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Back to the Nursery

Chapter One - Home Coming

I woke up just enough to realize I was wetting the bed, but not enough to do anything about it. Feeling my lounge pants grow damp and warm confirmed it for me, but I felt powerless to do anything about it.

The sun was pouring in the window when I opened my eyes again. I looked over at the clock and saw it was nearly eleven. I sat up in bed, starting to panic, I was late! But before I could get out of bed I saw my suitcase sitting at the end of the bed, bulging at the seams. Just then, my mom walked in the room and smiled at me, a sad pittying smile. "Come on baby, let's get you home."

"What's going on?" I asked, pushing my damp blanket aside to get out of bed. "Why are you here?"

"You've been asked to leave the school, they called me to come get you." My step-mom explained, setting my suitcase by the door. "You've missed too many classes, and broken your agreement with the student housing authority."

I sighed heavily, knowing exactly what she meant. When the university had gotten ahold of my medical records - which listed me as a chronic bedwetter - they had made me agree to wear diapers to avoid destroying their matresses. I had been wearing them anyway before I got to college, but after the first week I quit wearing them, choosing to spend my medical supply money on beer and junk food.

"I knew you weren't ready for this, it's back to the nursery for you." My mom announced, her arms crossed in an angry stare.

"Yes Mommy." I replied, hanging my head in shame.

We didn't say much on the ride home. We both knew what was going to happen when we got there, and neither of us felt like discussing it.
When we pulled into the driveway my mom, who I would again be required to call Mommy gave the first of what I knew would be many orders. "Go straight to the bath, and get rid of all that hair you've let grow again."

I marched obiediently up to the bathroom and started the water running. Taking my clothes off, I threw them in the garbage, I knew I wouldn't be needing them.
By the time Mommy came into the bathroom I was in the tub and had most of my body hair shaved off. She knelt down in front of the tub and procedded to wash my hair as I finished shaving my legs.

When I was clean and smooth, I climbed out of the bath and stood on the bathmat as Mommy dried me with a large bath towel.
"Over to the potty." Mommy comanded, and I shuffled across the cool floor and sat on the toilet. Mommy fetched a comb and brushed my hair until she was satisfied with it. Then she had me follow her to the nursery.

I stepped into the familiar room, and felt waves of memories flush over me. Mommy directed me to the crib - a specially-made full-size bed surrounded by polished wood rails and slats. I laid on the soft mattress and waited while Mommy fetched a fresh disposable diaper and a container of baby powder. With years of experience, she quickly slid the diaper under me, powdered my genitals and taped the diaper on me snugle. As soon as she was done I slid under the comforter and curled up into a ball. Mommy raised the rail on the crib and turned to leave, tell me "Your father will be in to deal with you as soon as he gets home.

I spent the rest of the morning dreading the time when my Dad would get home, and soon found myself crying with regret at having failed at living on my own... and regretting having tried it at all.

Chapter Two - Daddy's Home!

"Wake up son." I heard my dad say in his deep 'your in trouble' voice. I was fully awake in a second and sat up in bed as he lowered the railing and pulled my comforter away from me. He thrust one of his large hands down the front of my diaper, and with a frown, pronounced me wet "as usual."

"Come over here." My Dad said firmly, and turned away from me. He walked over to a chair in the center of the room, picked a small paddle up that rested on the chair, then sat. I felt sad and pathetic, a nineteen year old man, walking over to get a spanking from his daddy like a little boy. But then, in this house, that's exactly what I was.
"I sent you a hundred dollars to buy your diapers with, so I think you need a hunded licks for not buying them." He said, officially sentencing me.
"Yes Daddy" I sobbed, standing in front of him. He removed my soggy diaper, then pulled me over my lap to recieve my punishment. The first twenty licks didn't really hurt, just stung a little, but as the licks got harder and faster my cheeks really started to burn and I cried out as Daddy continued his assault.

After my spanking, my Daddy had me stand there naked while he fetched some clothes for me. He handed me a thick cloth training pant, a pink plastic diaper cover and a pink shorty tee. Without complaint I pulled them on and tried not to look him in the eye while dressed in my sissy wear.

"Stay here and play with your toys, your Nanny will be here in a little while to take care of you." Daddy said, then left the room, closing the door behind him. I sat on the floor and played with some building blocks while trying to not think about my sore bottom. It was like I had never left, everything was the same.

I hadn't always lived this way. I was a "normal" kid most of my life, other than a bedwetting problem I still had today. But when I was fourteen my neighbor had seduced me, and we had played sex games where she dressed me as a baby and 'mommied' me. She died when I was seventeen, and in her will left a surprising fortune to me and my family on the condition that I lived my life the way she wanted to remember me. My parents didn't even think about it when they saw the checks in our names. And I admit, I didn't give it enough thought either. The papers were signed, with my parents approving my signature, and that was it. Our bank accounts filled with cash, and my bedroom became a nursery. The contract had only two loop holes: college and marriege. In either case I could live as an adult, so long as I wore diapers twenty-four-seven and returned to the baby games at least one weekend a month. I had enjoyed the games with my hot neighbor, but found living as a baby all the time to be difficult to handle. But I accepted it because I liked having the money... and my family wasn't about to give me the choice anyway.

"Hey there baby, I've missed you!" Nanny said as she came in the room. I jumped to my feet and hugged her. Nanny was actually Jennifer, a super hot twenty-something woman, who was well paid to care for 'baby' the way my lover had. After a short catching-up conversation Nanny led me over to the crib where we both sat as she undid her blouse and bra, offering her breasts to me. I leaned in and took her left nipple in my mouth, and sucked until I tasted her milk in my mouth. "Drink up baby." She said sweetly, patting the back of my head as I drank.
Nanny pushed me back onto the crib mattress and slid her panties down from under his skirt. I did the same with my sissy panty and training pant. She pulled out a condom and slowly rolled it over my already throbbing dick. In an instant, she was on top of me, pinning my arms to the bed as she rode me. I played as if trying to free myself, but moaned with pleasure at the same time. My body shook in a violent orgasm and Nanny fell on top of me, my half-hard dick still inside her.
"I thought we couldn't have sex?" I asked when I caught my breath. We had never done it before.
"That was when I was getting paid, I'm here by choice now." She said with a smile, and leaned in to kiss me. "You're my baby now, so it's me you should call Mommy."
"Yes Mommy" I said in my best baby talk.

My new Mommy had me lay still in bed, while she removed the soiled condom from my now limp dick, then she proceeded to clean me up with baby wipes. She carefully powdered me, and diapered me with the thickest disposable available with two diaper doublers stuffed inside. "Sit up Baby" Mommy reqested, and when I did she slipped a lacy pink nightgown over my head. I helped by slipping my arms through the holes, then stood so she could roll the gown down over me.
"Into bed now." Mommy ordered, and I quickly hoped back into bed. She tucked me in nice and snug, placing two bottels of formula by my pillow, and a pcifier between my lips before she kissed me and raised the railing, locking me in for the night.

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