks. I fought it every step of the way but it was relentless, I was in a situation I couldn't avoid. Just over two weeks ago I was a happy contented teenager, a little feminine and sensitive perhaps, and quite small for my age, but none the less I was pretty normal. And now I was living the life of a toddler, I was put to bed, dressed, fed, bathed, and basically dominated to the extreme. And above all else, I was now wearing nappies 24/7.

I was only supposed to be living with her for two weeks while my parents were on holiday, but one morning she broke the news to me that my parents (For reasons she didn't divulge) were having problems getting out of Portugal, so my stay with her was to continue until they could come home. So this meant that my baby regime would continue.


One morning Auntie Caroline informed me that we were going out for a picnic. Memories of our last picnic together flashed through my mind, so I wasn't thrilled at the idea, plus the last time we went out, although I ended up wetting myself I wasn't actually wearing a nappy, so this would be the first time I would leave the house while wearing one, which filled me with an awful dread. But, it was a beautiful day outside, the sun was shining and it already felt really warm, and what choice did I have anyway?

After breakfast, Aunty Caroline led me up to my bedroom to get me ready, I was only wearing a nappy and a T-shirt so it wasn't going to take long. She stood me by my cot and removed my T-Shirt, then strangely she picked up a pair of scissors and left the room and returned just a minute later with a disposable nappy in her hand. I looked over at the changing table and wondered why she hadn't got one from there. Then she took my hand and led me over to it, which confused even more because I had already endured a nappy change before breakfast, (I invariably woke up with a wet nappy these days), and I was still dry.


“I don't need changing Auntie.” I exclaimed as she lifted me up onto it.


“No questions Todd,” She replied. “You need to look presentable when we go out.”


This reply raised even more questions than it answered, and the word ‘Presentable’ both worried and confused me. But I felt a little better after I had been dressed, because Auntie Caroline had put a pair of shorts on me which covered my nappy, so it didn't matter if I wet my nappy while I was out because no one would know, surely?



There was a beautiful bright blue sky when we arrived at the park. Auntie Caroline took a large bag from the boot of the car and casually swung it over her shoulder before taking my hand and leading me towards the shade of a huge tree. There were quite a few other people and families sharing the park. It was a beautiful place with acres of soft green grass and an ornamental pathway which led to a large victorian house which was now a cafe and museum. It was a lovely summers day, people were sitting on blankets and some were playing various games, and thankfully they were all too busy to take any notice of us. Once Auntie Caroline had spread a blanket on the grass, she gave me a bottle of her delicious homemade juice to drink while she set out the rest of our ‘Camp’ for the day.


“Once you've finished your drink you can go and play if you like?” She said. “But if you do, stay in sight of me please!” She added.


But to be honest, apart from reading there wasn't much for me to do on my own, and although my nappy wasn't that visible under my shorts, I still felt a little self-conscious being out in public. But after about an hour of reading my comics I did venture out a few yards to follow a bumble bee that had landed on the grass just in front of me. I was just crouching down having a good look at it when I noticed that I had a very sudden urge to wee, and although wetting my nappy still felt abhorrent to me, the thought of doing it out in the open around other people seemed far worse, so I hurried back to the sanctuary of the blanket.

I sat next to Auntie Caroline as she was reading her book and fought the urge as hard as I could. My mind a muddled collection of worries, would I have to endure the humiliation of a nappy change out here in the open? Surely that wouldn’t happen? but if not here, where? I felt another wave of pressure pulse through my heavy bladder, and I just knew that I was not going to be able to hold it off forever. I needed a distraction, and luckily at that precise moment I heard the very pleasant tones of an ice cream van nearby.


“Can I have an ice cream please Auntie?” I asked.


Auntie Caroline put down her book and beckoned me towards her. I tentatively stepped closer, wondering what she was going to do.


“Let me just check you.” She said.


She reached forward with her hand and examined my shorts around my bottom. I stood there nervously, hoping that she wouldn't discover anything that would lead to a nappy change. Then she slipped a few fingers under the leg of my nappy. I felt almost violated as her fingers felt around between my legs. Then she took a quick glance at her wristwatch and with a wry smile actually agreed.

Within a matter of minutes, we were walking hand in hand to the car park where the ice cream van had stopped. A long queue had built up already, and I soon discovered that standing still while were queuing wasn't helping in my efforts to stop myself from weeing. Frustratingly, the moment we joined the queue and came to a stop those feelings began again.

I jiggled and fidgeted on the spot as we waited, but the queue didn't seem to be getting any smaller, and I grew more and more frustrated as I began to lose the struggle. I squeezed Auntie Caroline's hand as the feelings grew stronger and stronger. My bladder was fit to bursting as I stood there with Auntie Caroline. I wriggled my legs and squirmed with frustration. My nappy rustling under my shorts.


“Keep Still Todd.” She exclaimed.


And then of course, just before it was our turn to be served the inevitable happened. I could hold on no longer. I had to release it, and within a millisecond it gushed out of me into my nappy.

The feelings of relief far outweighed the fear of discovery. But that didn't stop me from looking around me to make sure, but luckily no one was staring at me. I tried not to feel self-conscious as I waited for the now familiar feelings of my nappy gradually swelling and getting warmer, but this time there was something else, and I was horrified to feel a trickle running down my legs. I looked down and saw a huge wet patch on my shorts, and a little rivulet of wee running down my leg. I was mortified! How had this happened?


Wether it was perfect timing, or a sixth sense I don't know, but just at that precise moment Auntie Caroline looked down at my shorts too and saw what had happened.


“Oh my!” She said, “What s happened here?” I could only stammer as I tried to comprehend what had happened. “your nappy is leaking!” She exclaimed, as she crouched down in front of me to examine it.

I was so humiliated I began to cry. It felt like the entire park was looking at me as Auntie Caroline, right there and then, unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down over my nappy. With tears streaming down my face, Auntie Caroline pulled my shorts off over my feet, leaving me standing there with my nappy in full view.


“We’d better get you changed hadn't we?” she said. And taking my hand, led me back towards our camp under the tree.

The humiliation was unbearable as I was led past the other people in the queue.


“Look Mummy, that boy is wearing a nappy!” Whispered a little girl in a pink dress as we walked past.



Once we were back on our blanket, Auntie Caroline took the opportunity to examine me thoroughly. She knelt down in front of me and looked at my nappy, turning me around occasionally to examine the back.


“These nappies aren't thick enough for you!” She exclaimed. “I’ll have to speak to Sandy about getting you some bigger ones won't I?” She added as she continued to examine me.

Then, just as I thought my humiliation couldn't get any worse, she reached into her bag and took out a fresh nappy, some baby wipes and a bottle of baby powder.


“No, not here Auntie!” I cried. “People will see!”


“Don't be silly,” She said. “there s nothing unusual about a baby having a nappy change. Now lie down please.”


“No Auntie. Please!” I begged, my frustration growing with every second. “please don't change me here, I don’t want to wear nappies anymore, I don't want to be a baby. Please Auntie!”


“Sshhh,” She said softly as she laid me down onto the blanket. “we can’t have you sitting around in a wet nappy all day can we?”


“But I don't want to wear a nappy anymore!” I whimpered.


Auntie Caroline smiled down at me as she pulled open the tapes of my nappy. Worriedly, I looked around to see if anyone was looking. I felt an overwhelming sense of humiliation as Auntie Caroline pulled my nappy from beneath me. I looked down and just caught sight of it as she rolled it up to dispose of it and I could have sworn that I saw a slit had been cut into it.

But I had no time to dwell on it as my mind was now filled with the dreadful realisation that, here I was, a teenager, lying on a blanket, in a busy park, with lots of people around, having my nappy changed.

The embarrassment and humiliation was unendurable. I continuously looked around me as I lay there, hoping against hope that no one could see me. I looked down at Auntie Caroline, she was wearing a very contended smile as she applied a baby wipe between my legs. The sun was beating down on me as I lay there wriggling and squirming. The baby wipe felt very cool against my skin as she carefully wiped it around my nether parts and around my bottom. I wriggled my legs harder and whimpered as the humiliation increased. Auntie Caroline looked up and smiled at me contentedly.


“Sshhh,” She repeated. “don't be such a silly baby, there's no need to cry, no one's watching. Just relax, I'll soon have you changed and then you can have a nap.”


But I couldn't relax. My life was changing faster than I could comprehend. It was being controlled, manipulated and bent to the wishes and whims of a woman who was determined that I was going to be her baby, and I was powerless to stop it.


After Auntie Caroline had applied some cream, she sprinkled a liberal amount of baby powder over me, then she reached into her bag, and pulled out a disposable nappy.


“I think you'd better get you home soon!” She exclaimed as she opened it out in turn and placed it on the blanket. “park your bottom here then Todd!” She commanded. Patting the nappy with her hand.


I remained frozen to the spot, unable to comprehend what was happening. The horror of enduring a nappy change out in public was too awful, even though right now I was totally naked except for my T-shirt.


“C’mon Baby!” She said impatiently, patting the nappies once more. Finally my senses came back to me and I edged forward and lowered myself onto it.


“Good Boy,” She said. As she brought it up between my legs and pulled the tapes across. “nearly done.”


Tears were welling up in my eyes again and I continued to whimper as I felt the nappy tighten around me. The plastic crinkling and rustling loudly as she stuck the tapes down and ran her fingers over it. And then finally, to add just a little more humiliation, she popped a dummy into my mouth before sitting me up.


“There, that feels better doesn’t it?” She said.


I lay there on the blanket in the sunshine utterly defeated. Auntie Caroline picked up my shorts and examined them. And for a split second I thought with relief that she was going to put them on me and cover my nappy, but she then rolled them up and placed them in the bag.


The rest of our time in the park was excruciating. I spent the entire time cowering on the blanket next to Auntie Caroline, in fear of being seen. I was constantly looking around me nervously to see if anyone was looking at me. After a while we ate our picnic and I attempted to carry on reading my comics, but I couldn't concentrate. Then after a little while I felt sleepy and had a snooze.


Things didn't improve even when it was time to go, because I had to stand there in just my nappy and T-Shirt, sucking my dummy while Auntie Caroline packed up our things. And then of course we had to go back to the car. Auntie Caroline as usual took my hand and walked me back towards the carpark. My nappy was rustling loudly and the bulge between my legs gave me a pronounced ‘Waddle ‘as we slowly made our way past other families on the way.


Once we were home I was allowed to watch TV, so I curled up on the sofa and got comfortable. Auntie Caroline turned on the TV for me and then gave me a huge teddy. Without thinking, I put my arms around it and cuddled it as the cartoon channel came on.


After a few minutes, Auntie Caroline came back in carrying what looked like a folded white towel under her arm, and then I noticed with horror that she was also holding a pair of clear plastic baby pants and a bottle of baby powder. My heart began to pound again as I watched her place them on the living room floor in front of me. Then she carefully spread the cloth nappy out onto the carpet and folded it before scattering some large nappy pins on the floor together with the bottle of baby powder.Then she looked up at me with her hand held out towards me.


“Come here Todd.” She beckoned.


“No, please Auntie,” I moaned. “I don't want a nappy change.”


“Come on,” She said, clicking her fingers. “you can’t wear those nappies anymore, not until I get some thicker ones from Sandy, they’re not big enough. We don’t want anymore leaks do we?”

I hesitated, holding on tight to the teddy I was given and looked in horror at the cloth nappy spread out before me.


“Todd. If I have to come and get you I will spank you before I change you, do you understand?” She said commandingly.

This was the first time she had ever threatened me with a spanking and it came as quite a surprise. I didn't relish the thought of it so I reluctantly did as I was asked. Auntie Caroline popped a dummy into my mouth, and patting the floor with her hand instructed me to lay down. Still holding my teddy I sat down on the floor and then laid down. My nappy rustled softly as she began to pull open the sticky tapes holding them in place. I wriggled and squirmed with embarrassment as she pulled them away revealing my nakedness to her. I closed my eyes and pressed the teddy to my face as she sprinkled the soft baby powder all over me. it's sweet perfume filling the air. Then I felt the cloth nappy being brought up between my legs and instinctively opened my legs wider for her.


“Thank you Baby.” She said, as she pulled one side of the nappy around to the front.


My body jerked as she forcefully pulled the two ends together and secured them with a pin. I felt the thick cloth nappy envelope me as she did the same to the other side. The pin must have been a little tricky to fasten because I felt quite a few jerks and tugs as my nappy was pinned into place. My agony continued as she spent a few minutes adjusting it, making sure that it was fitted securely before reaching round for the plastic pants. She picked them up and gave them a vigorous shake as I lay there helpless on the floor.


“There, nearly done.” She said.


Auntie Caroline opened them up wide with her fingers as she guided my feet through the leg holes. I could hear the soft plastic swishing as she slowly and deliberately pulled them up my legs and stretched them over my nappy. “oh you look so cute Baby.” She said warmly, as she pulled them up and over my nappy, releasing the elastic with a snap.

I felt on the verge of tears as she again spent what seemed an eternity adjusting and pulling my nappy, making sure the plastic was covering the nappy which was incredibly thick and cumbersome. Then, after all the fiddling and adjusting was finished, I was finally released, and allowed to continue watching TV.


“Off you go Baby!” She said, patting my enormous bottom.


I tried to walk to the sofa with as much dignity as I could but the thickness of my cloth nappy was so, that I literally had to crawl to it.

Later that afternoon Sandy arrived with a huge box. Auntie Caroline and Sandy opened up the contents in the living room. Inside it were a few packs of extra large disposable nappies. The two women opened them up with ‘Coo’s’ of delight as they eyed the contents. Then, after they had examined the nappies, Sandy gave another smaller box to Auntie Caroline.


“And look what else I have for you?” Sandy said excitedly.


Auntie Caroline looked at Sandy with a wry smile, opened up the box and peered inside.


“It arrived today,” She continued. “I couldn't wait to give it to you. I knew you’d want to start using it straight away.”


Auntie Caroline threw her arms around Sandy’s shoulders and kissed her. I had no clue as to what it was but I was sure it had something to do with me. It was a very strange looking device, well, what I could see of it anyway. All I saw was a clear plastic cup shape with a small pipe connected to it, and I just caught sight of the word 'Pump' on the box.


“let's do it now!” She said, a huge broad smile across her face.


Then they both went upstairs leaving me curled up on the sofa alone with just my teddy for company. I looked over at the bottom of the stairs, straining my ears to hear what they were doing. I had no idea what it was but I was sure I wasn't going to like it.






One morning while I was playing on a computer game in the living room, Auntie Caroline came in to give me my mid morning bottle. She took a seat on the sofa, bottle in hand and beckoned me over.


“Can I just finish this level Auntie?” I asked.


“No Sweetie, you know the rules, come here please.” She replied.


I knew better than to argue so I put down the controller and sat next to her on the sofa. She patted the sofa with her hand and I huffed with irritation as I laid down with my head on her lap.

As usual, Auntie Caroline gently but firmly brought the bottle to my lips, leaving me no choice but to obey. The rubber nipple slipped into my mouth and I began to suckle.

I parted my legs more through habit than anything, (I hadn't really noticed at this stage, but I was already starting to have the mannerisms of a baby) and Auntie Caroline took the opportunity to reach between my legs, stroking and pressing her fingers into the soft plastic of my nappy.


“Now then Todd I need to speak to you,” She said as I continued to suck on my bottle. She was leading up to something and I was sure that I wasn't going to like it. “I’ve noticed, now that you're wearing thicker nappies, I haven't got any appropriate clothes for you to wear over them, your old school style shorts don't fit anymore, so we need to get you some new clothes.” She said.

I looked up at her with searching eyes, not really knowing what to say. “i mean, much as i’d like to, you can't just live in a nappy and T-shirt all the time, so when Sandy arrives today, we’re all going to the mall to get you some new clothes.”


My heart began to beat faster at the thought of leaving the sanctuary of the house, questions flooded into my mind. Surely I wouldn't be wearing a nappy to the mall?

Then Auntie Caroline continued. “Now, you're probably not going to like the choice of clothing I have planned for you but I must be obeyed on this subject. I know what's best for you, and as it may be a very long time until your parents come back, its my responsibility to look after you to the best of my abilities. Do you understand?”


I looked up longingly into her eyes and nodded with a feeling of utter dread in my stomach. After I'd finished my bottle I was allowed to carry on with my game, but I couldn't really concentrate on it. I was too concerned about the coming trip and the clothes I would be wearing.


A little while later Sandy arrived. Both women went into the kitchen to chat, I strained my ears to hear what was being said, but couldn't make out anything, and I had a feeling of impending doom as to what was being planned. Then I suddenly heard their voices getting louder,


“Well that's definitely the sort of thing I'm after,” exclaimed Auntie Caroline as they walked into the living room.


“I’m sure we'll find what we’re looking for, I'm just sorry that I don’t have anything like that in stock at the moment. Replied Sandy.

Auntie Caroline went over to the TV and turned it off, and while still in conversation with Sandy, took my hand and led me towards the stairs.


“Shillibere’s will have loads I would have thought?” She said as she led me up the stairs towards the nursery. Once inside I was led over to the changing table and lifted up onto it. Auntie Caroline swung my legs round and then slipped a finger under the leg of my nappy.


“Oh you're still dry Todd. Are you feeling ok?” She said in surprise, placing her hand on my forehead.


“I’m fine Auntie.” I replied.


“Ok then, well, lets get you dressed then shall we?”


Auntie Caroline lifted me off of the changing table as Sandy opened a large bag. And to my utter horror and shame pulled out a little blue dress.


“Hopefully this will fit.” She said as she held it up to Auntie Caroline.


I stood there in utter disbelief. It was a short sleeved blue dress with small dark blue checks. The top part looked rather like a shirt, with a collar and some buttons down the front.


“Arms up!” Commanded Auntie Caroline as she pulled my T-shirt up and over my head, leaving me standing there in just my nappy.


“No Auntie, please!!” I said, as she took the dress from Sandy. I don’t want to wear that, Please Auntie!”


“Don’t be silly Todd!” She said, It’s either this, or I take you out in just your nappy!”


“But I don't want to wear that. Why can’t I wear my shorts?” I cried.


“I told you why this morning,” She replied. “Now that you're wearing these thicker nappies your shorts don't fit, and besides, wearing a dress allows me to check your nappy easier. So come on, arms up please!”


“No Auntie PLEASE!” I cried.


“Todd! Do you want to go to the mall in just you're nappy?” She said, looking through me with those piercing green eyes. I felt unable to acknowledge her and just bowed my head in shame. “Ok then. We won't be needing this after all Sandy!” She said, as she handed the dress back to her.


“NO AUNTIE!” I cried. My voice trembling. Auntie Caroline stood looking at me with her hands on her hips, waiting for my reply. With my heart pounding and my mouth as dry as sandpaper, I reluctantly agreed.


With lots of ‘Cooing’ and fussing, the two women began to dress me. My dress was quite short and to my bitter shame came down a couple of inches too short, leaving a glimpse of shiny white nappy clearly visible between my legs. Auntie Caroline then put white ankle socks on my feet proceeded by tennis shoes, while Sandy brushed my hair and then placed an Alice Band on my head.


“But why do I have to look like a girl?” I cried. My heart pounding so hard I thought it would explode.


“Listen Sweetie,” She said crouching down to meet my eye level. “this is the only clothing that will fit you at the moment. And I'm sure you don't want me to take you to the shops in just a nappy and a T-shirt? And so if you are to wear a dress you don't want people realising that you are a boy do you? It’s far better to let people think you're a girl isn’t it? That way they won’t take any notice of you. OK?” And with that she gave my dress a little tug and kissed me on the cheek.


My entire body was shaking as we left the house. I remember I didn’t even look about me to see if I was being watched, I just quickly climbed in, hoping that no-one had seen me.



The journey to the mall was excruciating, I was getting more and more nervous by the second. I began to sweat and fidget and my heart pounded so hard in my chest I could feel my whole body shaking to the rhythm of it. I looked down at my dress, it was quite short, and most of my nappy was showing, I tried with all my might to conceal it, I pulled on the hem constantly to try and cover it but it was impossible. The frustration of knowing that any moment I would be walking out in public dressed as a baby girl was too much to comprehend and I started to cry.


“Baby Todd’s getting upset.” Said Sandy softly to Aunty Caroline.


Auntie Caroline looked at me through the rear view mirror.


“Can you give him his dummy please Sandy?” She replied.


Sandy reached into her bag and picked out a large blue dummy. Then she turned round to face me.


“There we go Sweetie,” She said softly, as she reached forward and gently pushed it into my mouth. “there's no need to cry, we’re nearly there.”

Then she gently pulled at the hem of my dress and straightened it, in an effort to make me look presentable before giving me a big warm smile and turning back round. I sat there in the back of the car and gently cried as I sucked on my dummy. I was crying just as much in the frustration of it all than the actual predicament I found myself in.


Aunty Caroline and Sandy just seemed to be totally at peace with how they were treating me. To them it was totally normal behaviour. I was crying and so a pacifier would calm me down, It just didn't seem to cross their minds that I was a Twelve year old boy. It was as if they truly believed in their hearts that I was a toddler to be looked after. And no matter how much I fought back or protested, it didn't make any difference. I was their baby, their possession. And they were going to look after me and do everything for me. The feelings of helplessness and frustration was overwhelming.

My imagination began to run wild as we turned off the main road towards the mall. Images of people looking at me and laughing or commenting ran quickly through my mind, and I began to kick my legs in the sheer horror of it. But of course, as we arrived at the mall, those feelings were intensified when I saw how many people were there.

Sandy opened the car door and reaching inside unbuckled my seat belt. Then she gently took my hand and helped me out of the car. She then knelt down in front of me and to my horror lifted the hem of my dress up over my nappy.


“My goodness Todd,” She said as she slipped her fingers under my nappy and began to pull at it and straighten it. “You’re all out of shape aren’t you?” My nappy rustled loudly as she continued her adjustments. Then she pulled my dress back down and straightened the hem. “there,” She said approvingly. “you look adorable!”


Sandy and Auntie Caroline each took one of my hands as we entered the shopping area. I felt incredibly self conscious, and could feel my nappy swishing and swinging between my legs as I walked. I didn't want to see if people were looking at me so I just kept my eyes fixed to the floor ahead of me.


Soon we came to a shop called ‘Shillibere’s’. It had a sign above the door saying. “Everything you need for Baby, Toddler & Child”. It was full of all manor of clothes and accessories, and I was immediately led over to where the dresses were.


After what seemed an eternity of looking at dresses, an assistant came over.


Can I help you at all ladies? She said.


“Yes, we’re looking for a few outfits for our little girl,” Replied Sandy.

I felt an immediate ‘Pang’ of humiliation at those words, and sensed the assistant eying me with delight.


“Ooh, what a pretty little girl we have here,” she said as she reached down and placed her hand under my chin. “What’s your name sweetie?”


I felt like I wanted the floor to swallow me up. The seconds ticked away like hours as everyone seemed to wait intensely for my answer. I pulled the dummy from my mouth and said the first name that came to mind.




“That's a very pretty name.” She said.


I looked up reassuringly at Auntie Caroline. She was beaming from ear to ear and her eyes were filling with tears. The assistant smiled and turned to Auntie Caroline.


“Well we have a few more dresses over here which will be more her size,” She said. “We have a special section for the more... ‘Older Baby’ if you understand?”

Auntie Caroline and Sandy looked at each other approvingly as the assistant led us all over to another part of the store.


Then, just at that moment and to my absolute horror, I suddenly felt the need to pee. My mouth went dry at the thought of wetting my nappy in public again, and I tried with all my might to ignore it. I stood there fidgeting as the three women excitedly looked at various outfits, but it was no good, I'd held it off for as long as I could but eventually the inevitable happened. I stood there with my heart pounding as my wee ran out of me. My nappy began to swell and stretch as the warm liquid soaked into it.


It felt so strange to be wetting my nappy away from the house. I didn't exactly like wetting my nappy there either, but the house had become my sanctuary. Only Auntie Caroline knew my predicament. It was humiliating enough when Sandy started coming round and witnessing my nappy changes, even doing them herself sometimes when Auntie Caroline was busy, but here in a crowded store full of strangers, it was a hundred times worse.


I looked around me nervously to see if anyone was noticing as my nappy continued to fill. I was terrified that I would have a repeat of the situation in the park. But I didn't want to look or feel for any leaks for fear of attracting attention.

Then, after the last few drops had drained away, I began to hope and pray that I would not have to be changed until I got home. And it seemed at first that I might have got away with it. The three women were so absorbed in the outfits that they were ‘Cooing’ over, they weren't paying much attention to me. But then I heard the words, “Would you like to try them on for size?” and my heart sank.


“Yes please.” Replied Auntie Caroline. She placed her bag on the floor and passed Sandy one of the new outfits. “hold onto this one please Sandy.” She said.


Auntie Caroline turned to face me and to my utter astonishment, started to undress me right there and then on the shop floor!

I gasped in horror as she lifted the hem of my dress and began to pull it over me. As the dress was pulled up over my head, the shop assistant must have noticed that my nappy was wet.


“Aww, I think she needs changing.” She said with a smile in her voice.

I felt the first stages of panic filling my body as Auntie Caroline reached down and felt my nappy with her hand.


“We’d better get you changed young lady.” she said. “are there any Baby changing facilities nearby?” She asked. as she slipped the dress back over my head.

While the assistant was giving directions, Auntie Caroline finished dressing me. Then she picked up her bag, took my hand and thanking the assistant, informed her that we would return in a few moments. I pulled against her grip as we began to make our way out. My mind full of dread as to what was to come. With my dummy still in my mouth I moaned in protest as we headed out of the shop.

Ignoring my complaints completely, we made our way through the mall. My nappy felt heavy and warm as I was led through the busy centre, I was even more conscious now of people staring. My nappy now seemed to hang lower between my legs because of its extra weight, and it was obviously more visible to anyone who looked at me. I felt so ashamed and humiliated, and pulled harder against Auntie Caroline's hand.


“Come along Sweetie,” She said. “Let’s get you out of that wet nappy.” Then she came to a stop and turned to face me. “unless you want me to change you right here?”



As we entered the baby changing room, I was pleased to see that it was empty. A few tables had been folded away, and the room was warm and there was a sweet perfume in the air. As Auntie Caroline led me over to a waiting table, Sandy took the bag and began to take out the contents… Talc, Nappy and baby wipes. Then, just at that moment the door opened and another lady came in with a toddler.


“Ooh, hello.” She said. “I wasn't expecting anyone else to be in here, its bigger than I thought.” She continued.


My humiliation was complete and I felt myself starting to cry again as Auntie Caroline began to chat with her as she prepared to change me.

Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I was lifted up onto the changing table. Again, it was the way that they were all carrying on as if everything was totally normal that made the situation so much more humiliating. Auntie Caroline laid me down and pulled up my dress, revealing my sodden nappy as she happily chatted to the other lady. The other lady had obviously noticed that I seemed to be too old to be in nappies, and Auntie Caroline had no qualms in telling her in great detail that despite my age and size I was still a baby and needed to be treated like one. The lady smiled and seemed generally interested as Auntie Caroline began to remove my nappy.


“So where do you get nappies to fit?” She asked curiously.


“Sandy gets them for me,” She exclaimed, as she applied a baby wipe between my legs. Sandy took the opportunity to show her one of the nappies.


“I get them from a special supplier,” She said, passing it to the other lady.


“Wow, they are thick aren t they? she said, as she examined it closely. The nappy rustled loudly as she ran her fingers over it. “and very cute.”

The lady passed it to Auntie Caroline who proceeded to place it between my legs.


“Yes, I use these mostly, but occasionally I also use terry cloth nappies with plastic pants, they’re adorable.” Said Auntie Caroline with a smile as she pulled the nappy tightly around me and began to stick the tapes down.


“Oh that's so sweet!” Said the other lady excitedly. “I love to see babies in cloth nappies, they look so cute and helpless don't they?”



After I had been changed and dressed, we headed back to the shop to buy the dresses that we had seen earlier. I wasn't allowed to take out my dummy and so I had to suffer the humiliation of walking back to the store with it still in my mouth. Coupled with the fact that my nappy, being a new one, hadn't had time to get squashed flatter, and so was too thick and bulky not to give me a pronounced ‘Waddle’ as I walked.

Once back in the store the assistant came straight over. She smiled at me and in a motherly tone asked me if I felt better now? Which made me want to cry even more. To spare anymore tears I was taken to a quieter part of the store where there were a few comfy seats. Auntie Caroline took a seat while Sandy and the assistant took it in turns to dress me in the various outfits that were available.


“This one is a little too long I think,” Said the assistant as she pulled at the hem of a pink ‘Gingham’ style dress. “It hides her nappy which won't do at all.”

I felt like I wanted the floor to swallow me up as all three women stood back to look at me. “they look so much cuter if the dress shows at least half of the nappy don't you agree?” She said.


“Definitely!” They replied together. They seemed to be revelling in my discomfort.


After they had chosen a selection of outfits, the assistant went off to bag them while Sandy took a seat next to Auntie Caroline. Then she reached out and taking my hand, gently pulled me towards her to sit on her lap. I tried in vain to pull my dress down to cover my nappy but my dress had risen up when Sandy had placed me on her lap, so literally my entire nappy was visible. And the rustling sounds that it made while I fidgeted were clearly audible.

Then Auntie Caroline reached into her bag and produced a baby’s bottle full of milk and handed it to Sandy. Without saying a word, Sandy pulled the dummy from my mouth and before I could react had pushed the bottle into my mouth and began to feed me. I tried in vain to protest but the rubber teat of the bottle filled my mouth, so I was only able to moan at my displeasure.


“Ssshh,” Said Sandy as she tilted the bottle a little higher. “It’s ok Baby, just relax.” Then she very gently began to rock me.

A few women customers walked by, leisurely browsing at the items on sale around us. And occasionally a few of them would look over. A couple of them smiled at me as I sat there on Sandy’s lap sucking my bottle, and I found myself blushing profusely. But the strange thing was, despite having to endure the most cruel humiliations, as I sat there on Sandy’s lap, it wasn't long before I started to feel comfortable with it. Wether it was the proximity to Sandy with her arms encircling me, or the sweet tasting milk (Which I really loved), or the combination of both, I don't know. But after I had drunk about half of my bottle I began to feel very cosy and comfortable. I took a deep relaxing breath as Sandy continued to gently rock me back and forth. It was very draining going from emotion to emotion in quick succession.

The last thing I remember before I drifted off was Sandy asking Auntie Caroline how she was getting on with her new ‘Gadget’. Auntie Caroline told Sandy that she was getting on well with it and that she should be able to start in a few days time. But I was too tired to try and work out what it was all about, so I rested my head against Sandy’s chest and continued with my bottle. I don't really remember leaving the store and going back to the car, and I must have fallen asleep on the journey home, because I was woken up as we got back to the house. All the upset and frustrations had left me very tired, and when we arrived back at the house, Sandy asked Auntie Caroline if she could put me to bed.


“Of course,” She replied. “You do that and I'll put the kettle on.”


Once inside my nursery, Sandy led me over to the changing table and proceeded to undress me. She took off my dress and then lifted me up onto the changing table and laid me down onto it. I was too ‘Fuzzy-headed’ and tired to protest, so I just let her carry on. I hadn't realised it but I must have wet my nappy again on the way home.

Sandy looked at me and smiled as she began to untie my tennis shoes. She was very pretty, quite slim and with nice rounded breasts, not as big as Auntie Caroline's but just as nice. Her hair was a beautiful shade of white blonde which she gently hooked behind her ear before reaching down and pulling open the tapes of my nappy as if opening a neatly wrapped present. I closed my eyes half with embarrassment and half with tiredness as she lifted my legs and pulled the wet nappy away, exposing my modesty to the air.


It was a strange feeling being changed and undressed by another woman. It was embarrassing enough being treated like a baby by Auntie Caroline, but when Sandy started to visit, and started to watch as I was changed or bathed, the experience took on a whole new level of humiliation.

Being undressed and changed is a very personal thing. You automatically feel a kind of bond and trust towards the person who’s changing you, even if it is done against your will. That person gets to see the parts of your body that are most sacred and personal, and despite the fact that it is done with no choice to the baby, and in my case done against my wishes, there is a definite bond and a relationship of care and trust. So when another person becomes involved, it feels strange, like almost being violated. Two people now have access to your most intimate parts, and you have no control over either of them. You are at their mercy, to be bathed and fed and changed by both of them. You become their property.


Sandy took a baby wipe and proceeded to gently wipe it around my bottom and between my legs. My humiliation grew and spread throughout my body like a hot wave washing over me as she tended to my most private parts. I could feel her delicate fingers gently touching my most intimate parts.


“Oooh Baby,” She said softly. “you have some soreness here, I'll put some cream on it for you. We’d better keep an eye on that, we don't want it getting worse do we?”


Then she opened a pot of cream and spread it around my bottom. It felt cold and soothing.

Once she had put me in a fresh nappy, she lifted me off the changing table and carried me over to my cot.

Once inside she told me to get some sleep and pulled the covers over me. I squirmed a little to get comfy as she turned out the light and closed the door, leaving the room silent but for the ‘Crinkling’ of my nappy and the swishing of the covers.






The next morning, both Auntie Caroline and Sandy came in to wake me. The curtains were pulled open filling the room with a rich bright light, it was going to be another hot summers day. Then I was carried over to the changing table, both women fussed over me as my wet nappy was opened up. I was still half asleep as it was pulled from under me. Then I felt hands gently but firmly grip my ankles, my legs were opened up wide and lifted high revealing my bottom to the early morning air. Then I felt the touch of inquisitive fingers around my inner bottom. Frowning, I squirmed and moaned in protest at the intimacy of their probing fingers.


“Ssshh,” Said Auntie Caroline softly. “We need to examine you Sweetie, you have a little sore area on you're bottom, just relax.”


The two women kept my legs open while they discussed my bottom in detail, their slender fingers continuing to gently touch and probe my most intimate places. Then I felt the touch of cold cream being carefully spread on the area and the rustling sound of a disposable nappy being opened up. After I had been lifted off of the changing table, I stood there rubbing my eyes from sleep as Auntie Caroline began to dress me.


“Arms up!” She said.

Still half asleep I did as I was told and raised my arms high in the air. Auntie Caroline then placed a bright yellow dress over my head and proceeded to pull it down over me, my arms slipping neatly into the short sleeves. I cried in protest as she pulled the hem down over my nappy and straightened it.


“No Auntie I don't want to wear this today!” I cried.


“No arguments Tia!” She replied, giving me a quick shot of humiliation as that name came flooding back to my memory. “we need to be able to check on your bottom, we don't want that soreness getting worse do we? And it's far easier to do that without the hassle of taking shorts off of you each time. Besides, these thicker nappies are too big, your shorts won't fit over them, so you'll just have to get used to it.”

She continued to adjust and pull at my dress as she lectured me.


“But I don't want to wear dresses!” I pleaded, my eyes beginning to water with the frustration. “please Auntie, it's not fair, I don't want to be dressed as a girl!”


“No more arguing Tia!” She said as she picked up a brush and began to gently pull it through my hair. “I told you yesterday, if you're going to wear dresses you have to look just like a girl, it would look silly otherwise wouldn't it?”


Sensing my growing panic with a sigh, Auntie Caroline stopped brushing my hair and knelt down to face me and took hold of my hands.


“Listen Sweetie. It’ll be strange if you still looked like a boy in a dress wouldn’t it? Hmm?” She said, reassuringly touching my cheek with her finger. “You wouldn't want people to stare at you or be mean to you would you? It's only a dress, its not going to hurt you. you'll soon get used to it.” She looked into my eyes and saw that tears were welling up in them. “Maybe after a while, if you don't resist me, i'll think about putting you back into boys clothes. MAYBE!” She iterated, sensing some relief in my eyes.

I looked down at the floor in defeat. I was easy to convince and Auntie Caroline knew just how to do it.


“How about after breakfast you go and read your comics in the tent?” She said excitedly.


Despite my predicament, that did sound like a good idea, and with my spirits slightly lifted with the thought of how nice that would be, I gave her a half reluctant smile.


“Good girl!” She said, getting back to her feet and giving my cheek another pinch.

Then she took a couple of blue flower shaped hair clips and clipped them to my hair.

After breakfast I grabbed my bag of comics and headed out to the garden. I remember stopping at the patio doors and giving the garden a thorough checking before I tentatively ventured outside. The grass felt very soft under my bare feet and I scanned the area again as I slowly crept across the lawn.

Despite my visit to the mall the day before, and the fact that I was within the confines of the house, I still felt very odd and vulnerable being outside dressed as a girl, and I felt incredibly self-conscious as I padded across the lawn towards the tent.

There wasn't a breath of breeze, the washing on the line hung perfectly still in the early morning sun, and looking at the items that were hanging on it gave me a hot flush of embarrassment... Cloth nappies and pairs of plastic baby pants were pegged next to other clothes as I passed them, almost as if they were put there to mock me, a cruel reminder of the things I had to wear.


I hurriedly entered the tent and zipped up the door. The tent was heating up nicely and had that lovely vinyl smell that tents of this kind often do. The sun shining through the canvas filled the interior with a warm pinkish light.

I gave the tent floor a quick sweep before I settled down on the many cushions that were scattered around and tipped out my comics. For the first time in ages I felt quite relaxed. Reading comics was always one of my favourite past-times, and particularly now because I was able to fully immerse myself in the stories and forget about the events in my new life. All thoughts of nappies and dresses and bottles soon drifted from my mind as I began to read.

In fact I was so content and relaxed I didn't even try to fight it when I found myself needing to pee, I just let it go as I read. Which Is amazing to think of really, that was probably the first time that I had done that since my new regime started all those weeks ago.

After about an hour I was brought back to earth with a bump as I heard the approaching footsteps of Auntie Caroline, and realised immediately that she was almost certainly on her way to change my nappy. She gently tapped at the canvas door and unzipped it.


“Ooh, don't you look cosy in here,” She said as she peered inside. “I was just coming to check on you.”


I ignored her comments and continued reading, I felt a little annoyed at the intrusion and didn't want to be reminded about other things.


“Lift your dress up please Tia. I want to check your nappy.” She continued.


Regrettably I did as I was asked. I lifted the hem of my dress up revealing my nappy to her, then she reached in and poked an intruding finger under the leg elastic and informed me that I needed changing.


“Can I come back here afterwards Auntie?” I asked as we walked together back to the house.


“Of course you can Sweetie.” She said, giving my hand a gentle squeeze.


Once in the house she instructed me to lie down on the floor. Then she knelt down in front of me and lifting the hem of my dress right up, proceeded to change my nappy.

After she had thoroughly examined my bottom and had put me into a clean nappy, she led me over to the sofa for my bottle feed. I awkwardly climbed onto the sofa next to her and assumed my now familiar position. Auntie Caroline smiled down at me as she gently offered the bottle to my lips and slipped the rubber teat into my mouth. My fresh nappy softly rustled as I squirmed with embarrassment and began to suck on it.


“Good Girl,” She said softly.


I felt another hot flush of humiliation at those words. It was only yesterday that I had been made to dress as a girl, and already I was being referred to as one, as though I had always been a girl. And again it just emphasized the fact that things were heading out of my control so quickly that I was unable to stop it.


After I had got through about half of my bottle Auntie Caroline said,


“You might not be having quite as many bottles as you normally do soon Tia, I have a treat for you.”


There seemed to be a degree of excitement in her voice as she spoke, and that gave me a feeling of trepidation. What on earth could she mean?

Sandy arrived just as I was finishing my milk. Apparently she had been invited round to help Auntie Caroline with her 'New Gadget'. They chatted briefly about Auntie Caroline 'nearly being ready', and 'not producing much at the moment' but I didn't have a clue what this all meant and so I ignored it and concentrated on finishing my milk.

After I had finished my bottle I was allowed to go back out to the tent. Auntie Caroline informed me that she would be busy upstairs with Sandy for quite a while so lunch would be a little later than normal. I didn't mind at all because it meant that I could do my own thing for a lot longer. I hurried out across the lawn and climbed back into the tent. The feelings of contentment returned within seconds with the thought that I was going to be left undisturbed for a good few hours... Or so I thought.


It was after I had read three or four comics that my peace was broken. I heard what sounded like a dull thud on the lawn outside the tent. I froze on the spot, wondering what it was. Then I heard the sound of a squeaky gate being opened and soft footfalls on the grass outside. I sat there in my tent, motionless, my ears straining hard to pick up a clue as to what the noise could be. Then I very carefully opened a tiny slit in the zip door of the tent and peered through it. I saw a girl about my age creeping very quietly across the garden to retrieve a pink ball in the middle of the lawn. She had dark skin, lovely chestnut coloured hair and was wearing a similar dress to mine. She picked up her ball and then, as quietly as a mouse scurried off towards the back of the garden, through a little gate and disappeared out of sight behind a hedge.


My heart was pounding, I didn't know that there was another property so close to Auntie Caroline's house, and I suddenly felt a little vulnerable at the thought that the garden and my tent were not as secluded as I first thought. I sat there for a few moments listening for any other sounds but after a while went back to my comics.

Then a short while later I heard it again. This time the ball bounced against the tent before coming to a stop in the middle of the lawn. I froze again, hoping against hope that I wouldn't be discovered. I carefully and quietly unzipped a small slit in the door again and peered out.

This time the girl stopped at the gate and hesitated. Then very quietly as before, crept down the garden. But this time she turned to look at the tent and found herself looking straight at me. She stopped and then smiled.


“Hello,” She whispered. “is it ok if I get my ball?”


I was so shocked at her lack of surprise that all I could do was nod. “Thank you.” She said, smiling. I watched her pick up her ball and then to my horror watched her walk over to me.


“I'm Jessie,” She said.


“I'm To... Tia” I stuttered, remembering my new name just in time.


“What are you doing in there?” She asked inquisitively, creeping a little closer to the tent. I pulled at the hem of my dress, anxious that she might want to come in and that she would see what I was wearing.


“Reading comics.” I replied.


“Oooh, I love comics,” She said excitedly. “i have loads at home.”


She was very pretty with a little nose and big brown eyes, and had a beautiful smile when she talked, she seemed really nice and I liked her instantly. We chatted for a few moments and it was obvious that she liked me too.


“Can I come in?” she asked suddenly.


I froze in horror, The last thing I wanted was for her to see me in my dress and nappy, and yet I didn't want to say no. The thought of her being a friend seemed really nice. Then I noticed a pair of my shorts hanging on the line and a plan formed in my brain immediately.


“How about you go and get some of your comics first? We can read them in here together.” I suggested.


Jessie agreed that that was a great idea and immediately bounded off towards the little gate. As soon as she was out of sight, I quickly climbed out of the tent and and grabbing the shorts off of the washing line hurriedly climbed back in before anyone had the chance to see me.

Once inside the tent I quickly slipped my feet into the shorts and pulled them up. But to my bitter disappointment, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't pull them up over my nappy.


“Noooo!” I said to myself as I realised that my plan wasn't going to work. Frustration was welling up inside of me, because time was ticking and I didn't know how soon Jessie would be back. I sat there in the tent and thought. I would have to take my nappy off! But this thought filled me with as much dread as the thought of Jessie seeing me wearing one! What was I to do?

I glanced across the garden at the little gate, half expecting Jessie to appear any moment, my heart was pounding, I had to make a decision and fast!

My mouth went dry at the thought of what I was about to do, but my mind was made up. I lifted up my dress, and gripping the tapes of my nappy, pulled them apart. I felt the nappy loosen and gasped in horror as both parts of the tape broke away from the nappy. That was it! No going back! I wasn't going to be able to stick the nappy back together when I needed to put it back on. It was too late to worry about it now, the damage was done. I quickly pulled the at the tapes on the other side, lifted my bottom off of the floor and pulled the nappy from under me. I frantically looked around me for somewhere to stow the nappy out of sight and slid it quickly under some of the cushions. Suddenly I heard Jessie running down the garden, with shaking hands I just managed to pull up my shorts, fasten them and pull my dress down as she appeared at the door.


“Hi,” She said breathlessly. “I'm back.”


Jessie climbed in, sat herself down on the cushions and spilled out her comics on the floor.


“Shall we read our own or do you want to swap?” She asked.


With my heart still pounding from all my rushing around, I told her that I didn't mind.

We spent a good few hours in the tent together, she was really friendly and we got on straight away. I felt so relaxed in her company, we chatted a lot and read our comics together, showing each other some of the jokes and and pages that we liked best. Jessie told me that her Father was English and her Mother was from India which I realised was the reason for her beautiful skin colour.

We chatted and laughed as though we'd known each other for ages. It did feel strange not wearing anything under my shorts, and even more strange not wearing a nappy either. Every now and again I would shudder with worry at the thought of being caught by Auntie Caroline without my nappy, but I was so enjoying my time with Jessie that these worries didn't last long.

One thing I did notice though which was strange, was that my mannerisms and even my voice took on a more feminine tone during my time with Jessie. Wether it was because of the way I was being treated by Auntie Caroline and Sandy, or wether it was me sub-consciously not wanting Jessie to discover that I was really a boy, i'm not sure, but the strangest thing of all was that I didn't mind.


After what seemed an age, Jessie informed me that she would have to go soon because it was getting close to lunch time, and I felt immediately sad at the thought.


“Will you come back?” I asked.


“Of course,” She replied, putting her comics back into her bag. “But I have to ask my Mum first.”


We stepped out of the tent and into the midday sun. Then, just at that moment we heard the patio doors slide open and we both looked round to see Auntie Caroline step out of the house and walk up the lawn towards us.


“It's time for lunch Tia.” She exclaimed.


“This is Jessie, Auntie,” I said eagerly. “she's my friend, we've been reading our comics in the tent.”


Auntie Caroline and Jessie smiled at each other as I introduced them. Jessie informed Auntie Caroline that she had to go home for lunch and asked if it would be ok to come round again? Auntie Caroline said that it would be fine as long as i'd had my afternoon nap. A short burst of humiliation swept down my spine with the fear that Auntie Caroline would explain more about my Baby regime but luckily she didn't elaborate. Jessie agreed and skipped off down the garden towards the little gate.

Then Auntie Caroline took my hand and walked me back to the house. It only took a second for me to notice that something wasn't right, and then it was only another second for me to realise that there was nothing between my legs as I walked... No rustling, no waddling, no nappy!

My heart leapt up into my throat, which went as dry as sandpaper. My mind was in turmoil, what was I going to do? How could I explain it? The seconds ticked by, the house getting closer. Ideas raced around my brain like bees disturbed in a nest. Maybe I could sneak up stairs and put one one on myself? Yes, that was it, I was saved! But then as we approached the patio doors, Auntie Caroline stopped and ushered me through the doors with a well directed pat on my bottom.


“Wait a minute!” She said, stopping me in my tracks. “what's this?”


She lifted up the hem of my dress revealing my small grey shorts. “where's your nappy? Have you taken it off?”


The game was up. I stood there 'Dumbstruck' not knowing what to say, hung my head in shame and gave a solitary nod. Auntie Caroline grabbed my wrist and pulled me brusquely over towards the sofa.


“That's really naughty Tia!” She said, as she sat on the sofa and pulled me towards her. I stood there in shock, not knowing what to say as she lifted my dress, unclipped my shorts and pulled them down. I started to shake with fear as she pulled my dress up and over my head, leaving me standing there with not a stitch on. Sandy walked into the room just as Auntie Caroline took my wrists and pulled me forward across her lap.


“What's happening here?” She asked.


“Tia took her nappy off so she's getting a spanking!” Replied Auntie Caroline.


It was enormously degrading and humiliating being man-handled and naked in front of Sandy, and I felt my face glowing bright red as I was laid across Auntie Caroline's lap with my naked bottom in full view. Auntie Caroline increased the humiliation even further by asking Sandy if she would get a fresh toweling nappy from the nursery.


“There's a pair of plastic pants in the drawer too.” She explained. “and could you bring Tia's dummy from the kitchen on your way back please Honey?”


I kicked my legs and squirmed on Auntie Caroline's lap as she spanked me. Hard stinging slaps rained down on my bare bottom, their echoes bouncing around the room. I fought hard not to cry but it wasn't easy. Especially when Sandy appeared and began to prepare my nappy on the floor in front of me.

Eventually the spanking stopped. Auntie Caroline kept me held down on her lap and gently stroked my stinging bottom with her delicate fingers while she explained that she was very disappointed with me for removing my nappy without permission and that I was lucky to have got away with a 'mild' spanking.


“From now on, your nappies must be clearly visible at all times, understood?” She said commandingly. I lay there on her lap fighting the tears not knowing how to respond. Auntie Caroline gave my bottom another sharp stinging slap, “Understood?” She repeated.


“Yes Auntie.” I replied. My face growing even redder as I remained held down.


“I'm going to shorten all of your dresses so that we can see your nappy is on show at all times, OK?” She continued.


“Yes Auntie.” I repeated.


“Ok then,” She said, pulling me back up to my feet. “Now, if Sandy is kind enough to get you dressed? I will go and prepare lunch.”


Standing there naked in front of Sandy after a spanking and with the prospect of now being dressed in a nappy by her was so humiliating. I'd been changed by Sandy a few times before, but being spanked in front of her too was so degrading. And what always made it worse was that she was very pretty.

Sandy patted the carpet with her hand and I dully placed my bottom on top of the toweling nappy that she had neatly folded. Then she popped the dummy into my mouth and instructed me to lay down. I starred up at the ceiling as she parted my legs wide in readiness for my nappy. She applied some cream to my bottom and then sprinkled a liberal amount of powder over me before bringing the thick cotton toweling up between my legs. Then she gingerly pulled the nappy round tightly and carefully inserted the pin through the cotton, pinning it in place. I felt the thick fluffy cotton envelope me as she pulled the other side around and pinned that in place too. I squirmed and wriggled my legs as she unfastened the other pin and pulled my nappy tighter around me, making my nappy nice and snug.


“Keep still Baby,” She said softly. “I don't want to prick you with these.”


I lay there sucking my dummy with tears welling up in my eyes as she fiddled and adjusted it. My body jerking as she pulled at my nappy making sure that the pins were holding it together. The cotton toweling so thick and fluffy, so very different to a disposable nappy. Cloth nappies are so much bulkier, and quite heavy. Its a complete intrusion, there's no way that you could possibly not know you're wearing one. Disposable nappies have a certain amount of give... After a while the air gets pushed out of them and they become a little thinner and although the crotch of the nappy hangs down a little lower between your legs, they don't interfere with you that much, and the plastic layer slides against your skin. But with a cloth nappy, it remains thick, the crotch is so wide that it pushes your legs apart, making it impossible to walk comfortably to any degree. It screams 'BABY' at you as you try and get around.

Then I heard the now familiar swishing and rustling of my plastic pants as Sandy opened them up and gave them a shake. I looked down and lifted my legs up, slipping my feet through the leg holes that Sandy had stretched open with her delicate fingers. The elastic dragged against my skin as she pulled them up my legs. Then she stood me up and kneeling down in front of me proceeded to pull them up and over my nappy. I looked down at her pretty blonde hair as she began her adjustments... Pulling the elastic over my nappy, making sure that the toweling wasn't poking out from under the soft clear plastic.

After my torment was over, I was given a cheeky pat on my huge bottom and guided towards the kitchen.

Lunch was a small portion of fish fingers, potato faces and beans, and although I was always aloud to feed myself at meal times, my food was always cut up for me just to add that degree of humiliation.

After lunch Auntie Caroline got out the playpen that she used sometimes. It was basically a frame of bars that was opened up in the living room that linked together, it had a small door as an opening, making a secure fenced off area for me to play in. It didn't serve a lot of purpose, except to re-emphasize my Baby status as a form of punishment.

With another well directed pat on my bottom, I reluctantly climbed inside. Auntie Caroline placed a few of my comics and a huge soft teddy in the playpen with me which I cuddled up to as she closed the door and latched it.


“Now, you're to stay in here for a while Tia, and if you're good I will consider letting you out, OK?” She said, looking down on me with her hands on her hips. I nodded solemnly and watched her walk back to the kitchen.

It was difficult to relax in the playpen as the only thing I was wearing was my nappy. No T-shirt or dress to cover up my shame, with each movement I made it rustled and was so cumbersome and bulky it was uncomfortable to sit.


After a while, Auntie Caroline came in to the living room and informed me that it was bed time.


“But i'm not tired Auntie.” I said, giving her my cutest face as I looked up at her.


“No arguments Tia,” She snapped as she opened up the door to the playpen. “ It's time for your nap. You can bring your teddy if you like?”


Walking up straight was virtually impossible with the huge nappy I was wearing. Auntie Caroline took my hand as usual and guided me up the stairs to my room. Once there, she put me to bed and drew the bars across turning it into a giant cot. Then she closed the curtains and stood in the doorway looking at me.


“OK Tia,” She said. “just get some sleep and i'll come and get you later.”


Sandy must have been standing outside the door because I heard Auntie Caroline discussing shortening my dresses in the sewing room before descended the stairs together.


It's very difficult to sleep when you're not tired, and even more difficult when you're wearing a huge nappy on a hot day. I lay there wriggling around in my cot trying to get comfortable, the rustling sounds of my plastic baby pants mixing with the sounds of a hot summers day outside... Bees buzzing, birds singing, and in the distance, children playing and the sounds of a sewing machine humming down below me.

Then suddenly I heard the door bell, and I sat up in my cot, my ears straining to hear who it could be. I could hear Auntie Caroline's voice, and then to my horror I heard Jessie's voice too, she had obviously come round to see me. I felt a flood of happiness at the thought that she had come round to see me but also huge shame and fear that she might see me as I really was. I dreaded the thought of her seeing me dressed as a baby, but also I hated the thought that Auntie Caroline might turn her away.

I tried as hard as I could to hear what was being said but it was very difficult. I just caught Auntie Caroline telling her that I had been put to bed for being naughty, there was a lot more to the conversation but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't make it out. Then I just heard Auntie Caroline explain that she could come back later if she wanted, before the door closed. My heart was pounding, had Auntie Caroline divulged anything to Jessie about my Baby regime?


However uncomfortable I was I still ended up going to sleep, the nursery was so warm and cosy it was impossible not to. As I gradually came round, I noticed straight away that I was wet. Wetting a cloth nappy is quite different to a disposable one. Cloth nappies soak up quite a lot of wee, but they don't store the wetness like a disposable one does. It felt very heavy and uncomfortable, despite it still being warm so I must have literally woken up just after wetting it. I lay there for a few minutes hoping that someone would come and get me, I could still hear the humming of the sewing machine downstairs and so I flopped miserably back onto the mattress.

After what seemed an age, Auntie Caroline came in. She walked over to the windows and opened up the curtains, flooding the nursery with light from the afternoon sun. Then she opened up the bars to my cot, reached in and pulled open the leg elastic of my plastic pants and thrust a protruding finger under my nappy. I felt annoyed at this intrusion as she felt around with her finger, it was yet another reminder of who was in charge.

Then, just at that moment, Sandy walked in holding a huge pack of nappies.


“Just had a delivery Caroline.” She said, placing the pack on the changing table. Auntie Caroline looked at them curiously. “I ordered some new ones, these are a new design, very thick, much thicker than any other brand. I thought they would be great for Tia. Auntie Caroline watched with interest as Sandy opened up the pack and pulled a nappy out. It rustled very loudly as she opened it up and passed it to her.


“Oh Wow! They are thick aren't they?” Said Auntie Caroline as she examined it in her hands.


“They feel different too don't they?” Continued Sandy looking on. “The plastic's very slippery, and the good thing about these nappies is that that the tapes are re-sealable.”


Both Auntie Caroline and Sandy seemed greatly excited about the new style nappies and within minutes I was lying on top of the changing table with both women 'Cooing' and fussing over me. Auntie Caroline quickly pulled my plastic pants down my legs, the soft clear plastic 'Swishing' as they were quickly removed. It felt as though they were two school girls unwrapping a greatly anticipated present. Both women were clawing at me, undressing me as quickly as they could. Auntie Caroline and Sandy both began to feverishly unpin my cloth nappy, and I moaned with displeasure as I was brusquely man-handled, my legs lifted high and my cloth nappy quickly pulled from under me. Then, once I was naked, they seemed to calm down a bit, almost as though they were savouring the moment. Sandy was passing Auntie Caroline various items for her to use on me... baby wipes, nappy cream, and baby powder, it was like two doctors performing an operation.

Their excitement soon returned however when It was finally time to put the new nappy on me. Sandy took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs high for Auntie Caroline to slip the nappy under my waiting bottom. My legs had to be spread very wide to allow the nappy to be pulled up between them, it was so much bigger and thicker than any disposable nappy i'd ever worn so far. The plastic rustled and crinkled loudly as Auntie Caroline pulled it around my waist and secured the tapes at the sides. It felt very snug and secure, and the plastic outer layer was very slippery, it glided smoothly against the insides of my legs. Then Auntie Caroline lifted me off of the table and stood me on the floor, the soft carpet felt nice under my bare feet as they began their examination. Auntie Caroline and Sandy both knelt down in front of me and took great delight in touching and fussing with my nappy, almost to the degree of obsession. They ran their fingers over it, poked and pulled at it, patted my bottom and re-adjusted it.

It was incredibly bulky and surprisingly light. It was actually bulkier and thicker than a cloth nappy but because it was so much lighter, it felt much more comfortable. It was so thick that the nappy hung down very low between my legs, almost halfway to my knees. And just like a cloth nappy, the thickness of it altered my posture, just standing still in it made me a bit unbalanced, and it took a few minutes to adjust. And it was very loud, rustling with every move that I made.


“Oooh it's adorable!” Exclaimed Auntie Caroline as she patted my bottom for the tenth time. “You look so sweet Tia, I could eat you all up!” She continued excitedly.


Sandy offered Auntie Caroline a dress that she had obviously just shortened.


“This one's ready.” She said, passing it to her before leaving the room.


“Thank you Honey.” Replied Auntie Caroline as she stood up and took it from her.


I looked in horror at the dress in her hand. It was a light blue dress with a small ribbon around the chest and with white lace lining the sleeves and the hem.


“Please Auntie Caroline,” I said worryingly. “i don't want to wear dresses anymore, I don't want to be a girl, Please can I wear shorts again?”


“Tia please let's not go over this again sweetie,” She said softly,” it's for your own good. You have to wear these larger nappies because your old ones aren't big enough, remember the park?” I nodded solemnly as she continued. “so you can't wear your shorts coz they don't fit.”


“But why can't I wear bigger shorts?” I asked.


“Because I need to be able check on you at all times to make sure you're ok,” She replied. “you wouldn't like it if I had to take your trousers or shorts off every time I wanted to examine you would you? It's far easier this way.”


“But I don't want to wear nappies anymore Auntie, It's not fair!” I pleaded. “I won't have anymore accidents now I promise!”


“It's too late for that Sweetie,” She said reassuringly. “you're too young to wear grown-up clothes, you're just a baby and babies need looking after.”


“But i'm not a baby!” I replied, feeling the frustration growing inside of me. I was loosing the argument and was beginning to get upset.


“You ARE a baby, Tia, and it's my job to look after you,” She said. “now, I don't want to hear anymore on the subject.”

I was about to protest again but Auntie Caroline cut me off. “remember our agreement, if you don't complain, and you do as you're told i'll think about putting you in something other than dresses. Now, arms up.” She commanded.

Reluctantly I raised my arms in the air while Auntie Caroline slipped the dress over my head and pulled it down. To my utter shame and embarrassment the Hem came down so short that it only covered about an inch of my nappy.

I sighed with disappointment as Auntie Caroline continued to fuss over me. She brushed my hair and placed a little flower shaped hair clip in it. Then she put some white knee socks on me, my new nappy rustling loudly as I lifted my feet for her.


Auntie Caroline finished dressing me and stood back to admire her handiwork.


“You look so sweet Baby,” She said lovingly. “ I want to take care of you and look after you forever.”


Auntie Caroline took my hand and led me towards the door. My new nappy rustled so loudly as we made our way to the stairs that I was sure it could be heard throughout the house, and the thickness between my legs and around my bottom made it impossible to walk without a very pronounced 'waddle'.

I remember thinking as we descended the stairs that I was going to be trapped in this new life for a very long time. Auntie Caroline seemed as resolute as a stone wall in her efforts to make me feel like I was a real baby. She seemed totally oblivious to my real age, whenever she looked at me, i'm sure, in her mind she was actually looking at a baby. She really and truly believed that I was a baby and needed 24 hour care, and it was impossible to make her believe anything else. I was living out someone else's obsessions and there didn't seem to be anything I could do to stop it.

And unbeknownst to me, as we walked into the living room there was one more surprise in store for me...


Find out what the surprise is and what the 'Gadget' is in the next installment coming soon.



Written by Billy Blaze.



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