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DailyDiapers is committed to working with all ABDL sites for the betterment of the community. With that goal in mind we offer the following resources for webmasters:

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Help your visitors find our community by adding a link to DailyDiapers to your site(s). Banners and images suitable for this purpose are available on the Linking to Us information page

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While DailyDiapers is an ad-supported website, we offer some advertising options for free. These include the ANNOUNCEMNTS area of our forums where you can post site updates, specials and other notes of interest to the community.

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Looking for greater exposure? We offer reasonable rates on advertising solutions starting at $45 a month. See our advertising options page for current spots and rates.

ABDL Photo and Video Content

We have premium photo sets and videos we can resell to other webmasters. Contact us for information.

ABDL Website Friendly Services

It takes a lot to run a community website these days, and these resources could help:

Billing: For pay sites and membership based sales, we use and recommend Verotel for low rates and secure sales.
Hosting: Way3 proudly hosts DailyDiapers and welcome all legal fetish sites.
Sponsors: Need help paying the bills? personals and AEBN videos welcome adult babies and offers referral rewards to webmasters.

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